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How Dare You Take Away My Constitutional Right To Have a Prom?

Don’t you know its right there after life, liberty and property in the Bill of Rights. The ACLU, fresh of a series of lawsuits targeting Desoto county, has moved east to Itawamba county.

The ACLU, when they are not busy supporting terrorists, have been on a jihad against any Christian symbols and traditional values that make up the backbone the nation was founded upon. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- the ACLU will not sleep until every inch of this country resembles San Francisco.

And through wealthy liberal donors and even our taxpayer dollars, they are able to pressure localities into abiding by their threats rather then spend money defending themselves.

This brings us to Itawamba High School. The ACLU had threatened the school with a lawsuit if they didn’t allow Constance McMillen, a lesbian, to bring another female to prom. The school said, fine, the prom is off and encouraged students and parents to create a private, non school-sponsored prom.

Apparently that infuriated the NAMBLA fans, and they have now filed a lawsuit to force the school into having a prom- and allow the lesbians to show up. Because, as you know, all students have a Constitutional right to a school-sponsored prom.

As long as groups like the ACLU are around, and have the money to back up their talk, the country is in trouble.

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