Barbour Unleashes on Stringer re: Guv’s Jet

March 11, 2010
tags: Haley Barbour, Johnny Stringer
by Brett

The partisan fight to sell the governor’s jet is picking up steam with House Democrats for the second time in the past month. Odds are some bill will pass the House and get killed in the Senate. Nothing new there.

One of the men who has a direct hand in this, naturally, is the House Appropriations Chairman Johnny Stringer (D-Montrose), a supporter of selling the jet. And on Wednesday Haley Barbour did not hold anything back when he issued this statement directed at Stringer: “I’ve cut the governor’s office by 8.7 percent. When Johnny Stringer cuts the House budget by that much, come back and talk to me.”

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  1. March 11, 2010
    Bobby Jarrell permalink

    Go Haley. Stringer and his Democrat group need to figure out a way to get out of the House so they can go and play their games someplace else. I can’t see them caring too much for Mississippi’s budget this year, and they are certainly not able to grasp what is really happening overall for the next couple of years.

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