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Angela McGlowan: The Tea Party Recruited Me To Run

April 14, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Angela McGlowan, MS-01, Tea Party
by Staff

H/t: Y’all Politics

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  1. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    April 14, 2010 10:31 am

    That is a very interesting comment. Wonder which Tea Party did that?

    • Chris permalink
      April 14, 2010 10:33 am

      I suppose she could have started her own Tea Party and then recruited herself and said the Tea Party is recruiting me.

  2. Mike permalink
    April 14, 2010 11:24 am

    I think Angela did a good job. Her comments there would make a much better youtube commercial than her staged shoots.

  3. Red permalink
    April 14, 2010 11:24 am

    Let me preface this by saying I am no fan of McGlowan but anyone in the Tea Party movement could have asked her to run. The Tea Party and once again I am no fan of the Tea Party movement does not have a hierachy that would be part of selecting candidates. The real question is why not run as an Independent? The Tea Party is not affiliated with a party.

  4. Frank Lee permalink
    April 14, 2010 12:03 pm

    I personally know quite a few Tea Party Leaders that recruited McGlowan to run. They still support her to this day Gallo Show comments and all. I know and work with alot of people who plan to vote for her in the primaries.
    She is a viable candidate and I think that all of the people who discount her as a viable candidate are in for quite a suprise over the next few months.
    Mike I agree with you about the fact that she did a very good job in this clip.
    Red I also agree with you that she should have ran as an Independent candidate. But I am sure you know there is no money in that!
    Both McGlowan and Ross so far seem to be more interested in getting
    the Tea Party endorsment that they have been with getting any of usual GOP endorsments.
    To me if you want to be a GOP legit GOP candidate you need to get GOP endorsments i.e. NRA ect.
    I feel that through this the “Tea Party hierachy” is really showing that they are just another GOP splinter cell. I have not seen one single article from any the Tea Party hierachy about some of the Independent candidates. In fact when I wrote something about one of the Ind. candidates someone replied with the fact that they like the candidate that I wrote about but “realistically” they would go another way.
    I thought that was what the Tea party was all about changing what is realist in the realm of politics?

    • marmie permalink
      April 14, 2010 11:28 pm

      Not only do they support her, they make up excuses for her Gallo fiasco, after trying to bully anyone who had the audacity to question her comments. Her supporters are right ,she is a loud in your face woman, but is that really a part of the job description for US Representative? I had rather have a representative who listened more and talked less. . I have heard all three candidates talk in small groups. Nunnelee and Ross listened to questions and answered those questions. McGlowan was entertaining, so is Lady GaGa.

    • marmie permalink
      April 15, 2010 9:30 am

      Frank, I just read State Director of Resisnet, Rik Brooks’, comment on Resisnet calling Les Green’s supporters traitorous to the cause. Does he realize that Southern Baptist Church members are those traitorous supporters? Your points about Independent Candidate Les Green are worth repeating in light of this latest attack.

      • Frank Lee permalink
        April 15, 2010 3:29 pm

        Sounds like ole’ Brooks might be one of the GOP plants sent to “lead” the Tea Party back into the GOP foal.
        You know there seem to be alot of Tea Party “patriots” who can’t wait to herd the rest of us, who remain outside ANY party, into the line with the GOP.
        I would bet there is a GREAT REWARD to those “Tea Party Leaders” who are successful in getting Tea Party folk back “IN LINE”.
        But anyway since you asked here is a repost of what I said back on 4/8/2010 about Les Green whom I believe to be one of the only people in the race who is really concerned about the direction of our country and not just an opportunistic wanna be like ole’ Brooks probably is:
        “Let me say this to all of you people who consider yourself true to the core values of the Tea Party ideals, if you vote this Saturday or any other day without taking a serious look at Les Green then you are doing nothing but enabling the GOP machine.
        Why do you think Ross, Nunnelee and McGlowan are running for the GOP nomination? Because they fit with the GOP machine and want the GOP money.
        I for one really am interested in stopping career politicians and good for nothing, but self preservation, people in our public offices.
        I will admit that in the past the only reason that I voted GOP is because I felt that they would do less damage than the liberal dems. This year I am voting for a candidate who puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to helping his community. For goodness sakes he started a business painting homes in order to give jobs to people who were struggling to find work after getting out of prison or drug rehab. Awesome!
        Plus his three pillars are truth, integrity, and sacrifice.
        Finally someone with the guts to say it is going to take some sacrifice on our parts to get this country going in the right direction.
        His website is if you are really serious about voting for a Tea Party type conservative then you will want to check this guy out.”

