Accusations Fly In MS-04

March 9, 2010
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by Brett

According to sources from the Coast, Rep. Gene Taylor accused Republican challenger Joe Tegerdine’s campaign of tampering with the Congressman’s website at the dedication of the new University of Southern Mississippi Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship on Friday.

They state that when Tegerdine approached Taylor to shake his hand, the Blue Dog Democrat and 20-year incumbent immediately dismissed any pleasantries to accuse Tegerdine’scampaign of tampering with his website. Taylor threatened it was a federal offense and that there is an investigation underway to determine the source of the cyber-attack.

Tegerdine openly denied the allegations to Taylor and seemed taken aback by the Congressman’s choice of venue and words. Sources said that Tegerdine informed Taylor that if it was discovered that anyone related to his campaign had participated in such actions they would be immediately asked to disassociate themselves from future campaign efforts.

In a statement made after the incident, Tegerdine is reported to have said, “I am really disappointed by Congressman Taylor’s behavior. I think we expect a higher level of professionalism and decorum from our elected officials. It confirms again to me why I am in this race, we deserve better.”

We will keep a close eye on this story and track it to see if any new details emerge.

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  1. March 9, 2010
    Holy Cow! permalink

    Holy COW!


    That is juicy gossip!

    Please contact Taylor’s office and confirm this story. We want to hear a statement from our favorite Blue Dog!

    Is there any truth to any of these rumors?
    Or is Blue Dog needing paranoia medications or an Obama Blue Pill?

    I assume you have confirmed this somehow with Mr. Tegerdine since you have a quote, is that correct?

    Detials! Details! We want more details!

  2. March 9, 2010
    mspolitics82 permalink

    This is weird stuff!! Sounds like Taylor seems somewhat worried and paranoid. Tegerdine has been campaigning for almost a year against Taylor, which is something Taylor has never been used to; most of the time his opponents go through the same old routine of waiting until qualifying deadline to announce their intentions, but apparently this one guy is much smarter and knows to beat an embedded incumbent, you gotta start early. Apparently Taylor is more worried about Tegerdine than Palazzo to make these accusations so directly….and the most baffling thing about it is that Taylor said something out loud in public about it, especially considering that the whole deal is in an investigative stage from the sound of it. HHHHMMMMM….is Gene running scared? He better be careful making such comments in public….apparently Tegerdine ain’t skeered or intimidated by the Congressman.

  3. March 9, 2010
    tallguy permalink

    Good grief, Gene! Calm down! What you worried about? That line about Taylor saying there is an investigation to “determine the source of the cyber-attack” pretty much is like Gene saying, “I don’t know it’s you or your people, but since you are my biggest threat, it’s gotta be you or someone who likes you.” Duh…wake up GT, you DO have DEMOCRAT enemies, too, you know!!! That came across loudly and clearly at the Jones County Jr. College townhall meeting last week that you “conveniently” held during the day…..hhmmm, was that so that some more of us who aren’t happy with you, either, could NOT be present to tell you so? Gene, be careful, making unfounded accusations like this could cost you even MORE votes than you are already going to lose in November. Some DEMS are gonna stay home and some are gonna vote for the Republican….might as well, you don’t listen anyway. Get off the fence, Gene….start worrying more about doing a good job than your dumb old website.

  4. March 9, 2010
    Holy Cow! permalink

    Look what I found!

    Then listen to this GT audio clip.

    I just feel there is a bigger story coming together.

    • March 9, 2010

      Thanks for the links. I just want to say that I had not seen that blog before my post, and did not use them for my information on this story.

  5. March 9, 2010
    Mike permalink

    Why would Taylor say such crap at a public event? If Taylor is going to make such a charge at Tegerdine then he should certainly have some type of proof.

  6. March 9, 2010
    Gulf Coast Resident permalink

    Geen Seems to have an attitude problem and a temper. I remember seeing a video of him calling Joe Tegerdine a liar also. I will see if I can find that and post it later.

  7. March 9, 2010
    CaptDeacon permalink

    Is 20 years in Congress too long? After that length of time, where is one’s loyalties? Can one begin to assume a position of “ownership”?

    Let’s be positive, look at a candidate who is speaking to the issues of the day for the good of this country. This is why I support Joe Tegerdine.

  8. March 10, 2010
    Alex Hamilton permalink

    After hearing Joe Tegerdine speak – Gene is probably right about Joe being a liar. He sounds like one to me. He is feeding those 9/12 -ers and everyone else lies. Listening to Joe reminds me of listening to the lies that Obama spewed throughout the campaign. Joe just tells people what they want to hear. I think he moved to MS because he thinks we are stupid enough to buy into his bull and elect him to represent us after only living here for less than 2 years. I don’t think so Joe. We aren’t going to elect a guy from Seattle to represent the people of South MS. Joe must have drank his own kool-aid.

    God Bless Us All!

  9. March 10, 2010
    Raiseya permalink

    Doesn’t Gene have more than one challenger for the MS-04 seat this year? It seems he attacked Joe Tegerdine because he is worried for the first time about holding onto his seat — and Joe represents his greatest threat. He should worry; Joe has solid Tea Party support and the right platform to truly represent the 4th District.

    Click on my name to see Joe’s website.

  10. March 10, 2010
    Ja'arlla permalink

    Taylor has lost touch with the people of Mississippi. I found another article expressing his unwillingness or inability to communicate. I am leaning towards inability due to his anxiety attacks. Surely if he was able to make a statement his staff would have assisted him. So I think he is out of commission.

    “Taylor did not return phone calls seeking comment on Monday.”

    I am seeking someone who is in touch with the people. I have emailed and called Joe on multiple occasions with questions comments and concerns… He has graciously communicated back in a timely manner to all of them.

    I have emailed Gene Taylor’s office one question and 3-4 weeks later I got a reply that was a a generic response that failed to address my question.

    5 weeks ago I emailed Steven P at 2 different email addresses I had. I had 2 questions. I am still waiting for his reply or acknowledgment. Even if he didn’t want to answer or didn’t know the answer or had to get back to me, he could have said that. What I got is silence!

    I have seen Ambition, humbleness, and hard work from Joe Tegerdine. I may be one unknown poor dumb Mississippian but Joe has shown me more respect and consideration then GT and SP combined and multiplied. He has always welcomed my emails even though he didn’t always agree. And that is ok at least he doesn’t just tell me what he thinks I want to hear.

    No matter who you decide to support please send the funds directly to the candidates instead of the “party.” And please volunteer for their campaign. Get involved. Mississippi needs a new congressman!

  11. March 11, 2010
    Dan Lindsay permalink

    Gene Taylor has become arrogant and has shown his true colors at several town hall meetings that I attended. He IMHO thinks he is in that seat to vote Yay or Nay and do nothing else.

    I have never heard Joe say anything contradictory or show anything but respect for the folks of this district.

    I have received answers to questions from Joe and also from Steve and I think I may have made Gene’s delete list. Perhaps the problems with his web site is why he has trouble answering email. I think that when Mike Huckabee was in the state, Chuck Norris gave Gene’s server a dirty look and it paused in awe.

  12. March 11, 2010
    Princess Sophia permalink

    And where did Alex Hamilton hear Joe Tegerdine speak?

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