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Travis Childers On Tea Parties

April 19, 2010
tags: Tea Party, Travis Childers
by Brett

In a Commercial Appeal article preceding the various Tea Party events that took place throughout the state on April 15, Tea Party organizer Bill Ford said that Rep. Travis Childers is routinely invited to the events but his office never responds.

Dana Edelstein, his communications director, did speak with the Commercial Appeal and said this about those who are active in the Tea Party movement in some way, shape or form: “Congressman Childers welcomes the voices of the Tea Party and its members. He hopes they have a chance to look at his record, because they would see that he has been a fierce advocate of tax cuts for hard-working Mississippians.”

Pretty savvy response, in my opinion. Childers decided not to take a shot at the group (who probably doesn’t think to high of the Congressman), but rather continue the tax cuts strategy you will probably hear a lot more of.

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  1. realist permalink
    April 19, 2010 12:39 pm

    unfortunately, Childer’s tax record right now is less blemished than Nunnelee’s, i.e. when was the last time Nunnelee was involved in any sort of tax relief? I dont think Childers has voted for a single tax raise of any kind and Nunnelee has.

    Although, everyone knows the truth that taxes are only going to go up under a Democrat White House and Congress and in a much more substantial way than the the temporary tax credits, etc that were offered in the $787 billion dollar tax raise. Childer’s, trying to go after the uneducated and poor for votes. Someone needs to get rid of this clown.

  2. Grizz permalink
    April 19, 2010 1:54 pm

    travis dances to nancy’s tune–and could care less about us or any conservative Constitutional agenda-his votes reflect only what his liberal leadership allows him to–
    after all,to whom did he vote for speaker of the house? and last year when it was town hall time what did he do? took our tax dollars and fled to Israel to evade us all—he needs to be retired in Nov. by someone sane.

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