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Friday Ramblings with Robert

April 30, 2010
tags: education consolidation, Mississippi tornado relief, oil spill
by Robert

Here Comes The Oil

The black gold is slowly creeping up to our shores on the Gulf Coast as a result of the leak caused by the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.  I am not really surprised that opponents of offshore drilling are using this as a crutch in their crusade against the operation.  Who cares about the fact that 11 people lost their lives in this horrible accident as long as we can use it for political gain.  Offshore oil drilling is extremely important and vital to us here locally and on a national level.  On a local level it provides thousands of good paying jobs to workers in this region.  Nationally it provides the most critical of all natural resources we use in our daily lives outside of breathing air.  Granted the spill has the potential to have a bad economic impact on the coast in terms of tourism and fishing, which only hurts more in a down economic climate.  It would be easy to point fingers now, but the best thing would be to use this as a lesson and improve on the process in the future.  Nobody wins in this situation and using it as a political issue is in poor taste, but honestly not at all surprising considering the source.

Even Liberal Journalist Agree

The issue of school consolidation has been a hot button issue for a while now and it is interesting to see that even the most liberal of newspaper columnists that we have in our state both agree on it.  Ronnie Agnew and David Hampton both see the possibility of merging school districts as a long-term benefit, which supporters of it have long touted.  Agnew even suggest going further than the original 18 that are recommended for consolidation and thinks they should double that number.  I just found it interesting that two guys who are champions of liberal causes would both come out and agree that consolidation is actually a good idea.  This could be a sign that the opinion on school district consolidation is changing and that more people are seeing this as a good solution to improving the state education system and cutting cost at the same time.

Lending a Helping Hand

A wide range of communities this week were severely impacted by one of the worst tornadoes to ever come through our state last weekend.  10 people were killed and many people lost all that they had and are left with piles of rubble where their homes and businesses once stood.  One of the things that makes Mississippi and its people so great is their generosity to lend a helping hand in a time of need such as this one.  I encourage you to consider donating goods such as clothing or food and even money if you wish to help our neighbors in this time of need.  I know there have been many operations setup across the state to help out with these collections so they should be easy to locate.  As always please keep these families in your prayers as they try to put their lives back together.

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  1. RandomThoughts permalink
    April 30, 2010 12:33 pm

    I really cannot see how discussing the rig explosion as it relates to our offshore drilling policy is in poor taste. In your post you criticize finger pointing but at the same time you say the best thing to do is use this as a learning experience. The only way to learn what happened is by investigating the explosion which necessarily involves finger pointing. (BP has already started fingerpointing to try to deflect the heat from them). Also I haven’t read anything which disgraceful to those workers who lost their lives or who were injured. But maybe you have seen something specific which prompted your remarks.

    While I am generally in favor of increasing offshore drilling we all better use this as a lesson to ensure responsible drilling is done which may very well mean keeping the rigs farther off our shores. I know some people have recently advocated putting rigs as close of 5 miles from our shores – while this may have been a good idea now not so much.

    Also you do miss one thing in your economic/environmental assessment. BP has said it could take 3-4 months to stop the leak, which i pray they can do sooner. But if it is still leaking at its current rate 4 months from now that takes us well into hurricane season. Imagine the cleanup cost of a oil soaked hurricane it would be truly devestating.

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