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Barbour In 2012 Looking More Serious

April 17, 2010
tags: 2012 President, Haley Barbour
by Brett

There has been a lot of rumor that Haley Barbour is prepping for a 2012 run. However, most of that has been just speculation. And when asked about it, Barbour says he is focused on helping Republicans in 2010 and not worried about 2012 at this point.

But on Friday, POLITICO learned that Barbour is looking at a 2012 run- very privately for now. Barbour met with a group of trusted advisers in Jackson on April 8 for a meeting that lasted six hours where the 2012 topic came up. The group will apparently meet again after the fall elections.

According to the piece, Barbour would only run if Obama was “truly vulnerable” and the country wanted a “drastic change.” Ed Rogers, a long-time friend to Barbour and former lobbying partner, said that the governor is detached, self-aware, and understands his strengths and weaknesses.

I’m still putting odds at Barbour not running in 2012, but this is certainly the most solid evidence we have that he is looking hard at a run. We will be following this in the weeks and months ahead.

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