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Friday Election Notebook

March 19, 2010
tags: 2010 House, MS-01, MS-04
by Brett

MS-01: Alan at Yall Politics has the first of any polling done on this race. They showed a 51-42 lead for Travis Childers over Alan Nunnelee. Had Nunnelee with a 24 point lead on his nearest GOP challenger. Showed 90 percent name ID for Childers and 50 percent for Nunnelee- obviously something he needs to make up. The good news for Republicans? The generic ballot is 51-42 R, Obama has a 56 percent disapproval rating, and those who have heard of both Childers and Nunnelee prefer the Republican by 14 points.

MS-01: The Tupelo Tea Party sent out a “Get To Know Your Candidates” email with a short bio of the First District candidates that they sent in. Good info. to read up on some of the Third Party candidates you may not know a lot about. Only thing I am going to point out is that Angela McGlowan says she is a member of Clear Creek Baptist Church. It is on Highway Six west of Oxford. Thought this was interesting considering the residency questions she receives.

MS-01: Also in the email from the Tupelo Tea Party, they will be hosting most of the candidates to speak at their next event on April 3. We will post more specific information when we get it. Also worth noting, I said most of the candidates. Travis Childers will not be there, and I honestly wouldn’t be there if I was in his shoes so I’m not going to knock him for that.

MS-01: This is the latest statement from Alan Nunnelee regarding healthcare: “Nancy Pelosi and the Washington liberals are bypassing the democratic process with deem and pass and they want us to begin paying for the program several years before we get any benefits. This is like being forced to buy a car but not allowing you to drive it for several years. The American people deserve better!”

MS-01: Here is the full press release the Mississippi GOP sent out yesterday regarding Travis Childers and healthcare. You may notice they play it pretty safe when it comes to the Republican primary. They don’t mention any of the candidates and from the looks of it will stay out until after the primary (which is wise). They do say, however, say that any of the GOP candidates would oppose the bill and are a better fit for the district.

MS-01: Alan Nunnelee had an op-ed in the Daily Caller yesterday titled, “Amputate the partisanship from healthcare debate.” He closes with this line: “Most of the people from Mississippi I talk to everyday believe that the Democrats are ignoring the will of the American people. They want Congress to start over and live up to the promises of solving our country’s problems. My conservative values will help bring to Washington effective policy alternatives for the good of Mississippi’s First District and our country.”

MS-04: The Steven Palazzo campaign sent out an email yesterday directing supporters to Campaign Diaries, a blog that covers elections throughout the country. They recently downgraded this race from Safe Democrat (which we still rate it at) to Likely Democrat. They said, in part: “His (Gene Taylor) electoral track record make him a solid bet for re-election, but if there is any year the GOP could unseat him, it’s in 2010. State Rep. Steven Palazzo has announced he will challenge Taylor, which is as serious a challenge as any the staunchly conservative Democrat has received recently.”

MS-04: Palazzo said this about the ratings change: “While the ultimate vote will occur this November, I am encouraged to hear that after less than a month since we announced our campaign of Putting Mississippi First, we are making a difference. Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to visiting with the residents and voters in the Fourth District as we continue our journey. I am confident that with South Mississippi by my side we will return this congressional district to the people and Put Mississippi First not Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.”

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  1. RandomThoughts permalink
    March 19, 2010 12:37 pm

    What I would be interested is seeing from the candidates in the First and Fourth is are they willing to commit to vote to repeal some of the parlimentarian rules such as “deem and pass” and reconcilliation.

    Many people including myself had no idea that congress has used these rules in the past, and the republicans are just as guilty as the democrats. I just think it would be a positive way for one candidate to separate themselves from the pack without going negative.

    • March 19, 2010 12:59 pm

      Interesting point. I had no idea there was something like “deem and pass” or that it had ever been used up until a week or so ago.

      What I’ve noticed is that Republicans today are sounding a lot like Democrats did when they were in the minority a few years back and Democrats are sounding a lot like Republicans did when they were the majority. Funny how things work like that and balance out. I guess thats politics.

  2. JackCUDA permalink
    March 19, 2010 3:37 pm

    Though I don’t vote in that CD I’m hopeful we’ll see Childers walk the plank come November.

    But if a pro-Childers blogger had made a similar report (i.e. the Y’allPolitics “poll”) with data favorable to the Congressman the statewide commentariat on Mississippi’s right-leaning blogs would be going nuts about the complete lack of substantiation.

    If that same pro-Childers blogger had made a similar claim without proof AND had made a reportable contribution to Childers of $1000, as Alan Lange has to Nunnelee, you can bet the same commentariat would be apoplectic in their refutation of the data and, in my mind, rightly so.

    Conservatives have to hold conservatives to higher standards. Without links, PDFs, etc of any kind the “poll” and its results referred to at Y’allPolitics is little more than a passed along unconfirmed self-serving rumor.

  3. CaptDeacon permalink
    March 20, 2010 8:43 am

    The Joe Tegerdine campaign has not been waiting for a national blog to lower Gene Taylor’s chances to continue in office beyond November. Joe Tegerdine has been on the campaign trail for nearly a year to make sure Taylor is retired. Joe Tegerdine’s platform speaks to the issues of the day that affect every resident of District 4 and Joe Tegerdine will continue speaking to those issues.

    • Forward Observer permalink
      March 22, 2010 12:50 am

      fyi – Steven Palazzo didn’t wait a for Gene’s seat to be lowered before he entered the race. The national blog, lowered Gene’s seat because Steven Palazzo entered the race. Funny thing, when I read the linked article there was NO mention of Joe Tegerdine. I’m going to toss it out there and let kool aid drinkers reply.

      Joe was NOT mentioned because there is NO WAY he can beat Gene Taylor. I’ll tell you why: He is from Oregon. He just moved to MS and decided to run for Congress. His company IMPORTS goods made in China. I think we need to focus on creating jobs in the US. Joe has no experience. After 10 months of campaigning he has only raised $18k. Need I say more. This is a pretty good indication of Joe’s so called greatness.

      Steven Palazzo is our only chance to beat Gene. If you think it’s Joe Tegerdine you are WRONG.

      The only thing Joe has going for him is his loyal blog army.

  4. Mississippi Lady permalink
    March 20, 2010 12:10 pm

    Because of the Joe Tegerdine fighting for the Taylor seat the NRCC concluded last Dec 2009 that Taylor’s seat was marked as “vulnerable.” The Vulnerable label occurred because of Joe Tegerdine impact on the voters. He has attracted Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and others. I have never seen such a calico of support. A movement gaining momentum because of the passion behind his hard work. We know that Joe Tegerdine will not roll over to the corruption of politics as usual. This is not a step up the political ladder for him but a heartfelt mission to Restore the Republic.

  5. Mississippi Lady permalink
    March 20, 2010 12:30 pm

    I have watched the you tube video series
    comparing the two 4th district candidates at a debate. It is clear to me that Joe has the back bone to stand up AGAINST politics as usual. Joe is more articulate, knowledgeable on the issues, and is willing to fight for Mississippians. The other candidate is Mississippi born and a military vet but fails to impress me as a fighter for the citizens of Mississippi or our constitutional rights. I still can not get over Steve’s vote to take our property rights away. How’s that working out for him now? That was a step against my constitutional rights, don’t you think?

  6. Fred Wise permalink
    March 20, 2010 8:11 pm

    The winner of the primary June 1st will challenge Gent Taylor for the MS 4th district seat. How about I just Deem Joe Tegerdine as the winner of the primary. If the Health Care passes Sunday, NO DEMOCRAT IS SAFE.

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