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The Campaign Lull

June 11, 2010
by Brett

We had a ton of coverage on the MS-01 and MS-04 primaries for the month or two preceding the June 1 elections, as you would expect. There were a lot of developments, people were paying close attention (from all over the country not just in Mississippi), and coverage from the mainstream media was at its peak (up until this point).

Now we have a different story. Yes, the winners have been chosen and the field is set for November, but we are now entering a lull period or what is described as the dog days of summer. Campaign events will still go on. Money will be raised, candidates will continue to have events or make appearances, and shake as many hands as possible.

That said, the real races won’t heat up until Labor Day. It is true Neshoba will bring us some mid-summer political fireworks, but it will be September before the electorate is really engaged. At that point we will also have a good sense of if the Democratic incumbents in the First and Fourth are overcoming the anti-Democratic wave. Or if that wave has faded at all making for a potentially less hostile electorate.

We will continue to do our best to provide the most complete information available on the races throughout the summer even if there is just not a whole lot of information out there.

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