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Taking A Closer Look At The Pro-Obamacare Coalition In The House

April 9, 2010
tags: healthcare, state legislature
by Brett

Earlier this week I had a short write-up on the districts of the opponents of HCR 101. This bill, which was regarded as a vote for or against the new healthcare legislation, would amend the Constitution to prohibit mandatory participation in any healthcare plan.

My initial post looked at the opponents of the bill and the 2007 vote for Haley Barbour in their district. We found that 18 opponents hail from districts Barbour carried with 53 percent or more of the vote.

I have now looked at this in further detail and added the year they were first elected as well as the minority percentage of the district. I did that for a couple reasons: Obviously someone who has served a couple terms is less likely to face a serious challenger than a newcomer to the House; therefore while they may not vote as their district would like they are a bit safer. And as we have mentioned, whites overwhelmingly oppose the new healthcare bill while blacks have a much more favorable opinion of it so having the minority percentage should give you a good idea of their district.

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Leading into the 2011 elections, we will look more into the state House and Senate districts, focusing in on where Democrats may be vulnerable. I will be adding to this spreadsheet to include all Democrats with time.

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  1. April 9, 2010 1:22 pm


    Highlighted in light blue= Haley won 50-53%
    Highlighted in yellow= Haley won 53-60%
    Highlighted in orange= Haley won 60-70%
    Highlighted in red= Haley won 70% +

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