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McGlowan Brings Race Into Debate

May 5, 2010

I am pretty cautious about going overly negative or positive on any candidate, and I will admit the candidate who has received the most negative coverage from the blog has been Angela McGlowan. It is not so much that I have anything against her or for the other candidates, it is just that she keeps setting herself up and there are two options: report her latest gaffe or not.

Alan at Y’all Politics was the first to catch on to this from Patsy Brumfield’s roundup of the latest MS-01 Republican debate. According to the article, McGlowan said, “I was told by some elected officials not to run- that it was Alan Nunnelee’s turn. They’re saying I want to take guns away from white people. But here I stand and here I’ll stay.”

She has frequently made the argument that the ‘good ole boys’ wanted Alan Nunnelee. She most recently said Trent Lott was behind the general establishment support for Nunnelee that has made him the GOP frontrunner since last summer. However, by bringing race into the debate she is in new territory. I suppose she may have said this before in smaller venues, but this is certainly the first I have heard of it. An underdog needs headlines, but you don’t need headlines like this.

No one is saying McGlowan is going to take guns away from white people. Rather, they are saying she supports gun registration which would affect everybody regardless of their race. Those Gallo comments, first made last summer and then posted online shortly after her entrance in the race, are the reason her campaign is in the shape that it is. She has been on defense since February while trying to blame it on Nunnelee unable to really give anyone a reason to support her, and- just as important- donate to her.

I will still have the MS-01 primary rundown later this afternoon as promised, and I think you can tell what direction I am going in with McGlowan. I imagine McGlowan will spend the next month doubling down on Nunnelee attacks, while further alienating the mainstream Republican vote. The question now isn’t if McGlowan can be the GOP nominee…it is what she does when she is not the nominee. I imagine she’ll make some tepid announcement in support of Nunnelee (if he is the nominee), but nothing else. Her ego may be too big to realize she was not the winner in the democratic process preventing her from offering much or any general election support. The GOP is going to need every vote they can get to unseat Travis Childers so even though McGlowan may have a small base it could still have an effect on the November vote.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    May 5, 2010 10:49 am

    I am NOT ( NOT ) supporting or endorsing Angela in this reply,but i was there last nite @ Tupelo debate–i know all 3 GOP candidates personaly,and she was very angry–her angry is understood,but the debate was not the place for it–her anger and race issue insertion came because of a FLIER being passed around by individules ( now known & FBI contacted ) who hate her so much they altered a photo of her on flier,made her appear much darker,hair all tangled,big lips and large flattened nose-and had the gun issue on it,like her or not,this IS clearly racial hatred-
    and i personaly spoke with the candidate who’s supporters are doing this–and told him he needs to have them cease-even personaly threatening her–,and her family.his reply to my face was “well i can’t control what my supporters do”–which to me says–he endorses their behavior.when Angela 1st began her campaign long ago,i told her directly to her face–prepare,you will be smeared,and your family too,even racially–

    i reminded her last night after,of what i told her–Ms. needs to rise up past the racial bigotry of the past-however,lets be honest,her inability to control her anger in public,and her foot inserted in her mouth continously,hurts her-
    most agreed debates winners were;
    Alan was all over the place–and on illegal immigration made the comment ” i support all illegal immigration legislation”-DUH-he is ALREADY a sitting senator,why hasn’t he introduced tougher legislation here?aka Az.type law-
    ross was dead on the issues with clear answers,and angela while giving good answers,was hurt by her anger–she AND ross double teamed attacking alan,ross more low key,angela openly dirtect in her attack on alan–this is the truthfull way it was–like it or not–

  2. Mississippi Elitist permalink
    May 5, 2010 11:18 am

    Why are you pretending to be a “player” in this election? You are NOT? You state that “most agreed debate winners were…”
    Agreed among whom? You and the three people you rode with?
    You are neither a mover nor a shaker and your ramblings read worse when you overstate your influence such as “I know all of the candidates personally” shaking there hand and saying I am Grizz does NOT mean you know them. The candidates do not know you anymore than they know me. They know my name when they see me but other than that I don’t know them and they don’t know me. I know for a fact that you did not meet Mrs. McGlowan or Mr. Ross until earlier this year. So stop with the kingmaker act nobody is buying it.
    As for who won the debate it was Mr. Nunnelee then Mr. Ross, and then Mrs. McGlowan but you can not see that because you have a personal grudge against Mr. Nunnelee. Don’t you?
    It is sad that you, a self proclaimed in the know person politically, admitted how angry McGlowan came off but can not see the fact that that anger hurt her debate performance and overall campaign.
    I am starting to think Sarah is right about you, you are a Ross sleeper cell in the McGlowan campaign set to explode right about now.