        • Rik Brooks permalink
          April 16, 2010 3:12 pm

          No Frank, I’m not a GOP plant nor am I anyone’s plant. By the way, you probably mean the “fold” rather than “foal” which is a young horse.

          You say that there seems to be a lot of Tea Party Patriots that can’t wait to herd the rest of you into the line with the GOP.

          First of all, get over yourself. You ain’t that important. I wouldn’t cross the street to herd you in line with anyone. Secondly, you put the word Patriots in quotes. Are you saying that I’m not a patriot? I would ask you how many tea parties YOU’VE organized. I’d ask how many hours YOU have spent working against the Socialist agenda of Barak Obama. I am out here almost every day doing something… and you use quotes when you mention my patriotism? Exactly who are you?

          You say that you bet there is a great reward to “tea party leaders” (those quotes again) who get the Tea Party folk back “in line”. (sic)

          You would lose that bet. I’ve invested not only countless hours but I’ve invested my personal money in this movement. Nobody has ever stepped up, individual or group to offer to even reimburse much less give a “great reward”.

          So I’m an opportunistic wannabe? Where was Les Greene (or YOU for that matter) when I was working on the Tax Day Tea Party last year? Where were you when I faced over a thousand people that I invited to Hernando for the Independence Day tea party? Did you make phone calls along with me and my volunteers? Did you knock on doors like us? Were you there to help plan and coordinate the other tea parties? How DARE you call me opportunistic or a wannabe? I am neither. I am a TRUE patriot, not one that sits on his prodigious behind and snipes at those that are better than him.

          As for Les Greene, listen, here’s the deal, of the four candidates he is by far the weakest. He has no name recognition outside Southhaven. He is an independent so he doesn’t have a party with its infrastructure behind him. I will say this, you vote for whomever you like, as will I but when the primaries are over I will be supporting the Republican candidate because we can’t afford another two years of Childers.

      • Rik Brooks permalink
        April 16, 2010 2:57 pm

        Well, no you didn’t. What you read was that I said I consider ONE of the groups that supports Les Greene to be traitors. That’s not the same thing as saying ALL his supporters are traitorous.

        I’m sure that you were just mistaken though rather than purposely trying to misrepresent anything that I’ve said, right?

        • marmie permalink
          April 16, 2010 3:34 pm

          Actually you statement was” a “not ONE. Still pretty condemning for a State Director, don’t you think?

          • Rik Brooks permalink
            April 16, 2010 3:52 pm

            Well, since you insist, here is the quote in it’s entirety:

            “I’ve never met Les Green and have no desire to. He’s supported by a group that I consider to be traitorous to the Patriot cause.”

            You are right when you say that I said he’s supported by “A” group. Most of us would recognize that as SINGULAR, that means ONE. You knew that, didn’t you?

            You implied that I was saying that ALL of his supporters were traitors. You would agree that is inaccurate now, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you say that you accidentally mischaracterized my assertions? Don’t you think that you owe me an apology?

            I noticed that you didn’t dare face me on ResistNet, you have to come somewhere else to attack me behind my back like a coward. Still I was forced to continue to address your mendacities when I posted the following on the Mississippi page of ResistNet – it bears repeating here.


