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Friday Ramblings with Robert

Dennis vs. Bryant

Brett has had some great analysis (here and here with Part 3 still to come) on what looks to be the likely match-up for the GOP Primary for Governor next year.  I really believe Republicans have 2 great choices in Dave Dennis and Phil Bryant and both of these men have a strong chance of being the next Governor of Mississippi.  I think this will shape up to be a great race between an outsider so to speak in Dennis vs. the long time insider in Bryant.  Bryant I believe has the best jumping off point based on his current office, but Dennis brings a great deal to the table in leadership and financial experience.  It is hard to think that far ahead after having 8 years under Haley Barbour, but the future is right around the corner and I think Republicans have 2 candidates they can be proud of running for Governor in 2011.

Righting Years of Wrong

The news this week that voters in Mississippi would have the chance to give an unborn fetus human rights is a triumph over years of murder and wrongs that have plagued not only the state, but the entire country.  Mississippians will have the chance to be one of the first states in the country to define the human rights of a fetus and be a champion of fighting abortion.  Opponents will argue that it is unconstitutional and takes away a woman’s right, but with this amendment passing it would finally give rights to the unborn who for so long have had no voice or rights of their own.  Much like politics, defenders of abortion should never underestimate the will of the people who will have the final say in November 2011.  Many unborn will die between then and now, but maybe progress is being made and it will all change in the coming years as society begins to right the wrongs of the past.

Easter Season

This week has been a celebration of the last days of Christ and his resurrection and I think it is always important to reflect on the powerful impact his life has had on everyone.  Please take time to think about what his life has done for all of ours and the way we live each and every day.  I wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope that you get to enjoy spending time with family and friends, but do not lose sight of the fact why we do celebrate this week and all the wonderful things we have been blessed with because of the sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

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