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Friday Ramblings with Robert

June 4, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, Angela McGlowan, Gene Taylor, Henry Ross, Joe Tegerdine, MS-01, MS-04, Steven Palazzo, Travis Childers
by Robert

Primary Review

Well the much-anticipated primaries in MS-01 and MS-04 have come and gone and we now have a better idea of the match-ups we will see in November.  There is still a runoff to be held for the GOP candidate in MS-02, between Bill Marcy and Richard Cook, one will get to be the latest sacrificial lamb against Bennie Thompson.  The two headline races did not disappoint as both winners had tough battles to win the nod for November.  Alan Nunnelee did just enough to keep his numbers over the 50+1 threshold all night long with Henry Ross getting his fair share.  This race may have been considerably more interesting from a results standpoint had it just been Ross and Nunnelee.  I think you could easily put Angela McGlowan’s votes in with the Ross numbers and it really could have been interesting coming down to the wire.  Down south Steven Palazzo held on to take out Joe Tegerdine.  It was a competitive race and I think Tegerdine did a pretty respectable job for his first run at public office.  Palazzo’s built-in base was just too much to overcome in the end and no I do not think Gene Taylor supporters played any role in the outcome.

Sour Grapes

It is only natural to be upset and disappointed that your candidate did not win the primary and it is human nature.  I preached last week that nothing positive comes of demeaning your former opponent and I will reiterate this week.  Angela McGlowan should have kept her mouth shut if all she could manage was a backhanded comment toward Alan Nunnelee.  I have seen the reactions of Joe Tegerdine supporters on here and it is disturbing to see such a negative reaction to Palazzo winning.  Attitudes like this make you look stupid as you campaign for months saying you want Travis Childers or Gene Taylor out of office because they are liberal puppets and all of the sudden you are not willing to stay that course and support the only option to achieve that original goal.  When you divide the party you lose, plain and simple.

Moving Forward

I think you could flip a coin in MS-01 between Travis Childers and Alan Nunnelee to get a winner.  It is a true toss-up and the result will be dictated by who shows up to vote in November.  The turnout this week was really bad and I expect a lot of Democrats to stay at home in November as their interest is at a low.  There is a very real possibility that Nunnelee can win this race, but I expect it to be a dogfight.  The situation to the south in MS-04 is very different and I think Steven Palazzo will need some amazing support to pull off a major upset.  Gene Taylor is entrenched and has enough support from both sides to win easily, but Palazzo may be the best challenge he has had in a while in what could be a bad year to have a D next to your name.  These races should be interesting to follow over the coming months.

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  1. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    June 4, 2010 9:25 am

    Henry Ross ran a real grassroots campaign. He was out there everyday in the local Mom and Pop stores, going door to door and speaking at every possible local event. It got him 33% of the vote. Travis Childers ran a similar campaign and it won him the election last go around. Nunnelee does not run that same kind of campaign and unless he changes his tactics he will not win the rural areas of Mississippi. He shows up well dressed with an expensive hair cut and shoes and tends to have a small entourage with him. I hope he has some good people on his campaign team that will get him out doing stump speeches with his sleves rolled up. We need to beat Travis at his own game. Rural Mississippi is where it is at – conservative America at its best.

    • Mississippi Eiltist permalink
      June 4, 2010 9:43 am

      As to “Sour Grapes” well done Robert, very well said. If the Nunnelee or the Palazzo team would have lost and acted like the Ross and Tegerdine teams have then I can imagine the boasting and blasting that would have been given out by there supporters.
      Just read the backhanded comment above!
      I for one would not vote for Ross or Tegerdine to be a dog catcher after the last few days of childish activity from there camps. Part of being a leader is taking charge of things and telling everyone else to shut it down, it is over. Then you congratulate the winner and do what you can to help them win. If you fundamentally do not agree with the candidate then YOU WERE RUNNING FOR THE WRONG PARTY TICKET!

      • Tea Party Leader II permalink
        June 4, 2010 11:10 am

        I disagree with you about my comments being backhanded, They are meant to be constructive. We have a really tough race ahead of us and I am not the only person who feels that Childers will take the rural areas unless Nunnelee changes his campaign strategies. Nunnelee needs our support but saying everything he has done is just perfect will not help him win the race. Honesty is what is needed or sit by and watch Tarvis for another two years.

        I also take offense that you say the Ross supporters are bad loosers. There have been some really nasty things done by the Nunnelee people that neither Ross or his campaign members have even mentioned. In a race that is as competitive as the one is District 1 there are always some people that get out of hand and pull dirty tricks like in one county where all the Ross signs were stolen and the ones that remained had Nunnelee painted on them. That is just to name one thing that happened I heard about. Ease up on your sensitive nerve – Nunnelee won and needs real help and honesty to win against Childers.

