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First Quarter Fundraising Notebook

April 19, 2010
tags: 2010 House, fundraising, MS-01, MS-02, MS-03, MS-04
by Brett

MS-01: Travis Childers is certainly in re-election gear as he builds up the campaign warchest. By raising over $220,000 and spending around just $70,000, he now is sitting pretty with about $700,000 cash on hand. For this quarter, Childers contributions were broken up about 50/50 between individuals and PACs. For this cycle, 58 percent of Childers contributions are from PACs.

MS-01: Alan Nunnelee’s fundraising total for the quarter- about $150,000- is not exactly disappointing but the fact that he was unable to bank anything has given Childers a big leg up in the fundraising game. Nunnelee spent about $155,000 this quarter. This wasn’t spent on anything unusual (consultants, mailings, events, etc.); there was just a lot of it. Nunnelee is going to have to spend money to raise his name ID, something that Childers does not have to. (I will talk more about this later).

MS-01: Comparing fundraising from individual contributors only, this election cycle Nunnelee has actually taken in more money than Childers ($528,000 to $439,000). Childers, however, has received more than $600,000 from PACs (compared to $43,000 for Nunnelee).

MS-01: Henry Ross’ $110,000 this quarter was supplemented by his own campaign. He made a $50,000 loan to the campaign, along with a candidate contribution of $25,000 (Note: If someone with more knowledge of the FEC would like to explain the difference between making a candidate contribution to a campaign and a loan to a campaign, please explain). Individual contributions totaled about $35,000 to Ross. That said, $96,000 COH is a pretty healthy chunk of change.

MS-01: Angela McGlowan also helped out her campaign. She contributed $12,000 which is about half of what she raised ($24,488). After spending about $22,000, she has around $15,000 right now. Considering the national profile thanks to FoxNews and the Tea Party; she raised less than Ross who has received a fraction of the press she has.

MS-02: Safe for life, Bennie Thompson keeps building a campaign warchest as if he is facing a serious challenger. With another $130,000 this quarter, he now have more than $1.9 million cash on hand (a net of about $30,000 this quarter).

MS-03: Gregg Harper raised a little less than $60,000 this quarter and has about $146,000 cash on hand. Not exactly numbers that will light the world on fire, but he is plenty safe in his re-election bid whatever he spends.

MS-04: Steven Palazzo’s first quarter turned out a little better than expected. He raised about $125,000 as announced, but spent less than $5,000 leaving him with around $120,000 cash on hand (he was expected to report $100,000 cash on hand). Palazzo is showing 100 percent of his contributions coming from individuals including $1,000 from Henry Barbour.

MS-04: If you haven’t read the thread from Thursday, it looks like the Joe Tegerdine campaign mailed in his FEC forms rather than submit them electronically. We will post them when available.

MS-04: I need to give Gene Taylor credit for being extremely timely in getting his campaign finance reports posted. Taylor was far and away the first to do that. While April 15 was the due date, Taylor’s were up in the first week of April.

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  1. marmie permalink
    April 19, 2010 8:11 am

    I found it interesting who gave to the candidates and where they were from. Nunnelee and Ross contributors were primarily from Mississippi. McGlowan’s financial contributions were DC,CA,FL,NY, VA and MS. Nunnelee did seem to spend a lot of money in the first quarter for such a quiet quarter, do you think the results of that spending will surface in this quarter?

  2. mspolitics82 permalink
    April 19, 2010 8:41 am

    Taylor’s people have been “johnny on the spot” for a long time….and they well should, because they have been doing this for a LONG time, not just one campaign season….and I would be willing to bet my coffee money that Taylor has a PAID staffer whose main, if not sole, responsibility is to keep up with donors, contributions, expenses, reports, etc. Much easier to do when it’s your JOB……and I would also be willing to bet that coffee money that Taylor has very little to do with the “reporting process” other than possibly to “approve” it before the button is “clicked”.

  3. AaroninLongBeach permalink
    April 19, 2010 9:07 am

    Given that the Tegerdine campaign mailed in their reports, and noone from the campaign will release his numbers, I can only come to the conclusion that he is purposely playing the reporting system in a desperate attempt at delaying the release of his fundraising numbers. How transparent!

    • Sally permalink
      April 19, 2010 12:42 pm

      Did your tin foil hat fall off? Please put it back on.

    • Boss Man permalink
      April 19, 2010 10:53 pm

      Or maybe the guy who does his numbers also holds down a full time job and volunteers for the campaign. Maybe he just mailed it in at the last minute because he’s busy running an awfully busy campaign…Have you seen Tegerdine’s calendar recently??? Tegerdine’s first real fundraiser at Canebrake did well, I think, pulling in 14K from over 120 attendees…Of course, that was April 1st, so it won’t be on the report, but I’s in the know!

  4. Shad McSack permalink
    April 19, 2010 11:53 pm

    Check out a blue collar candidate who truly feels the pulse of the people

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      April 20, 2010 11:36 am

      Now what exactly do you mean by “blue collar” candidate? Henry Ross has never had a job outside the relm of Law or Politics and neither of those jobs are blue collar. Not to mention his riding around Eupora in his Jag while he campaigned for re-election as Mayor (and lost). That is not very blue collar either.
      Blue collar candidate does not really fit any of the three GOP candidates. Not to say that this makes them any better or worse as a candidate but they are not “blue collar” by a long shot.

  5. Sally permalink
    April 20, 2010 2:38 am

    There are really only two valid questions to ask here.

    Did each candidate follow FEC rules in reporting campaign contributions?

    What did each candidate report?

    Theories about the timeliness and manner of reporting to the FEC are fact-less unfounded conjecture.

  6. baygirl permalink
    April 20, 2010 7:20 am

    Sally, I completely agree with you. Reporting should be factual not scewed (or screwed) with bias.

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