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Post-Primary Advertising: Coming Soon

May 14, 2010
tags: blog
by Brett

Interested in running an ad on Majority In Mississippi?

Following the primary, we may or may not have open space for ads on the blog. Those who currently have a space have the option to renew after June 1 should they choose to do so. Right now, we are currently taking names for a waiting list for the possible openings. If you want to get your ad on here, be sure to right away.

I also want to point out that I will be changing up the ad options a little. We will now be offering two 300 x 300 Premium spots at the top of the blog (instead of a Premium and Standard) and then two 300 x 150 Standard spots (replacing what is now called Choice advertisements).

Here is the info on the rates: The top Premium spot is $60 for four weeks. The lower Premium spot is $50 for four weeks. The Standard spots are $25 for four weeks (will have a maximum of two Standard spots). We would also be happy to offer discounts for long term pricing through the November election.

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  1. Mississippi Elitist permalink
    May 14, 2010 10:02 am

    Brett your shameless peddling and bias toward those who have the money to pay for advertisement is getting old. I have been active on this site for about five months and I always enjoyed the fact that you put all of the time and effort into such a site FOR FREE. Now I just don’t know how to feel because you are going to be making a FORTUNE off of the ad space to the side of YOUR site. I just don’t know what to do knowing that you are profiting off of your work like this. Oh despair agony and shame.
    What are you planning to do, retire off of you income?
    Are you going to be a good person and give it all to Al Gore so that he can save the world?
    Which is it Brett your readers want to know?

  2. May 14, 2010 10:24 am

    Doubt I will be retiring off $50 a month, just nice little extra income to help pay for the football tickets. Considering the time I put into this, I prolly make .50 an hour when all is said and done. It is still free for you and everyone else, I am not exactly sure what your beef is. What has changed since the ads have been up? Since I have ads from Palazzo and Tegerdine- who am I peddling for in the Fourth? I have an ad from Ross- did I predict he will win the primary?

    I appreciate you and everyone else who comes to the site whether they actively comment or not. Without people following this site, I wouldn’t be able to get sponsors on board. Just think you’re way off here.

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      May 14, 2010 11:24 am

      What are you going to do to punish me? Put me in a chat room with Grizz, TPLII, & YC for two hours.
      Marmie is correct. It was all for joke.
      I don’t have a beef with you or this site. As a matter of fact I enjoy this site and its posters very much.
      However, I do have a beef with the people who criticize you for there candidate not buying the ad space.
      They need to get a grip.
      I believe that someone has complained that you were bias every time a new candidate goes up.
      I was just using the first comment on here to take a little jab at them not you.
      In the future I will try to keep my real beefs between me and the McGlowan fans and leave you out of them.
      Sorry for YOUR confusion……………that’s another joke.

      • May 14, 2010 11:33 am

        I should have figured it out. I guess having to hear it from the other folks I just assumed you were part of that crowd.

        • Mississippi Elitist permalink
          May 14, 2010 11:37 am

          Cool beans!

      • Yankee Clipper permalink
        May 16, 2010 2:39 am


        Perhaps a padded chat room all by yourself would by more than adequate punishment. LOL We are all our own worst enemy they say.

        I didn’t mind the cheap shot, I hope you don’t either. I particularly hope several of the others don’t take offense and rant and rave all over the place.

  3. marmie permalink
    May 14, 2010 10:32 am

    Brett, I read tongue in cheek from MS Elitist. not criticism, could be wrong.

  4. Mississippi Elitist permalink
    May 14, 2010 3:06 pm

    Hey Brett, if you want to really make your ad price pop you should go all McGlowan & Tegerdine all the time!
    Anything on either of them just pops.

    • LimaBean permalink
      May 15, 2010 7:22 am

      Now that’s funny right there… I don’t care who you are!

      Also Brett I do not think you charge enough for your ads. Jack em up cowboy this is (at least for the moment) a free market. Good job and thank you for your time and effort.

  5. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    May 16, 2010 9:19 am

    I think being a chat room with Grizz and ME alone would be the worst nightmare anyone could experience. I wonder if there is a market for horror blogging?

  6. fun2btan permalink
    May 16, 2010 9:52 pm

    I support free enterprise. After Joe Tegerdine wins, the money will roll in. TV spots will boost his national support. Brett, go ahead and make a little money, spend it wisely. :)
    I know this site is biased but I think that’s ok too. I just expect an occasional inadvertent strongly Palazzo statement or an obvious absence of Joe Tegerdine details. That is ok too. You have a right to free press, and Joe will fight to protect that for all of us.

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