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The Last Word On The IAHS Prom Story

I suppose by virtue of being one of the few people on the entire Internet who supported the decision by Itawamba county schools to cancel their prom rather than deal with the ACLU, that left me open for comments and emails like this:

Read the constitution you idiot… if you read it more than your stupid bible you might actually understand what this country is about…

Of course that was more sophisticated then the straight and to the point: “Wow. You are full of (crap).” Hint: he used a word besides crap.

Those who disagreed with me, but made valid points and didn’t use vulgar language, are in the comments for you to sort through. Here are my last points and I will be done with this story for good (unless something major happens).

1) I understand a public school can not prohibit a female taking another female to prom in the name of free speech. Fine. I don’t like that, but have to live with it. But who is to say a school HAS to have a prom? Apparently, in their opinion, the ACLU.

2) Parents have already met to discuss ways of holding their own prom. I know many schools that hold private, non school-sponsored proms. This gives the parents and families the ability to handle this how they choose, rather than the ACLU.

3) How long until the ACLU goes after every school district in Mississippi? Whether it is targeting Desoto county schools for their strict policies regarding gangs and violence or this case in Itawamba, they are coming after you.

4) I wonder if MTV has been in contact with the girl in the center of the story, Constance McMillen, about a TV-movie. I am sure they would love to get their hands all over this.

5) Finally, I hope you are saving up for private schools for your children. It appears to be the last, best option for the country we are living in.

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