            Apparently some people have reading issues so let me make myself clear. I never stated that the supporters of Les Greene are traitors to the Patriot movement. Read more closely. I stated that a group that I consider traitorous to the Patriot move supports him. I will not go into it in public as they have had their lawyer send me threats of lawsuits twice already and I don’t have the disposable income to fight these people in court.

            I in no way ever implied that all his supporters are traitors and will not have my words twisted that way.

          • Grizz permalink
            April 16, 2010 4:12 pm

            Rik i have never met you,yet your reply was sound and reasonable–you were polite in your response,yet got your point across without the liberal alinsky tactics–

            a lady in here, who SEEMS so against Ms.McGlowan,has been diss-associated from the Tupelo TEA PArty and has gone her seperate way–we wish her God Speed–there are more who of course,go by unknown names who we BOTH probably know as agitating activists,and ONE in particular,is very fortunate that Ms.McGlowans body guard did not take more forcefull action to him in Hernando when he all but assaulted her–i say again,love or hate a Candidate,they are ALL bona-fide Candidates in a Federal Election for Congress of the USA–PUBLICALY at least,give them courtesy,even the Dems–

          • Mississippi Elitist permalink
            April 17, 2010 4:51 pm

            Hey Grizz I am pretty sure that most of the people on this site have never met each other so when you take the time to say I have never met you its a dead give away that you probably have met. That and the fact that most of the people on this site go to other MS political sites and have seen you and Rik’s yarns before. You two seem to be a tandem. When one bloggs the other is not far behind. My question is why lie about knowing and meeting him? Are you ashamed? Or, to use one of Frank Lees’ terms, are you just attempting to herd us into believing that we should be in awe of Mr. Brooks? I am not trying to start an argument I just want to know?

          • Grizz permalink
            April 17, 2010 5:55 pm

            your name says it all–elitist–a liberal way of life–just here to attempt confrontation and confusion–believe as you will -i’ve never met the man–and have in the past been at odds w/him before–besides having a liberal monicker as your screen name–you use liberal tactics also–bingo-you lose–go back to your home page of–since you are so weak minded to let on you can be “herded”–i am quite sure Travis will apreciate your vote–too foolish not to realize when comments are made some of us get E-mail alerts to read or reply to it–to funny–no more reply by me to an alinsky type liberal as you are worthy,the intelligent conservatives here can see thru you–bye–forever-

          • Rik Brooks permalink
            April 17, 2010 9:24 pm

            Grizz, he’s not an alinsky type. He doesn’t have the mental snap, crackle, and pop to make it through Rules for Radicals. He can only falsely accuse.

          • Mississippi Elitist permalink
            April 17, 2010 10:37 pm

            Ahhh just as I said one then the other is not far behind. It’s a two for one deal.

          • marmie permalink
            April 16, 2010 4:26 pm

            Rik, I do not post on Resisnet or any other site other than this one. I am no coward, and you will not bully me into an apology. Don’t you think your phrase should have been” one of the groups”, rather than leading readers to believe that his group is in your opinion traitorous? One refers to a specific group, leaving the reader to the conclusion that there are more than a single group of supporters.You are held to a higher standard because of your position.

          • Rik Brooks permalink
            April 16, 2010 5:14 pm

            Really? You take my words, tell others that I am saying something that I am not, and post them here, not where you read them. You do it behind my back rather than to my face. I call that a coward. If the shoe fits…

            I am no bully. You said that I said that Les Greene’s supporters were traitors. This was a completely mischaricterization of what I said. If you accidentally misrepresented me then there should be no problem with an apology, everyone makes mistakes. If you did it on purpose then you might not want to apologize… in that case you are a liar.

            No, I don’t, My phrase said precisely what I meant it to say. Unlike your’s it was not misleading. Anybody with a high school understanding of English would not confuse “A group” for “all groups.”

            I don’t refer to a specific group because this specific group is vile and has no problem suing people since they have a lawyer on their board who will do it for free. I’m no lawyer and just fighting them in court would bankrupt me so I have to not use their name. I made that clear.

