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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

April 15, 2010
tags: Confederate History Month, Haley Barbour, Mississippi Democrats
by Brett

Haley Barbour opened up a can of worms this past week when he essentially said the uproar surrounding the Confederate History Month proclamation issued by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell which left out a mention of slavery was overblown.

State Rep. Robert Johnson (D-Natchez), who is black, criticized Barbour saying that people need to learn about the “abhorrent, violent, depraved actions of slavery.”

Rep. John Mayo (D-Clarksdale), who is white, said the governor’s comments are “out of touch with history and the impact that history had on a people for more than 200 years of slavery and for another 100 years following.” He took issue with the governor’s phrase ‘not worth diddly’ when he added, “it is worth diddly and you of all people should have chosen your words more carefully.”

The Mississippi Democratic Party has also weighed in calling the remarks “asinine” and “backward thinking.” They also link to a critical story from the liberal NMissCommentor blog.

These comments got me thinking: Why don’t the Democrats push for full repeal of Confederate Memorial Day (last Monday in April), Robert E. Lee Day (third Monday in January- shared with Martin Luther King Day), and Jefferson Davis Day (last Monday in May- shared with Memorial Day)?

They chose to rip the governor when it is easy, so why not really show people that we can not honor these days/ men anymore by doing away with their special holiday. I suggest they put that in their party platform and run on it in 2011.

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