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Taylor Raises Less Than $40k In Q1

April 8, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Gene Taylor, MS-04, Steven Palazzo
by Brett

Very quietly, Rep. Gene Taylor filed his First Quarter fundraising papers with the FEC and they are showing that he raised under $40,000 in the January 1- March 31 period ($39,685 to be exact).

To put it this way, Steven Palazzo tripled Taylor’s total for the quarter (and did so in about half the time).

That said, Taylor has now raised around $280,000 this cycle (well below the pace he set last election cycle when he raised over $500,000), and has about $223,000 cash on hand. Palazzo is expected to report around $100,000 cash on hand. Obviously Taylor has the COH advantage right now but it is not where you would expect it to be. Another quarter similar to this and the two would essentially be even which is really more than any challenger could ask for.

As I have said before, Taylor’s always been a good enough fundraiser but never lit the fundraising world on fire because he never had to. This year may be different.

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  1. CaptDeacon permalink
    April 9, 2010 8:18 am

    The other dimension to the Gene machine is where the funds came from and who he owes for those funds. In the republican camp, Joe Tegerdine offers the greatest differentiation from Gene. It is critical that republicans be able to show how they differ from the incumbant. Joe Tegerdine runs on a platform of support for the Constitution including property rights of the people and less intervention of the government in our healthcare decisions. This is why I support Joe Tegerdine for Congress against Gene.

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