        • Yallpintern permalink
          June 4, 2010 11:25 am

          You have no way of knowing Nunnelee was behind any of that. Plus you refer to multiple dirty tricks but only mention one, that is in all likelyhood not even connected to Nunnelee.

          • Tea Party Leader II permalink
            June 4, 2010 11:30 am

            I did not say that Nunnelee was – I said Nunnelee supporters. You sure jumped on that – maybe you know something about it.

          • Yallpintern permalink
            June 4, 2010 11:37 am

            Sorry, I’m not a criminal. And Id appreciate if you not accuse me of being one. I consider it libel and do not take any type of libel lightly.

        • Mississippi Elitist permalink
          June 4, 2010 11:26 am

          My point is that SOME of the Ross and McGlowan supporters did some nasty and backhanded things as well. I have not heard Nunnelee mention any of those things done to him. Have you? I don’t think so.
          Let’s do make sure Tarvis looses.
          A good start would be for you to join me in going to the areas where we saw that Nunnelee not do so well and start spreading the GOOD word ourselves and stop with the bad stuff. I am working in the areas near me where I saw that he did not do well so you start working the areas near you where he did not do well. I am sure that there must be some rural areas near you where you can get the word out.
          Comments like “He shows up well dressed with an expensive hair cut and shoes and tends to have a small entourage with him” only benefit Tarvis. I think you know that.
          Furthermore I do not think Mr. Nunnelee would garner a lot of votes if he showed up to speak to the people of Dist.1 with long unkempt hair, no shoes, and poorly dressed with dirty clothes on.
          I think you know that as well!
          I expect a professional look from a man running for Congress.

          • Tea Party Leader II permalink
            June 4, 2010 11:35 am

            ME – you are right on with that comment. That is my point. We need to address the issues and get a concise plan to offset those issues. I am not sure what I can do with these eyes I have but will get out – I live in a rural area – and talk to the people at my church and the Vets that I see regularly. Most them were for Ross but I think can be influenced.

        • Grizz permalink
          June 4, 2010 12:53 pm

          what nasty things did nunnelee supporters do? please publicaly tell us all in here–

          • Tea Party Leader II permalink
            June 4, 2010 2:38 pm

            Just told you about one of them. People get carried away and do things that they haven’t done since 6th grade during elections. Whenever I tried to discuss Ross on this site, the Nunnelee supporters jumped on me like a bunch of cayotes. Does that make Nunnelee a bad person or does that make you all bad – no to either one. If someone fixed a poll or an area – that is serious stuff and should be held accountable for that. The rest is petty – have been in the world too long to worry about the small stuff.

  2. INDEPNMS permalink
    June 4, 2010 9:29 am

    Robert: We appreciate your comments. If MS01 will set aside their sour grapes as you and I have said, the November election would not be a coin toss. Folks, please!, Please!, think about what you have done to get to this point. We must focus on the central objective. Don’t let your efforts go to waste by focusing on the squabbles and thus losing the battle. We need each and everyone of you who have worked in good faith for either Ross and Mcglowan to join with Nunnelee. We realize that no candidate is perfect, but we must focus on the greater cause. Voter turnout was light this June, so please help get out the turn out this November! Our concerns are of a greater common cause than any differences we have. Lets make this coin toss something we can take to the bank. Unite. Remember in November.

  3. Grizz permalink
    June 4, 2010 9:33 am

    Angela McGlowan,whom i once personaly supported,and Henry Ross to whom i donated a small amount to twice,both showed their true classless crying baby syndrome in losing a hard fought race-one bashing Nunnelee personaly,one not conceeding shows the true colors of both. God i am glad i switched my support to the one who actually DID run a clean honorable Campaign–Sen. Nunnelee
    will do just fine representing our Red State.

  4. Liberty permalink
    June 4, 2010 10:25 am


    You scold McGlowan for a “backhanded comment”, and follow that with your own backhanded comment about Tegerdine supporters looking stupid. I’m not sure what you think that statement will accomplish other than furthering the divide.
    There has been a huge misunderstanding about many (not all) of the Tegerdine supporters. Many of us don’t believe that simply getting rid of Democrats and replacing them with Republicans is the answer. We have learned that it really doesn’t matter because in most cases they are more alike than not. Our goal was to seek out principled, citizen’s who were willing to serve, and then work our butts off to get them elected. Joe was not simply picked because he was available. He was thoroughly vetted. Yes 99.9% of us are political novices who up until this point thought that by simply voting we had done our civic duty. We now know that we need to get involved much earlier in the process if we wanted things to change. We are tired of getting to the voting booth and having to choose between crappy choice A and crappy choice B. I can’t speak for everyone else but when Palazzo first entered the race and me knowing nothing of him my mindset was that hopefully after June 1st we would all be working together one way or another. After having the opportunity to meet Palazzo the politician, I was disappointed. He simply is not the type of candidate we were looking for. We will not support a candidate simply because he has an R behind his name.