  3. Red permalink
    May 5, 2010 11:47 am

    I love the time of the FBI was wasted over a bad picture of McGlowan. Also Grizz really, why not ask Billy McCoy why that legislation has not been introduced in the Democratically controlled senate. It’s the Gulf of Mexico that boarders Mississippi not Mexico. So I do not think we have the problem with illegals flowing into Mississippi like the boarder states have. We do have a problem but not one that should take so much time and money to defend like the law in Arizona will. Another thing you think you are capable of summing up a debate and you cannot spell “personaly” (personally). You have been on the McGlowan payroll since the beginning and according to other blogs you have not been getting paid. McGlowan has hurt herself from the beginning. One word defines her and her campaign…DESPERATE.

  4. Bob M. permalink
    May 5, 2010 11:56 am

    FYI the candidate that you may think had the fliers out is likely wrong. The fliers were actually produced and distributed by the candidate that could BENIFIT the most from Mrs. McGlowan being viewed as the victim of such an attack. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!

  5. Matt permalink
    May 5, 2010 3:42 pm

    I’d like to see the video of McGlowan saying the line about taking guns awau from white people. I imagine she said it in a joking matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the audience laughed. It’s like the whole “black people can say certain things white people can’t say” thing.

  6. Yankee Clipper permalink
    May 5, 2010 4:38 pm

    I feel the gun issue has been badly handled by the Mc Glowen campaign. That being said, in a one to one conversation sometime back (after Gallo) I believe she understood that she was wrong on the issue. I really don’t think she realized the ramifications of mandatory registration of firearms. She has been living too long in an area and around people who do not believe in private ownership of firearms. I think that rubbed off on her. She would have been better served to have said nothing when the issue was brought up, because I truly believe she did not know what she was talking about. I think she felt she had to say something to sound like she knew something and her ignorance of the issue caught up with her.

    Mississippi Elitist, most elitists I know are Marxist, does that include you? Just wondering, because you seem to have a dog in this fight too. Could it be your dog is Childers? I don’t know you and don’t care what your political passions are and I am not attacking you, I just am questioning you and your motives. If you question someone else’s motives and comments then understand you open yourself up to the same.

    Red, while we do not border Mexico we have more than enough illegal Mexicans in this state. One is too many. We need to pass similar legislation to Arizona’s to let them know they are not welcome here either. While you mention the Marxist controlled MS senate, I did not hear any opposition to it from you. Could it be that Red handle you use fits? You also mention that Grizz is on Mc Glowen’s payroll, do you have proof of that available for all to see? If so it’s put up time, be all in or all out.

    Grizz aggravates many out here in the web wasteland and many times he is over the top with comments and remarks. I am not defending him; he’s a big boy and can defend himself. That said, Grizz where is your proof backing up your comments? While you can say what you want, I would think you would want what you say to be creditable. It may be time for you to be all in or all out too.

    Who am I, just a causual observer. And yes I have a dog in the fight, and I feel we are lucky to have three fine candidates running for Childers seat. The big question is can any of them beat Childer this fall. The results of November’s election will be voter turnout and if we conservatives don’t get behind the winner of the primary, we will loose and loose badly.

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      May 6, 2010 11:47 am

      I use the moniker Mississippi Elitist because one of the definitions of elitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals form an elite a select group of people with, intellect, wealth, special experience, or other distinctive attributes. To me those things are all byproducts of living in Mississippi. I do feel elite for being so blessed as to live in Mississippi.
      As for my dog in the fight it is Nunnelee or Ross.
      The reason I came down on Grizz is this part of his blog
      ” i personaly spoke with the candidate who’s supporters are doing this–and told him he needs to have them cease-even personaly threatening her–,and her family.his reply to my face was “well i can’t control what my supporters do”–which to me says–he endorses their behavior.”
      You know that only leaves two candidates who are white males and who have no control whatsoever over what there supporters do. No candidate in the United States would support such behavior and to imply that they do is small minded and weak. I felt that Grizz needed to be called on such actions. Just as you said turn about is fair play.
      I do find what Bob M. said quite interesting though.
      Also if you are truly interested in the ugly tone of my remarks go back to the article posted on “4/26 McGlowan: Trent Lott Picked Nunnelee” and read it from top down and see which of us got ugly first. If you do read it you will find that the race card is the first one McGlowans folks play.

      • Yankee Clipper permalink
        May 6, 2010 6:18 pm

        MS Elitist, nice response.

