Details On Tegerdine’s Fundraiser At The Shed- And The Firestorm That Ensued

April 30, 2010
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by Brett

In the Wednesday Election Notebook this week, I mentioned that Joe Tegerdine’s campaign was claiming that members of the Democratic Party were urging a boycott of The Shed in Gulfport because they permitted the Republican candidate to host a fundraiser there.

The Gulf Coast 912 Project, which has endorsed Tegerdine, then sent out a blast email with copies of the emails being sent out by some of those who initially weren’t too happy. The emails were sent out to ‘Mississippi Gulf Coast Obama Supporters,’ which operates like a listserv under the Organizing for America umbrella.

The emails said things like “We ran off ‘The Shed’ from Hancock Co. during the last Presidential election, when they tried to spread their hate. NOW, if you want some FINE BBQ, come to Mississippi’s West Coast, in Bay-Waveland… and, their political blood runs True Blue!” Another person said, “Avoid “the shed” BBQ restaurant locations…they are…openly supporting the teabagging / birther / Glen Beck 912 crowd.”

This dust-up made its way to the founder and marketing director of The Shed. There response to one of the protestors was simple- we are not endorsing anyone, we are just making money (similar to my position with the ads on the side of the blog). Although in one of those emails, Linda Orrison- the Corporate Marketing Director- does say, “I support the President myself, which makes this even more difficult and disappointing to me that this is happening.”

I also got an email from one person who was sending the earlier emails supporting the boycott saying that he apologized to The Shed and that he was “duped by Tegerdine’s email” which said that The Shed had “kindly offered to host a fundraiser” for his campaign giving at least one person the impression they were supporting his campaign, rather than just providing a place to host an event.

Here is what Tegerdine’s email said: “The Shed BBQ is South Mississippi’s finest BBQ restaurant and they have kindly offered to host a fundraiser for Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, Joe Tegerdine.”

Here is what it now says on his website: “A fundraiser for Joe Tegerdine will be held at The Shed BBQ in Gulfport at 6:00 pm on April 30th.” I don’t know if it ever said anything about offering to host the fundraiser on his website (like in the email), but it obviously doesn’t now.

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  1. April 30, 2010
    Dan Lindsay permalink

    Something as simple as “kindly offered” which is a polite term meaning “have agreed to do business” (for those who have actually done business) is something to jump on by the progressives yet beating a pinata with a picture of the Governor of AZ is OK?

    These are same people who turn around and call Tea Party members “tea-baggers” knowing exactly the meaning and intention of their drival. I am sorry that the original poster was “duped” by Tegerdine’s email, but it is my humble opinion that this is far from the first time that he has been a dupe.

    1. An easily deceived person.
    2. A person who functions as the tool of another person or power.

  2. April 30, 2010
    mspolitics82 permalink

    Here’s the basic problem….Tegerdine is Republican, and Gene Taylor is not. The Coast is Taylor’s base and so the threat is there. Obviously, anyone with even a little bit of sense (common or otherwise) should understand that a business is business to stay in business, and a restaurant does that by having people walk through the door with the intention of consuming food/drink….no matter if they are Republican or Democrat. I would think a restaurant manager has to agree to “accomodate” a political fundraiser before the campaign can just announce that such is going to happen. Now, the “person in charge” might have offered to accomodate such an event, knowing that it would be “good for business”—meaning increased numbers of consumers walking through the doors. I understand why, to some, the wording may have insinuated political support, but I also understand that it did not have to, unless the reader wanted it to do so. Perhaps “agreed to do a fundraiser” might have been a better way to word it, but even that could be taken as political support, if one really wanted it to mean that. I firmly believe had it been a DEMOCRAT fundraiser for Gene Taylor, NOTHING, asbsolutely NOTHING would have been said. Period. Just seems to me, the local coastal DEMS are more worried than Gene Taylor personally conveys about the November election….they need to be!

  3. April 30, 2010
    Ben permalink

    This is another story that was created by the Tegerdine campaign’s lies and propaganda to make people think Tegerdine is actually fund raising, and to get some attention. No right minded person is going to give money to a guy who is from OREGON, NEVER voted in MS, and works for a CHINESE company. Gene will mop the floor with this Oregonian Opportunists.

    • April 30, 2010
      mspolitics82 permalink

      go back to your cell!

    • May 1, 2010
      Johnny Boy permalink

      Interesting assumption, sonny boy, but there were over 150 people at the event tonight and there was a line out the door and into the rain for people clamoring to donate to this “Oregonian opportunist”.

  4. May 1, 2010
    Johnny Boy permalink

    According to the Webster Dictionary: HOST: a company, place, or like that provides services or resources, as for a convention or sporting event.
    The Shed BBQ is a company. They provided a service (food) for an event (a fundraiser for Joe Tegerdine for Congress).
    The Democrats are ridiculous. The anti-Joeites are acting ridiculous and the good people of south Mississippi don’t care that ya’ll read into various definitions of the word, “HOST.”
    Over 150 people attended the event tonight, in the stormy weather no less, and the food was superb. No doubt The Shed BBQ would kindly offer to HOST an event for all of you (they don’t care how great or childish you act…they just want your money)!!

  5. May 1, 2010
    Hershel Yerber permalink

    The math used by the Tegerdine Camp probably reached 150 by counting everyone that ate at the shed today from lunch till closing , plus every time time Joe said the same buzz words he heard from the talking heads.

    I have a few numbers for you:

    0 – the number of times Joe Tegerdine has voted in MS
    2 – the number of years Joe lived in Taiwan
    2 – the number of years Joe has lived in MS
    0 – the number of years Joe has served our nation or OUR state in any public service capacity

    Now back to my cell. Why are my walls not padded like yours?

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