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      June 4, 2010 11:11 am

      Maybe your candidate should have ran with a I by his name and not an R.

  5. mspolitics82 permalink
    June 4, 2010 10:38 am

    Robert, sometimes it takes a little while to get over some of the things that were done to and said about your candidate by the other candidate that were just not true…especially when they were done in the name of “politics”, as the other candidate has said on camera. Also, Phil Bryant’s remarks just before election day that implied that Joe Tegerdine is NOT “one of us” did more damage than can be recouped in just a few days. Now, if some people were to apologize to show some character, it might make a difference. But, to expect Tegerdine’s followers to jump for joy at the way things happened the last few weeks of the campaign is expecting a little too much. Time heals some people, but some it won’t. So, you see, it isn’t the “sore loser” complex that’s going on here as some probably think…Joe himself hasn’t said a word about the actions that have been done, but we supporters just aren’t that “nice and respectable” I guess to overlook it. You don’t slap someone in the face today and expect them to come over for supper three nights later.

  6. Scott permalink
    June 4, 2010 11:28 am

    I am glad Joe is not a party puppet and is honest about what he believes. There were things done by the Palazzo team that go beyond aggressive campaigning and the only reason they aren’t out there is because Joe did not want the election to be marred by scandal. He did not want anything to get out that would further divide conservatives after the election and has chosen to work things out privately. I have a lot of respect for the way he is handling himself because I know I wouldn’t have tolerated it.

    • Reality permalink
      June 4, 2010 5:08 pm

      Yeah, the tegerdine supporters are quick to mention at every single opportunity they can these alleged “unspoken” things that Palazzo supposedly did.

      And then they are quick to mention they can’t go into any specifics or give any proof because of how great a guy Joe is and the high road…blah blah blah.

      Congratulations. You’ve deluded yourself into thinking that you aren’t slinging mud, while in the process of slinging mud at every opportunity.

      The reality is that tegerdine supporters can’t offer any proof of any claim, or even make a specific claim, because there is nothing to make one against.

      Palazzo ran a straightforward, honest campaign. and he beat tegerdine handily.

      Old joe and his supporters can whine and make subtle thinly veiled vague roundabout accusations of some “unspoken” accusations all they want.

      Because, quite frankly, it’s all they can do. They certainly can’t make a factual claim, and they certainly can’t just take the actual high road and congratulate the man for winning and wish him good luck moving forward.

      • mspolitics82 permalink
        June 4, 2010 8:10 pm

        They are not unspoken, and how many times does that have to be said for you to catch on to the truth…..don’t you read all of these articles/posts. If you did, you would know the “proof’s in the puddin” .

  7. Tea Party Leader II permalink
    June 4, 2010 12:00 pm


    You don’t scare me buddy. I eat people like you for breakfast. Me thinks thou doth protest too much!!!!!!

    • Yallpintern permalink
      June 4, 2010 12:32 pm

      Are you serious? It’s people like you who make the GOP look bad

      • Tea Party Leader II permalink
        June 4, 2010 12:40 pm

        Again!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm – you are really concerned – you keep digging in deeper I think we have found us a troll

        • Yallpintern permalink
          June 4, 2010 12:51 pm

          What are you talking about?

        • Grizz permalink
          June 4, 2010 1:21 pm

          get out the spray

    • Grizz permalink
      June 4, 2010 1:16 pm

      Daddy–troll alert–

      • Yallpintern permalink
        June 4, 2010 1:33 pm

        I’m sorry, but I just don’t know what y’all are talking about? A troll? Spray me? Why do y’all resort to name calling and belittleing me? Let’s go back to what we were talking about from the get-go. You guys make it sound like Nunnelee should apologize for something out of his controll. Accuse him of dirty tricks but have zero proof to back that up. My neighbor had a Nunnelee sign at his house, but one day it was gone and replaced by a Ross sign. That doesn’t mean Ross owes my neighbor an apology. The criminal who stole his sign and vandalized his yard does.

        You guys accuse a helluva a lot. Maybe instead of point fingers, you should get out and get people behind te winning candidate.

        • Mississippi Elitist permalink
          June 4, 2010 3:35 pm

          I think everyone on here except TPLII knows that you are not a troll.
          I will respond to TPLII’s childish statement with one of my own, TPLII it takes one to know one!

          • Tea Party Leader II permalink
            June 4, 2010 4:06 pm

            Gotta love ya ME!!!!!