            You can hold me to a higher standard but I don’t accept your imposition into my life. I am a patriot, like any other. When I became a state leader I did not give up my rights as a citizen. If that were the rule then I would not have volunteered. Frankly I’m tired of all those self-pretentious people that feel they have a right to tell me what I can and can’t do.

          • marmie permalink
            April 18, 2010 11:13 pm

            Check my comment again, I didn’t write the word traitors, and the word a is an indefinite article. Every one makes mistakes sometimes, you are forgiven, get over it.

          • Frank Lee permalink
            April 17, 2010 2:58 pm

            Mr. Brooks thank you for proving my point!
            You said you would not cross the street to “herd me” and you follow that up by asking where was I when you were calling, facing, and knocking a.k.a. herding. Oh I am sure you would say that you only do that to keep people informed. Well if you do that to keep people informed then keep your opinions to yourself i.e. “As for Les Greene, listen, here’s the deal, of the four candidates he is by far the weakest” “I’ve never met Les Green and have no desire to. He’s supported by a group that I consider to be traitorous to the Patriot cause.” That is your opinion and to that you are entitled but when you go around to sites where you are considered to be an authority and say things like these then you are herding. You are trying to influence anyone who has a mind of there own into thinking like you do. Herding is defined as the act of bringing individual animals together into a group (herd), MAINTAINING the group and MOVING the GROUP FROM PLACE to PLACE.
            The Tea Party started without any “leaders” or “organizers” prevoking anyone to anything. It started with people getting fed up with the system as it is. As for your other statement “name recognition” thats the real problem I have with you GOP followers your TP group is so weak that you only go for the person who already has some “name fame”. I think that kind of logic is how we got into this mess anyway.
            As for Green not being known anywhere but Desoto county I happen to live in Lee county and I took the time to read about each candidate and liked what I read about Mr. Green.
            Thank you again for proving my point that you Tea Party leaders are only interested in getting the Tea Party followers to get on board with the GOP candidate for whatever excuse you made I think you said it is because of the GOPs name recognition and economic infrastructure no mention of the BEST candidate. My goodness most of you are cowarding away from even picking the best GOP candidate
            because you want to wait until after the primaries. What is wrong with choosing now are your standards going to change after the primaries?
            As for the statement that the other person made about you being a bully, you are! The first point that you took the time to make was to correct my use of the word “foal” that was intended to put me in my place and you know it. That is attempting to be a bully. Look at the statements above directed at Charlotte ask her if she feels bullied by Red. Charlotte’s poor spelling does not mean she is not entitled to share her opinion. Your other comments to me were dripping with “how dare you question ME after all that I have done” that is an attempt to intimidate me as well . So to use one of your statements “Sir you need to get over yourself.”
            I am done with this.

  5. Grizz permalink
    April 14, 2010 2:43 pm

    Frank,you are 100% correct in that several bona-fide Ms.Tea Party groups recruited Angela to run–she has been a Republican since she worked for Bob Dole–and you can credit him,her other employer Nancy Reagan, and Jack Kemp for getting her into the GOP–
    like her or detest her,the girl has a mouth,and would certainly stir up ongress.she has a vocal public disdain for pelosi,reid,and is personaly disgusted with zero–

    • Frank Lee permalink
      April 15, 2010 3:43 pm

      You see how wou just rolled “MS Tea Party groups recruited Angela to run–she has been a Republican since” i don’t know if you ment to do this or if it was an accident but that is the junk that makes me think that the Tea Party is full of BS. You equated her Tea Party recruitment with her being a Republican. This kind of logic is what is causing the Tea Party movement to become more and more like an arm of the GOP and not a united front of concerned citizens.
      They are NOT the same!
      Remember that the Tea Party is suppose to be fed up with all of them!
      You can not tell 90% of the Republicans in DC from the liberal Dems. in DC. when you study there socioeconomic standards i.e. the more that the people depend on the government the more power the government has over the people. To prove this point look at healthcare we depend on the government for our heathcare thus the government has the power to decide what heathcare we shall recieve. Republican may have not voted for this heathcare bill but deep down many support the bill just ask Mitt.

