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Pre-Primary Campaign Finance Numbers Are Released

With the June 1 primary fast approaching, candidates were required to submit there pre-primary campaign disclosures. Here is a look at where the candidates in the First and Fourth stand today. (Click on the candidate’s name to see the actual report in a PDF from the FEC website).

First District GOP Primary:

Alan Nunnelee- For the April 1- May 12 period, he raised almost $57,000. His operating expenditures totaled a little over $197,000 leaving him with about $150,000 cash on hand. What did he spend all that money on? In addition to standard things like signs, payroll, campaign strategy, etc., he spent about $20,000 on media production and another $100,000 on a media buy.

Henry Ross- Over that same period, he raised a little more than $16,000. His operating expenditures were around $51,000 giving him about $62,000 cash on hand at this time. One of the interesting contributions I saw with Ross came from Ralph Doxey, a former state legislator from Holly Springs.

Angela McGlowan- She raised around $49,000 during the same period. After spending about $63,000 she closed the period with about $1,400 cash on hand. Of the three MS-01 candidates, she certainly has the most out-of-state individual contributions as I would say they constitute probably half of her receipts this period. As for disbursements were seeing most of the regular items, except she spent a ton on security- probably close to $15,000 this period.

Note: Travis Childers raised about $40,000, spending around $35,000 which leaves him with a little more than $700,000 cash on hand.

Fourth District GOP Primary:

Steven Palazzo- He raised a little under $28,000 for the April 1- May 12 period. After spending around $54,000 he is now posting about $94,000 cash on hand. Of note, the campaign paid about $6,400 for a “survey of voter attitudes” (polling?) to The Terrance Group of Alexandria, Virginia.

Joe Tegerdine- During that same time, he posted around $27,500. He spent about $8,000 this period closing off with around $24,000 cash on hand. Percentage wise, I would say his campaign has more “Unitemized” (versus itemized) contributions than any of the other candidates I am looking at.

The two campaigns were both within a couple hundred dollars of each other for that period fundraising wise.

Note: Gene Taylor raised a little under $19,000 for this period while spending slightly more than $24,000. He currently has about $217,000 cash on hand.


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