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Ike Brown: Obama Will Block Voter ID in Mississippi

March 20, 2010

In today’s paper edition of the Clarion-Ledger, there are five ‘Letters to the Editor.’ However, only four are online in the ‘Talk‘ section.

I have attached a snapshot of the website as it will be changing Sunday.

Interestingly, the online version of the Clarion-Ledger left out a letter that people might really like to read. The letter comes from none other than the infamous Ike Brown. I have no idea why David Hampton or whoever may control this would choose to omit this letter from the Internet; it is also odd that it is in the lightly-read Saturday paper rather than the Sunday edition.

Brown, who was found guilty of violating the voting rights of white voters in Noxubee County, is still listed as the Democratic county chair in his home county. He has also served on the state Democratic Executive Committee.

In the letter that you can read below, Brown mocks Mississippi voters saying voter ID will not become the law of the state as there is no way it will be cleared by the liberal Obama Justice Department led by AG Eric Holder. Brown calls Holder “the new sheriff in town.”

(Here is a scan of the entire page from Saturday’s paper).

Keep in mind this is the same Justice Department that dropped charges against Black Panthers who were guarding polling stations with weapons in 2008 just to give you an idea of what you can expect from them.

Due to a narrow ruling from the Supreme Court last year with regard to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Mississippi is still under the will of the JD when it comes to any changes related to voting. This could set up an interesting case if the JD does prohibit the will of voters in Mississippi from being enacted. If the JD says no, and Mississippi takes their case to the Supreme Court, I think there is a good shot the state will prevail in a case that just may reverse Section 5.

But what would the state Attorney General do? If Jim Hood wins re-election as AG, would he defend the state? Hood should be forced to answer this between now and November 2011. Whoever runs against him should make this their issue because I doubt Hood really wants much to do with this and will avoid it if at all possible.

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  1. Mississippi Lady permalink
    March 20, 2010 10:36 pm

    Who will be the first to Jump in and work on MS voter ID tirelessly? Who do we want working this battle to make it to the ballot ?

    Someone that gets right to work, communicating effectively, learning all the ins and outs of the issues, and not compromising?
    This is how Joe Tegerdine handled this election campaign to improve leadership for Mississippi.


    do we want someone who is silent to the problem for 10 months. “waits” One who enters the battle at the last possible minute? Or compromises our constitutional rights and goes against the Mississippi people?
    This is how the other Republican Candidate handled his campaign to improve Mississippi leadership and I am disappointed with some of his errors.


    One that sees the Voter ID issue as another way to obey and please their non- Mississippian financial donors and Nancy Pelosi for power and re elections. Yet will say (in words only) how wonderful he is to Mississippians?
    Like our current Congressman.

    I choose Joe Tegerdine.

    Their past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. One perspective. What is yours and why?

    • Tony permalink
      March 21, 2010 10:17 am

      This item is already going to be on the ballot, thanks to the MS Republican Party and thousands of its volunteers along with Tea party activists. Other than the press a congressman can bring to any issue, Congressmen are not going to be involved in this fight. This will be between the Justice Department and the state government of Mississippi.

      • Republican Dawg permalink
        March 21, 2010 3:10 pm

        Well if there was a story about the sky being blue, Tegerdine supporters would be here say that is true and Tegerdine is the only candidate who believes that.

  2. Biloxi Conservative permalink
    March 21, 2010 4:26 pm

    I agree this may not seem like a congressional issue with Joe Tegerdine, but congress is the one that has been interfering with states rights(along with courts). Last time I checked it was THE DEMOCRATS THAT IKE BROWN WORSHIPS not the republicans that were preventing people from voting.

    DEMOCRATS LIKE ROBERT BYRD(still a democrat by the way)

    Plus why do we have to have it cleared with DOJ where in the US constitution does it say the attorney general allows states to have voter id? What a Moron Ike Brown grow up

  3. Citizen Liberty permalink
    March 21, 2010 4:31 pm

    Ike Brown aka Socialist Leader, the last time I checked the only sheriff in town is the Grenada, Jackson, Neshoba, Hinds etc county Sheriff NOT ERIC HOLDER and not any Bush AG either. Sheriff’s are the most powerful law enforcement agent in their counties respectively not the Attorney General.


  4. Henry permalink
    March 22, 2010 7:10 am

    Ike Brown as Jim Hood is a pile of trash that should be dumped in the trash dumped and will in 2011. Jim Hood is as liberal as Ike Brown. See my comments under Jim Hood will not run for Gov. That is true. I can’t say more than that about his jackass are Ike Brown being the North end of a South bound Jackass.

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