  6. Grizz permalink
    April 14, 2010 2:51 pm

    P.S. as far as a TEA Party endorsement,I leave you all with this– she was the ONLY Ms.GOP Candidate to be invited to speak @ TEA Party Natnl. Convention w/Sarah Palin,and AGAIN invited to SPEAK @ TEA Party EXPRESS kickoff in Searchlight Nev.———ACCIDENT?

    • Amanda permalink
      April 15, 2010 8:08 pm

      Grizz I figure she is in with the Tea Party Express because of Mark Skoda.

  7. Republican Dawg permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:20 pm

    McGlowan’s been invited because she certainly is more of a national figure with her former jobs. I think Nunnelee and Ross are serious about running while this seems to be a sideshow for McGlowan. She said it herself- she is writing a book about it (about a week after announcing she was running). Im sure McGlowan has lots of fans with the national Tea Party movement which is nice and all, but last time I checked Serchlight, Nevada and Nashville are not in MS01.

    I’ll also throw this out there to anyone- do you think she would be a Tea Party favorite if she happened to be white and male?

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      April 14, 2010 3:32 pm

      In answer your question RD if she were white and male, Yes.
      I think SOME of these Tea Party folk would follow anyone that is not currently serving in office and is not a Lib. still others seem to be glad to be associated with someone who has a little bit of fame.

  8. INDEPNMS permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:39 pm

    I am a registered voter in Mississippi congressional district 1. The voters in our district should consider themselves fortunate to have three viable candidates entering the primary. We should use the primary process to help the most conservative and constitutional candidate to rise to the top. My position is that once the primary is over that we need to rise up and support the primary winner. It will take a completely united front to defeat the liberals. I pledge my efforts, my life, my honor to whomever our primary winner is. The upcoming battle is crucial to the survival of our freedoms. Let us unite for the greater cause.

  9. bamboozled permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:41 pm

    Who is she trying to kid? She had plans to run for office since at least 2005.

    The Tea Party hierachy have not sent their members the Gallo Radio show. That’s strange, I thought they are supposed to be educating people. How did she know there were no co-sponsors if she didn’t know anything about the bill? She changed her mind. She didn’t change her mind. She mis-spoke. I was an enternainer at the time. I was playing devils advocate. She didn’t understand the question. …..

    And the Angelabots attack anyone who posts it. Sound familiar?

    What else doesn’t she know about conservatives and Mississippi?

    Media Matters with a video:
    Back in May 2008, McGlowan announced on-air that she’s going back to Mississippi to “beat” Rep. Travis W. Childers, stating: “That’s all right, sweetie, that’s my district, and I’m going there soon to beat your Democrat colleague, honey. I’m going soon. 2010 is my year. Announcing it right here.”

    Washington Post Dec. 18, 2005
    So, I stayed in D.C. and became a lobbyist and a political analyst on TV. I didn’t have the desire to go back. Why go back when things are on a roll?

    One day, I hope to be an elected official in Congress with my father’s last name. He always wanted to run for office, but it was never politically correct for a black man to run. So, I’m living out his legacy.

    • Red permalink
      April 14, 2010 6:01 pm

      Why should the “supposed” leadership of the Tea Party educate anyone on who they should vote for? As a voter you should do the research and decide who to vote for. If you are that stupid as to have someone tell you who to vote for you are an idiot. Get on a computer and find out about your choices. But once again the Tea Parties are ridicules and will ruin the next election.

    • Rik Brooks permalink
      April 16, 2010 3:15 pm

      Media Blathers is a far left wing biased site and I wouldn’t believe a word they say and I will discount without prejudice anything that readers of media blathers has to say.

