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Barbour Releases Modified FY2011 Budget

April 14, 2010
tags: Haley Barbour, FY2011 budget
by Brett

Haley Barbour released his updated recommendation for the FY2011 state budget (full breakdown here or below). The $5.5 billion budget makes cuts to most agencies in the range of 12-17 percent compared to FY2010 levels, with some seeing smaller cuts.

Education, always the thorniest issue and the one most likely to be exploited by the governor’s opponents, saw much smaller cuts at around four percent from the actual FY2010 figures.

Looking at that more closely, the governor’s office also issued a chart showing historical trends in education funding. Based on Barbour’s recommendation, FY2011 state funding is around FY2007 levels while overall education funding (including federal and local) is slightly off the FY2009 peak.

Prediction: House Democrats and special interest groups will declare this unacceptable and saw the governor is gutting funding for education at a time when the state needs to be doing just the opposite.

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