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Friday Ramblings with Robert

Running From Outside

Running in MS-02 as a Republican against Bennie Thompson is hard enough, but running from outside the district and on the other side of the state is even worse.  I’m not sure what Bill Marcy is thinking, but this is a bad move to try and run for that seat from Meridian.  I know people do this quite a bit all over the country, but I feel like voters always question a candidate not from their own district.  Let’s face it this is a big waste on his part because he won’t win to begin with and really does not stand even a chance to make it close by being an “outsider” who people are always suspicious of.  I wish him luck, but this looks to be nothing more than a waste of time on his part.

The McGlowanburg Disaster

Angela McGlowan’s campaign for Congress in MS-01 has been nothing short of a disaster in the first month of it’s existence.  I initially thought she had some promise and may make a good run, but boy was I wrong.  Her campaign has never really been able to ground itself and has had so many holes put in it that I am not sure she can repair the damage that has been done.  It all started downhill with the Gallo interview from last year and has just been a snowball rolling down a hill since then (which is possible considering all the snow we have seen this year) and add in the recent attacks on Alan Nunnelee and it looks like she is in desperation mode.  This looks like its going to end like the Hindenburg disaster as her campaign looks like it will never be properly grounded and will go up in flames.

Ole Miss Going Galactic?

Ole Miss students voted this week to have a voice in the creation of a new mascot to roam the sidelines of athletic events.  Colonel Reb was put out to pasture in 2003 and the school has now decided to open up the dialogue of coming up with a new idea.  One idea that was initially a joke but now has gained considerable traction is the idea of using Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars fame as the new mascot.  Granted this would require George Lucas to allow the university to use a character from his movie as well as having the university community as a whole adopt the idea could be large hurdles.  I think it is a great idea because what else better illustrates the whole situation and makes it fun.  Here you have an alien creature from a very popular movie as your mascot that everybody can get a kick out of.  It is a win win on all levels.  There is no way anyone could be offended by a this character who is from Mon Calamari because he is fictional and represents nothing that could be construed as derogatory to any social group.  He in essence is a perfect fit in the PC world we live in now.  I am all for it because the whole process is worthy of something like this as the end result.

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