      • Tea Party Leader II permalink
        June 4, 2010 2:25 pm

        Anyone who worries so much as he does is definitely worried about us finding out who he really is behind. Don’t worry son Grizz, I the spray ready,

  8. princess sophia permalink
    June 4, 2010 12:32 pm

    Mississippi elitist…shove off. Maybe he should have run with an I behind his name? What a dolt.
    Thanks to palazzo an over the counter drug now requires a prescription, but only in Mississippi. That isn’t the kind of law a real conservative writes or champions. He’s a CONservative. Even Taylor isn’t enough of an idiot to pass something like that. Unfortunately for steve I vote based on ideology and I just can’t get beyond something like that. As for all of the veiled accusations on these boards? I ignore things like that until there’s an investigation I can read about or pictures or video it’s nonexistant.

    It’s nice to see that you know a few letters in the alphabet, now why don’t you try to learn a little about principles, ideology etc.

    Many of us will vote the way we see fit because of principles and ideology. I would rather stand with people like that than kneel with those who pray to the mighty (and apparently very collectivist) “R”

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      June 4, 2010 1:18 pm

      Calm down a bit there my PS friend. If you don’t we are going to have to put an M between the P and the S.
      I am just saying that if you despise those “who pray to the mighty R” maybe your candidate should not have ran for THEIR ticket. The people that you are blasting today are the very people that you were courting a week ago.
      Now you should learn a bit about the word hypocrite. Once you have learned the definition of the word you can join the rest of in knowing that you are one.

    • Dontreadonme permalink
      June 5, 2010 12:02 am

      PS I cannot believe that you support METH COOK’S right to obtain their key ingredient. How dare anyone want to control this ingredient? PS you been cooken?

      • princess sophia permalink
        June 5, 2010 7:39 am

        I support punishing the criminals not the rest of society. See your collectivist Taylor side is coming out again. This must be cozy for you because you can do it for both collectivists in the race. Right up till you vote for Taylor. Nice.

        • Dontreadonme permalink
          June 5, 2010 7:56 am

          I agree, there must be a better way. I am not sure how we can attack METH Cooks. I am open to any suggestions. I just cannot stand to see people ruin their lives on the stuff.

          • Grizz permalink
            June 5, 2010 8:38 am

            since you are open to ANY suggestion,here is one from Grizz–

            STOP THE OIL LEAK FIX-
            take all the illegals and meth cooks and shove them down the oil pipe–WALLA!! no more leak

  9. princess sophia permalink
    June 4, 2010 2:02 pm

    Now I know what an R tard is.

    My complaint is with the knuckle heads down here in district 4 and that dork Phil Bryant. I’ll busting my butt to keep him out next year.

    As Palazzo said mississippibelitist it’s just politics so deal with it. I didn’t really expect support out of Palazzo and I don’t expect you to get it either.

    I’ll make no apologies to you or anyone. I’m not a collectivist like ewe. You’re definitely one of herd.

    I noticed that you found some more letters to use. Now why don’t you work on grammer too. Maybe he should have ran? Dude! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

    • Mississippi Elitist permalink
      June 4, 2010 2:24 pm

      Xquse mi gramer pleze iz so sury bout dat.
      It is obvious that you are very emotional right now PmS so I will give you some space to pout about your recent a$$ whoopin’.

  10. princess sophia permalink
    June 4, 2010 2:31 pm

    The republicans of district 4 kicked their own butts. All I have to do now is sit back and laugh.

    • LimaBean permalink
      June 4, 2010 6:48 pm

      PS While you are laughing please remember what most of us are fighting for. Doing nothing is the same as promoting the Obama agenda. You may as well join Pelosi’s party because it amounts to the same thing.

      • princess sophia permalink
        June 5, 2010 7:49 am

        Wrong! It doesn’t work that way. I’m quite pleased to announce that I think for myself and when someone trys to use emotions to drive me one direction I stop and begin thinking it through. I put the brakes on. I’m not going to replace Taylor with someone who I suspect is going to be much worse.

        Claims have been made that Taylors peeps didn’t play any role in this election. I can see November from my porch. Because of the rather sudden shift in the tone of these posts coming from your side you can see it too. I particularly appreciate the ones who used to be for Joe, but regret it. LOL Dat’s ole skool.

        It’s time for me to move on to other things now. There are other races I can work on. Taylors most annoying trait is voting for Pelosi. If she’s gone he can’t do that again. I’ll shift the balance of congress through other races since the district 04 morons screwed up their one chance.

        • June 5, 2010 9:33 am

          The morons in district 4?

          You’re showing your true colors and if you talk like that your time on here is about up….

  11. travis permalink
    June 5, 2010 11:29 am

    censorship here we come…

    • June 5, 2010 12:57 pm

      Assuming that was directed at me, you are free to say whatever on you want….on a blog YOU run.

      • Grizz permalink
        June 5, 2010 5:02 pm

        @Brett- now THAT was funny

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