      • bamboozled permalink
        April 22, 2010 5:48 pm


        You’re right. Why should we believe what Ms. McGlowan said on air. Media Blathers probably lip synced the whole video clip.

        Oh, and the Washington Post probably just made up having an interview with McGlowan and then made up the quote too.

        I bet you don’t believe the Paul Gallo show either. They probably got a sound-a-like to do the interview and just said it was Ms. McGlowan. sarcasm off

  10. Grizz permalink
    April 14, 2010 3:44 pm

    Indepnms–agreed,after primary no matter who your favorite is / was– hold your nose and pull the lever for ANYONE conserv. other than travis-

  11. gallo did me in permalink
    April 14, 2010 4:54 pm

    race and sex, the only reason she is getting attention. I am not even goin to watch the stupid video of her.

  12. Yankee Clipper permalink
    April 15, 2010 12:40 am

    I have gotten to know Angela personally over the last year or so and I have found her to be very personable and intelligent. I will support her attempt to unseat Childers, if she can get through the primary election. I think she is finding the whole process is much tougher than she had ever imagined. It does not matter who asked her to run, Tea Party or not, she now has to sell herself to the constituancy of the Mississippi First District. Her success will depend on her performance.

    Angela’s biggest mistake thus far have been a fundamental lack of understanding of gun control measures that liberals love. Her distractors keep bringing up the Gallo piece to discredit her. It is indeed incrimindating taken on its own. At the time of the airing of the Gallo show, she did not undertand the ramifications of gun registration. She now understands that her lack of knowledge on the issue lead her to “miss-speak” on live radio. She has tied to put it to rest, but it just keeps coming up. My conversations with her have convinced me that she is not against the second amendment and she does not and will not support any kind of registration of fire arms.

    • marmie permalink
      April 15, 2010 6:22 am

      McGlowan did a wonderful job of convincing Gallo and his listeners that she knew exactly what she was saying. This know it all arrogance when she doesn’t know what she is talking about will not serve the people of MS01 well .She also made the gross” misspeak” of accusing the head of the RepublicanWomen’s group of heckling her on her second Gallo show. That accusation further points to her lack of readiness for the political arena. Yankee Clipper, you said the gun issue was her biggest mistake, I disagree: her biggest mistake is forgetting that she has two ears and one mouth in order to listen twice as much as she talks.

      • Frank Lee permalink
        April 15, 2010 3:49 pm

        But it is a REALLY big mouth!

  13. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    April 15, 2010 11:12 am

    Angela McGowan used the Tea Party venue to get her face into the public. She has planned to run for office now for several years. Her position at Fox news gave her the personna she needed to get onto the Tea Party circuit. She is a good speaker and being both black and female, speaking against Obama, made her unique. She was never recruited by the Tea Party even though some of the members liked her very much from her speaches and encouraged her to run. There is no Tea Party organization as a whole supporting her candidacy. It was just a great opportunity for her and she jumped at it. She even used the reports of that uncredible and ridiculous straw poll to her advantage. As to her ability to be a congresswoman, she could probably do a very good job. is she the best of the three GOP candidates – that is for the people of District 1 to decide.

    • Amanda permalink
      April 15, 2010 8:15 pm

      You know why Angela got around to so many tea parties and other events in MS….she was free! She paid her way, she is nationally renowned, and could pull in a larger crowd…so why wouldn’t the tea parties around MS (who are real grass roots and don’t have funds to pay for someone to speak) have her come out at ever opportunity! I guess none of us realized that she was getting such benefit from the deal, because in reality (unknown to us) she started hitting the campaign trail a year ago.

