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Wicker Joins Repeal and Replace Chorus

March 26, 2010
tags: healthcare, Roger Wicker
by Brett

Sen. Roger Wicker, in his weekly report, announced that he has joined the growing numbers of House and Senate Republicans who are supporting legislation that would repeal the new healthcare legislation. Wicker said, “Congress should take the law off the books and replace it with the sensible and less costly alternatives put forward during the health care debate that could gain bipartisan support and not result in job loss.”

Republicans have introduced bills in the House and Senate calling for a repeal of the law. To mix things up a bit, here is a new column from Stu Rothenberg where he writes that Republican risk the “sour grapes label” with too much repeal talk. Rothenberg suggests Republicans need to keep talking about jobs and the economy- something more important to voters than healthcare. Yet at the same time, I think when this particular healthcare bill is in the spotlight it benefits the GOP, especially in a place like MS-01.

Wicker also stated that he supports Haley Barbour’s push to join the myriad of lawsuits challenging several portions of the bill. Wicker didn’t take any shots at Jim Hood or say what he should do, simply saying, “I appreciate Governor Barbour’s leadership in these efforts.”

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  1. Raiseya permalink
    March 26, 2010 6:46 pm

    I too appreciate the effort of Sen. Wicker and Gov. Barbour to remove this stain of a bill from the books. ‘Remember in November’ and vote out all Dems.

  2. Military Wife permalink
    March 27, 2010 1:06 am

    I love this country and deeply respect those who have served to keep our freedoms including my dear husband. Some gave their life others their comforts, health, and youth. Now I want to see patriots for our constitution elected who will restore our constitutional rights so I will work to elect Joe Tegerdine. He is reading and analyzing the 2000+ bill right now. With his legal background he will help repeal the expansive government health bill with personal knowledgeable legal augments.

    Military Wife

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