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Barbour, Hood, McDaniel, Nunnelee and Healthcare Reform

April 8, 2010
tags: Alan Nunnelee, Chris McDaniel, Haley Barbour, healthcare, Jim Hood
by Brett

A couple of stories today on the healthcare front. We have detailed the Haley Barbour/ Jim Hood battle over a potential healthcare lawsuit and that battle took a couple of twists yesterday.

First, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said that five more states have joined their lawsuit- Mississippi being one of them. This was widely reported by Reuters, the AP, etc. Five additional states would push the total up to 18 who are part of the lawsuit.

But various outlets in Jackson have reported that Barbour has not joined the lawsuit quite yet. Barbour’s spokesman Dan Turner said they are waiting for the lawsuit to be amended. Turner did promise that the state will be joining the lawsuit, regardless of what Jim Hood does.

Hood, for his part, has said he is in no hurry to file a lawsuit, saying, “we’re going take our time, we’re not going to let anybody rush us into making some decision.”

Regarding the citizen driven lawsuit led by state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-Ellisville), he recently told the Laurel Leader-Call that other citizens want to join the suit as well in addition to the original three.

Alan Nunnelee has also entered the healthcare debate saying he plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit abortion coverage for those enrolled in government-run exchange plans. The exchanges being in 2014.

Nunnelee said the current bill does not do enough to restrict taxpayer funded abortion. Mississippi is one of a handful of states getting a head start on this legislation.

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  1. Red permalink
    April 9, 2010 8:42 am

    Wow! That would be really different to have the representative from MS-01 introduce legislation. “Career politician” is used to insult Nunnelee but he has experience and the knowledge to introduce legislation in the U.S. Congress. I see all that experience as a plus, even a life saver to an unborn life. Good job!

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