  7. Grizz permalink
    May 5, 2010 6:24 pm

    the idiot who says i am on mcglowan payroll is of course a liar– i challenge to show a payroll stub for me–you know personaly i met henry and angela this year? liar–as there are many dated photos of my daughter & I with angela posted on the web from last year–in fact i met her July 4th,’09 in Tupelo @ tea party–so because of your hatred you lied-Ms.McGlowan last nite @ debate in front of over 100 people and WCBI COLUMBUS TV-made the statement the Authorities have been contacted-duh-if you were not there to hear it its your fault-I MET HENRY IN ’09–ANOTHER LIE by the childers flunkie elitist-Ms.DOES have an illegal problem– every fri nite in Corinth,a bus drops them off @ chinese buffet its so bad–then on to Walmart to send $$ to Mexico by western union-beef plant billy mccoy and the dem controlled senate have nothing to do or say about legislation being INTRODUCED-if its not passed out of the senate or even allowed to be brought to the floor,it can still be introduced– no one is a king maker that i know of,certainly not i,–i am not even a player–those are someone elses words-if there is a blog that says i am not being paid for work-,i’d sure like to see it,so i can find out how much i’m supposed to be owed.i heard over 30 people talking among themselves giving the consensus ross won-if i was an angela supporter and / or worker on her payroll,i certainly wouldn’t be speaking truthfully of her anger control in public,and her foot in mouth desease-yankee clipper is correct–her campaign advisor whoever it is is doing an awefull job on the gun issue-the liberal elitiust claims i rode with 3 people–were you there? please tell these folks who i rode with,and the vehicle please–or STFU-for the sane folks in here who MIGHT have been there– i happened to ride with a 14 yr old female who is absolutely one of the toughest Jr. MMA kickboxers in this state–in 6 spars in the ring,she’s had 6 TKO’S,but the same time has dinner with Phil Bryant,AND Alan Nunneleee–call me a liar on that too elitist-as there are online photos of them together dated from ’09-as for me having a personal dislike of Alan Nunnelee,thats a lie too–because if i did,i assure E/1 this 14 yr old female would not be allowed to run up to him and hug him and have dinner and converse w/ him-the only one can think of in here i would remotely dislike,is YOU liberal elitist-who comes in here high and mighty only to discount others and cause confusion-a liberal tactic-again,i am no “player” nor “kingmaker” in this election,those are YOUR words liberal elitist-i’m only an elector with an opinion–and i intend on sharing it–you certainly are brave nameless on the internet–why not come to my face–man up and make these accusations? as Ms. State Director of the Well Regulated USA Militia,i am not hard to find–to the sane folks in here,i only gave truthfull observations from 1st hand observing the debate,and speaking with over 30 attendees–mostly the legion veterans-and to the sane others in here,i respect your opinions,and remarks.liberal elitist,if you do not care for my remarks,do not read them and move on– your online hatred and attacks actualy shows your immaturity-how much will YOUR pay check from travis be?

    • Red permalink
      May 5, 2010 7:46 pm

      We won got under your skin!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

      • Yankee Clipper permalink
        May 6, 2010 12:52 am


        It looks like you are more interested in attacking Grizz, than in winning an election. Who’s your horse in the race, Childers? Are you a Marxist plant or what? All of this in fighting does not help conservatives win elections, why keep stiring things up. If you don’t like Grizz just ignore him. Let’s see some of your wisdom and see if you are as smart as you would like the rest of us to think.

        Yes, I am picking on you for being so childish and I am not defending Grizz. Grizz has to defend himself. Let’s see somthing worthwhile from you. What are you doing to promote conservative candidates? Anything? It sounds like Grizz, like him or not, is familar with the candidates to some degree whether anyone likes it or not. Sounds like Grizz is better informed that most of the electorate.

        • marmie permalink
          May 9, 2010 5:02 pm

          You are right Grizz is annoying and seldom consistent. The inane comments about his daughter and his person relationship with the candidates is tiring. You know his attacks on SGP, Resistnet, and other tea party sites caused other contributors to stop posting. Now he is on this one telling posters to leave. Yankee Clipper, I question your moniker, just like you have others on here. Care to explain?

          • Grizz permalink
            May 10, 2010 8:27 am

            great–glad i annoy you-and i have no personal relationship with ANY Candidate other than knowing them–as for others ceasing to post on sites only because of me is a great compliment–even if untrue–as for Ms.Resistnet,why not look at the newly opened up leadership position because that “leader” was just banned because of racist flyer involvement-and candidates campaign just wisely dissassociated themselves from this and other individules-as for ANY attacks i may or may not do–i detest scheming,sneaky,devious goings on by ANY politician or their campaign helpers and will continue to call them on it untill they start showing these conservative ETHICS they say they have to get our vote–
            p.s. you sound jealous a 14 yr. old child could have a personal friendship with someone of some notoriety,and be involved physicaly and mentaly in politics,her chosen field after college-you mention several sites i post and blog on–THANK YOU for following me–(rofl )

      • Grizz permalink
        May 10, 2010 8:15 am

        yes,like a tick,and i just flick it off,and step on it

  8. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    May 5, 2010 7:16 pm

    I too heard the debate and saw the reaction of the people at the debate. The Grizz is correct that the hum drum afterward was that Ross was by far the best in the debate. Nunnelee just did not have the straight forward and convincing answers to the questions. He
    does not the persuasive abilities of Ross. These are real comments
    that are not coming from me but from many in the crowd. McGlowan has
    great speaking ability and enthusiasm but lost it all on that announcement – it was not the place for it.

