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Thursday Election Notebook

April 22, 2010
tags: 2012 President, 2010 House, MS-01, 2011 Governor, 2011 Lt. Governor, MS-02
by Brett

MS-01: Amanda Mandel, a Tupelo Tea Party organizer, has stepped down from that role to join Gail Giaramita’s bid for Congress. Giaramita is running on the Constitution Party ticket on the November ballot.

MS-01: The DCCC is continuing to go after Alan Nunnelee for not providing a full statement on social security privatization. Apparently they have a countdown clock in the DCCC offices and this is day 60 which means he supports privatization. Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan have both lent support to some form of privatization while Travis Childers recently used taxpayer money to send out an email saying he will oppose any and all privatization measures. The Democrats have a good hand here, but I don’t know if its on voters minds right now.

MS-01: The Commercial Appeal has an article on the First District Tuesday night debate in Southaven that featured Angela McGlowan, Henry Ross and two other third party candidates. Childers and Nunnelee did not attend. The event was sponsored by the Mississippi Tea Party.

MS-01: Angela McGlowan sent out a press release calling on the state legislature to pass a bill that would “exempt the state’s firearm, firearm accessory and ammunition manufacturers from the Commerce clause of the US Constitution where the product is retained in the state.” This is modeled after a similar bill in Tennessee. Nothing wrong with this except in the press release she said this should be taken up by the “Mississippi State Assembly.” Of course, Mississippi does not have an assembly- it is a legislature. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is little things like this that raise red flags with McGlowan. As someone pointed out, Virginia- the state where McGlowan is listed as living in according to past Congressional contributions she has made- does call it an Assembly.

MS-01: Travis Childers continues to tout some of the benefits from last year’s federal stimulus bill. In his latest email, he states “The Recovery Act allocated a total of $2.8 million to Mississippi for the state’s energy efficient appliance rebate program.” This includes various rebates for dishwashers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machine, freezers, water heaters, furnaces, and more.

MS-01: Childers released a statement announcing his disappointment that a bill to lift the DC gun ban had been pulled from the House floor schedule (the same bill would also give DC a voting member in Congress). Under similar cover, it will be interesting to see who the NRA backs in the race. The NRA likes to back pro-gun rights Democrats in an effort to appear more bi-partisan. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Childers get their endorsement especially with the lead he took on this bill.

MS-02: Bill Marcy, a Republican running against Bennie Thompson, released this well done 30 second spot (similar to a campaign ad) where he has a clip for his Tea Party speech over the weekend.

MS-02: And for more…here is his nine minute speech from the Tea Party in Jackson on Saturday.

2011: Bobby Harrison at the Daily Journal has a good piece on the 2011 statewide elections that are slowing beginning to take form. He predicts that if Chief Justice William Waller, Jr. does run for governor, it would be as a Democrat (which would be a lot easier path to the nomination than with the Republicans). He also predicts Stacey Pickering and Tate Reeves will run for lite guv (along with state Sen. Billy Hewes who has already announced his plans), while calling Delbert Hosemann the wild card on the Republican side.

2012 President: In an appearance on Fox and Friends a couple days ago, Haley Barbour was pressed on 2012 and gave his standard response that he is focusing on 2010. He did say, however, that he will “sit down after this election and see if there is anything to think about.”

2012 President: When Barbour travels to South Carolina, Iowa or New Hampshire it makes headlines as a sure sign that he is running for president. Well then what does this tell us? Barbour will be the keynote speaker at a Republican dinner in….Connecticut (a state with little significance in the primaries and general election) on May 19.

2012 President: Public Policy Polling has been doing some polling in New Hampshire, including an early look at the 2012 GOP primary in the all-important primary state. They included Barbour in the poll, and he registered just 1 percent of the vote (for those interested Mitt Romney had a big lead over the field).

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  1. Republican Dawg permalink
    April 22, 2010 3:16 pm

    That is a pretty cool video from Marcy. If only he had some money to run it…

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