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Gene Taylor Gears Up Re-Election Campaign

June 9, 2010

Rep. Gene Taylor spoke with the Sun Herald on Monday about several issues, including the upcoming campaign with state Rep. Steven Palazzo. Here are some of the highlights from that piece:

- Taylor said his “20 years of campaigning and getting to know voters” who make up MS-04 would give him the edge over Palazzo.

- Taylor said he believes the low turnout in last week’s primary shows a lack of interest on the Republican side: “The fact that very few people, even in the winner’s home box, took the time to vote… I do take that as a good sign. If I had seen 100,000 people vote in the Republican primary, I would have looked at this thing differently than 25,000 people.”

- Taylor made a couple notes on the name ID factor, which he obviously has a big lead on over Palazzo at this point.

- Taylor did, however, add that he wasn’t taking the race lightly: “I have never taken anything for granted and won’t take anything for granted this time.”

- About his vote for Nancy Pelosi, Taylor maintained that he supports her because of her promise to support the multi-peril bill Taylor has championed since Katrina. He said if she breaks that promise, they he would “certainly not be voting for her.”

- Taylor said he “intends to offer” Palazzo the opportunity for a debate during the campaign.

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  1. poohbear permalink
    June 9, 2010 4:52 pm

    Palazzo won’t have much choice but to accept any debate offer Taylor extends……that flimsy “my schedule won’t permit it” excuse ain’t gonna float like it did in the primary–Taylor will make sure of that.

  2. mspolitics82 permalink
    June 11, 2010 12:40 am

    Okay…what am I missing here? Taylor says he supports Pelosi because of her promise to support one of Taylor’s one-handfull of legislation pieces in 20 years in Congress….okay, let’s see…she said back in 2005 (not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 years ago) that she supported this legislation…. Has this legislation become law? Has Pelosi cut a deal with Reid to get this to pass in the Senate? Oh, I know, Gene, she is trying, right? I mean, after all, it’s only been 5 years….these things take time, right? Gene, give it up, and go home to stay, please….don’t you have enough in your Congressional retirement account, yet?

  3. honesthank permalink
    June 11, 2010 9:47 pm

    I have tried five times to get Gene Taylor to debate these guys he will not. He is a coward. He voted for the Health Care. He lied about that. His voting record with Pelosi is 84,6% missed 5% that is 89.6% that leaves 10.4% then he calls himself a blue dog Conv. He is a lair. He don’t have the guts to accept my challenge. He a dog that for sure. A yellow dog. I sent him a challenge before Steve won asking him to debate the winner he didn’t have the guts to respond. This is what I sent to him ” I will even send you a copy of the question that I will ask you, so that you know there will not be trick questions. But I will have no control over the question that the people there will as. To make sure it is up front I will allow you to call on the people there for questions to make sure there are not plants like Obama does.

    But like I said he is a coward. Anyone voting for him does not love America. They to will help destory America. Like I said he has supported Pelosi, Reid and Obama 84.6% of the time for the year and half since they took over. Think about when things stared going to hell in 2007 who took over in 2006 liberals took over the House and Senate. Also think about the over 200,000 bodies our troops have un-covered in Iraq how many more if Bush had not did what he did. You liberals bitch about how Cuba, China, and Iran treat their people but don’t give a care about those over 200,000 are how many more So Damn Insane would have KILLED. Go ahead and keep Talyor and the last think I want you liberal see as you enter the gates of hell is all the babies faces you have help kill. Henry Foreman

  4. honesthank permalink
    June 11, 2010 9:58 pm

    About his vote for health care this is how he did it. When a bill comes out of committee they a yes or no vote. A no vote helps kill the bill but your great lair Taylor voted yes to allow the bill to go forward. That is a vote for the Obama un-healthy care bill. So you see Taylor is a lair as I said.

    Ask you wonder boy about the Obama, Reid, his girl Pelosi’s Union (where he gets most of his money to run Campaign UNIONS AND NOT FROM MS.)
    Cadillac Health Care Plan that you and I don’t get. Ask him why they don’t have to use the same Health Care Plan that you and I have to use.

  5. honesthank permalink
    June 11, 2010 10:16 pm

    Let me tell you a little about Steve Palazzo poopbear he does what we hired him to do in Jackson. He is a Congressman. He is also in the Nat. Guard. Which Gene Taylor was to much of a coward to do so. Gene Taylor was the one that would not debate anyone. Mr. Palazzo is an Ex Marine. Me. Palazzo does not support anyone like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Kerry, Frank the Clintons and all liberals that believes in killing babies. Gene Taylor supports all of these people. The Bible tells us we have to take responsible for our own actions. If you vote for these people you are as guilty as they are for what they do. For you helped them get in office. You are guilty for every baby they kill. I don’t care how he votes on issues he support these poeple that pass these laws that kill babies they allow men to marry men and women to marry women. So he is as guilty as they are that makes you as guilty as Taylor for putting him in office. You can not be a Chiristian and vote for these people. Going to Church does not make you a Chiristan any more that going in you garage make you a car.

  6. Dontreadonme permalink
    June 14, 2010 12:03 am

    Taylor’s time ticks away.

  7. MAE SMITH permalink
    October 25, 2010 5:41 pm

    Mr Taylor Please vote to stop all spending in DC WE THE PEOPLE do not want any more. Spending is way out of hand and will bring a down fall to our nation. It dose not require a master mind to know if you have 600.00 worth of income coming in you can not spend 800.00. In our constitution it starts WE THE PEOPLE not only Mississippians but our whole country. If we, do not make a stand this election we will be headed for socialism it is time to STOP. We have made huge mistakes so lets hump up and take it. I pray that you will not rest until we all can turn this country around and get back to our basics. It is time that Washington knows we do not support them. It must be now that we all realize that under the table deals for each state is wrong. We are now with our lives back up to the wall.Mr Taylor it is now a fact that WE THE PEOPLE must now make a stand. It is no longer in Washington you help me and I help you. We are in this all together. God will deal with us all if we do not turn our country around.

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