      • Grizz permalink
        April 15, 2010 9:48 pm

        anyone can have their opinion of Angela RE: TEA party issues,however,i do not know of one instance SHE called ANY TEA Party group,or GOP Republican group asking to speak– SHE has alwayds been the askeee,not the askor lol–less than 2 months till primary,guess we don’t have to wait for long–

        • Amanda permalink
          April 15, 2010 11:00 pm

          Well from what I hear, atleast her initial speaking engagement with the Tea Party was requested by her “people”…it was an offer we couldn’t refuse…lol

          • Grizz permalink
            April 16, 2010 9:00 am

            So,Amanda,as an asst. tea party organizer in the Tupelo Tea party,you are publicaly saying Angela McGlowan only got to speak at her intial tea party engagement here in Ms. because her “people” asked your group to let her speak?–remember now,when she 1st started,she had no “people” and only after Feb.1st of this year did she hire a Campaign Mngr. or other staff,and the only “people” she has before that was her Mom who helped and travelled w/ her–imagine that-so,i am assuming
            t.hen you are stating that it was MRS.McGlowan the elder who asked your Tupelo group to allow her to speak>?

          • Amanda permalink
            April 17, 2010 1:42 am

            Ask Grant

  14. Charlotte permalink
    April 15, 2010 11:32 am

    I have been reading the various posts on here concerning the GOP candidates running for office for awhile now. Most of the candidates are being criticized by one person or another in favor of their candiate. I too have been guilty of doing that as I am sure most people know that I support Henry Ross and have blogged strongly for him early in the race.

    I am not trying to insult anyone but do you all realize that the Democrats and Liberals read these sites as well. Everytime that you trash a GOP candidate or make comments like ‘that candidate cannot beat Travis Childers” they are laughing their —– off. I know because they are all around me and I hear them making comments.

    Our goal is to dethrone Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried by changing the majority in the house and senate, and put a stop to Obama’s administration. We have three excellent GOP candiates in the first district and more throughout Mississippi. Everyone one of them could and will beat their democratic opponet because we will all get behind whoever wins the primarys and take our country back.

    Is it possible to look at the good qualities that each candidate has and let the democrates/liberals know that we plan to vote to get them out of office in 2010? Let’s blog against the DEMS and for our candiates.

    • Red permalink
      April 15, 2010 1:18 pm

      You may also want to watch your spelling and grammar. In the post above you have many misspelled words. It makes your cause seem uneducated.

      • Charlotte permalink
        April 15, 2010 2:57 pm

        I apologize for misspelled words. Should have taken more time with my typing but I am short of time today. Appreciate the criticism.

  15. Grizz permalink
    April 15, 2010 11:36 am

    Seems to me Angela had her face in the public long before her Campaign for Congress,being a Nationaly know tv Political Advisor for Fox worldwide,and having her own 1/2 hr. tv show in N.Y. that she hosted–i suggest whatever we feel about ANY GOP candfidate,folks should keep the negativity to themselves,as its only devisive and the liberal dems love it,and will use every negative comment on ALL conservative candidates.
    just because one person says there is no tea party group that backs her does not make it so
    that is a personal opinion.there is supposed to be one more straw poll result put out tomorrow i understand–and yet ANOTHER one on the 24th–take them ALL for a grain of salt,they only reflect SOME electors view of the moment,which usually changes daily-
    take for example SOME of the other conservative candidates,all good christian honest folks–
    but how could they handle those loonies in D.C.? 2 GOP candidates at least have D.C. experiance,and another GOP candidate knows the workings of state govt. inside and out–

    • marmie permalink
      April 15, 2010 1:12 pm

      So — we can all agree that holding our noses to pull the lever in Nov is a phrase to stop using? FYI saying” I have a bad feeling about that guy” is negative, might want to stop that one too. Did I read one of you slamming Les Green just this morning?

  16. Grizz permalink
    April 15, 2010 1:35 pm

    wee ar alle goode misisipi peoples in here whoe ar edukattde and cane sple quitee goode–theree ise noe reson tooo comant on ar spleng thnke yuu

    • Frank Lee permalink
      April 15, 2010 3:48 pm

      U spelt ery thin rite cept peoples dunt hav no “o” n it an yuu dunt hav no y.

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