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Friday Ramblings with Robert

Brits Go Conservative

Not sure if anyone really cares, but Parliament elections were held in Great Britain yesterday and the Labour Party was voted out of the majority and Conservatives now hold the most seats in a hung Parliament.  Conservatives will come up short of a full ruling majority due to all the parties that are represented there, but it is interesting to see our neighbors across the pond heading to the right politically speaking.  Conservatives there are by no means what we would consider Conservatives here in the US, but it is interesting to see the left (Labour) being voted out in favor of the right (Conservatives) over there.  Could this be a precursor of things to come for us over here in terms of our upcoming elections?   It very well could be a sign of things to come here as the disenchantment with Democrats here continues to grow.

My Take on MS-04

Brett looked at the two hotly contested GOP primary races in MS-01 and MS-04 this week and I thought I would offer my forecast on things as well since it is a hot topic.  I think down south in MS-04 will probably be the more interesting race out of the two in terms of overall suspense because it has been hard to get a good read either way on which way the district is leaning.  There is no doubt that both Joe Tegerdine and Steven Palazzo have a good base of support, but I have the feeling that Palazzo has an edge here.  I could be completely wrong, but I think Palazzo will win a closely contested primary race with Tegerdine.  I think both are very strong candidates and would do well against Gene Taylor considering the nature of elections this fall and Republicans really have nothing to lose in this district so either candidate would have a great shot to pull off an upset.  In the end I think Palazzo edges out Tegerdine for that chance at Taylor.

My Take on MS-01

The three-headed duel in the north of the state offers its own intrigue to the elections this year, but I’m not expecting anything earth shattering.  I see Alan Nunnelee, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan in that order when the primary results are counted.  I think Henry Ross poses the only formidable challenge to the clear frontrunner, Nunnelee.  I’m just not sure he is going to be able to get the votes to topple Nunnelee who has an extremely strong base and has good name recognition in the area as a result of his powerful leadership role in the Mississippi Legislature.  Nunnelee has played it safe the whole time and I do not think Ross or McGlowan have done anything to really set themselves apart and give them an edge to overcome Nunnelee in the primary.  I think Nunnelee wins the primary fairly, without a runoff, easily and moves on to focus on unseating Travis Childers.

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