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Friday Ramblings with Robert

School Desegregation Again

The Walthall County School District made headlines this week when the US Justice Department ordered them to end violations of desegregation orders.  There are 2 high schools in the district Tylertown, a majority black school, and Salem, a majority white school.  Opponents argue that the school district must end the practice of letting students transfer from one school to the other even if they are not in that particular district.  However, that is not how it has been played in the press and by most people voicing an opinion on the matter.  Instead it is passed on as hundreds of white kids leaving one school so they do not have to go to a majority black school district.  The fact is, believe it or not, that both white and black students had the option to transfer schools not just the white kids.  The NAACP and media outlets both national and local will not play that angle since it sells better as a backward Mississippi school district segregating schools.

Kudos To Arizona

The Arizona Legislature passed a law this week that makes it a criminal offense to not have proper immigration paperwork.  This law is seen as a measure to combat illegal immigration in a border state that has been plagued with border jumpers who are in the country illegally.  As expected you can rely on The Clarion Ledger to side with illegal immigrants and play the race card.  According to the CL editorial the law will allow racial profiling and harassment of people of color.  I think most thinking people realize that certain people will be targeted by this and with all honesty if they are citizen they should be proud to prove it and thankful for law enforcement providing a service that will reduce the burden that illegal immigration has had on the country.  We should not have to live in a country where we look the other way on letting just anyone stroll over the border and leave ourselves vulnerable to the immense cost of caring and harboring illegals.

McMillen To Marshall Gays

I hate to beat a dead horse but Constance McMillen, the lesbian teen involved in the Itawamba AHS prom fiasco, has made it back in the news this week as she will be the Grand Marshall of the Gay Pride parade in New York City.  First it was the canceled prom because she could not bring her girlfriend and wear a tux and then it was the so-called “fake prom” where only 7 people showed up and her supporters called it a trick as other students attended another private prom and now she will lead the Gay Pride parade in New York.  She has been painted a victim by many, but most in her position would not want all this attention that she has commanded and allowed herself to be a part of.

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