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Friday Ramblings with Robert

April 23, 2010
tags: healthcare, military, obesity, Richard Barrett
by Robert

The Death of a White Supremacist

One of Mississippi’s most familiar faces of bigotry was murdered yesterday at his home in Rankin County. Richard Barrett, the founder and long time leader of the Nationalist Movement, was stabbed to death by a black neighbor who was mad about the amount of money Barrett had paid him for yard work. That neighbor, Vincent McGee, had recently returned home from Parchman where he had served 3 years for assaulting a police officer. There are definitely mixed feelings on the situation as I’m sure many are celebrating his death and find a great deal of irony in the fact that he was killed by a black man. Barrett was a man with a lot of hate and took some very hurtful positions against many, but just like any other human being his death is not something to be celebrated. We can only hope that he found some peace before he died.

Too Fat to Fight

That is the title of a report that recently came out from a group called Mission:Readiness, which is a group of retired generals, admirals and civilian military leaders.  Based on their numbers they believe that 75% of young Americans are not able to qualify to join the military and are worried that this could diminish the US military forces to a point of a national security threat in the future.  Mississippi, of course, is in the bottom 3 of the states with the highest obesity rates for ages 18-24 trailing only Kentucky and Alabama.  Their solution is to change the food options available in schools such as vending machines and what actually goes on the trays in cafeterias.  I know they mean well, but I contend that most of the eating habits start at home and not in schools.  It is great that you can take away bad foods from vending machines and revamp cafeteria options, but it will have a minimal impact unless parents embrace the idea as well.

We Had No Idea

Surprise! the new healthcare plan that was recently signed by our President apparently will not control costs of health insurance.  That is what the experts at the Department of Health and Human Services are saying.   What is even better is that as a result of Medicare cuts some hospitals would have to reduce their services or even close because of losing money.  So what are you left with? Paying more or the same for health coverage and having less services available when sick or dying.  At least 34 million people get healthcare coverage now.

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