  9. Grizz permalink
    May 5, 2010 7:56 pm

    @ tea party leader II–you are spot on–1 or 2 in here think i make this stuff up in my laboratory @ nite lol–Angela totaly lost the crowd because of her mis-timed anger–that public forum debate was not the time or place to vent it–as i stated,its the result of her foot in mouth desease-which someone in her campaign cannot cure-i believe she means well,and the comment i made RE: FBI was acurate,when a congressional candidate,her mother and husband are threatened,and racist comment put out in public via a redneck flyer,those are the folks who get involved-and SOME of her answers drew applause-the best response came in my mind,was henry saying he believed in gun control—put TWO hands on that pistol when you shoot the intruder-and alans worst answer was probably who his mentor was–henry was very intelligent on issues asked,,and a good speaker–most lawyers are–although i am a nobody on the scale,when a candidate calls & e mails me asking for advice or talking points and i give it–makes one shy away when they ignore it but come back for more–i for one will vote in the general election for the best surviving conservative-and THAT is certainly not travis

  10. brenda keyes permalink
    May 6, 2010 3:09 pm

    I think if Angela McGlowan has PROOF from the FBI that Ross or Nunnelee is responsible for the horrid fliers she claims one of their campaigns passed out then she should provide that proof to the voters. Otherwise, she owes them both a public apology for slandering them with unsubstantiated accusations in the public forum she chose at the debate. I truly feel sorry for her that someone has chosen to stoop to this level, but I expected a more professional response from a candidate for US Congress.

  11. marmie permalink
    May 9, 2010 4:51 pm

    I mentioned that I was handed a flyer in Jackson 4/17. The picture of Angela was not distorted. She was handed flyers in Hernando, those pictures were not distorted. So she or her flunkies had almost 2 weeks to alter the flyer for the sympathy vote. I do not believe that any other candidate nor their supporters were involved. Just more free publicity for McGlowan.

    • Grizz permalink
      May 10, 2010 8:42 am

      the homeade flyer shown at tupelo debate had altered photo–MANY saw it-
      no-one mentioned jackson or hernando except you-since your hatefull remark calling her workers flunkies and accuses them of doing this,perhaps you should take your proof to authorities,who surely read this column also along with liberal trolls,and share with us the names of those doing it– your last comment shows your hatred to one candidate–you fear her so much because she may take a vote from ross–whom she already spoke with personaly on these and other matters-grow up–your jealousy
      is affecting your mental state.

      • marmie permalink
        May 10, 2010 4:23 pm

        I don’t doubt that there was an altered flyer, I question who is responsible for it. Why should I take anything to the “authorities”? I saw many of her workers, they acted more like flunkies than professionals.

        • Red permalink
          May 10, 2010 6:47 pm


          You better watch out Yankee Clipper will be on to defend Grizz and his honor. You also should stop being jealous of Kung Foo Shirley she might karate kick you. You know she is the best 14 year old kick boxer in Corinth.


          Your definition of hateful is so mild. But then again you do not remember bragging about your personal relationship with all three candidates either. You may want to check you mobile home for a gas leak your memory is for crap. That is living on the dole. Government check what a life.

          • Grizz permalink
            May 11, 2010 2:42 pm

            all you are good for is personal attacks and hatefull remarks.thats because you are just ignorant,of facts,and politics–grow up–

            p.s. mobile home? more uninformed ignorance–and as for kung foo shirley,why not try her out in the real to her face instead of going after a child on the internet–you are pathetic–of all the people on this site,all the hatefull remarks esp.towards a Congressional candidate,come from you two or 3-as for the racist flier that was shown to over 100 folks @ tupelo debate-so sorry you missed it,but,after all you few have seen it haven’t you? right when you made them–as for joe dirt,aka moira w**e,wonder why she got banned from Resistnet–and lost her D1 leadership–

        • Grizz permalink
          May 11, 2010 2:30 pm

          c’mon now charlotte,get into ur little eatery and have a bowl of humble soup–

          • marmie permalink
            May 12, 2010 11:03 am

            Ms Charlotte to you

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