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Friday Ramblings with Robert

Failure In MS-02

Candidates officially qualified for Congressional races in Mississippi this week and Republicans have put a pretty good group of challengers together in the 1st and 4th districts to challenge incumbents, but really failed in MS-02.  I know the seat is safe for Bennie Thompson, but if you have a year to have a chance to really have any sliver of chance to pick that seat off it would have been this year.  It is a non-presidential year and there is some considerable voter apathy from Democrats nationwide.  I know it sounds crazy but, I think had Republicans picked a solid candidate they could have at least been competitive in the district.  Just go back to 2002 when Bennie only got 55% of the vote going up against Clinton LeSueur and realize that it is not impossible for a Republican to be competitive in the district.  Simply put Republicans failed in their recruitment efforts in the district and missed a chance at a possible upset in a year perfectly fit for one.


Latest talk from Jackson this week centers on furloughing teachers in the state for 5 days in the school year and also shortening the number of classroom days down by 5.  I really like the idea and think it would be a great idea to help save money for the state.  I honestly don’t think 5 days are really going to be missed all that much anyway from a curriculum standpoint.  Maybe it will actually serve as a challenge for schools to step up their game and make the most out of every day they have as opposed to the considerable amount of waste that exists anyway.  I don’t blame the teachers in this situation.  The real issue with the public school system is administrative and is in dire need of consolidation and streamlining, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on any of that ever happening.

WLBT in Jackson had a good segment this week on some of the waste we see in our school systems related to excessive travel expenses and is definitely worth a look if you are interested.

Childers’ Plant?

I got a real kick out of the email from the Prentiss County Republicans saying that Angela McGlowan being a plant for Travis Childers relating to her comments about not wanting to support Nunnelee if he were to be the GOP nominee in the district. I of course misinterpreted the headline here and let my mind do the rest of the work.  So there you have it Travis Childers grooming and making sure Angela McGlowan is ready to bring down the GOP in MS-01

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