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Childers Camp Blast Nunnelee and Their Internal Polling

June 15, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, MS-01, polling, Travis Childers
by Brett

The internal polling released by the Alan Nunnelee campaign was first reported on Hotline, and have also made its way to other national political outfits including Real Clear Politics and CQ Politics. In the CQ Politics, they got a response from Brad Morris, Travis Childers’ senior advisor, on what their side thinks of the poll results.

Morris called it a “questionable political poll” and said people “want to hear about jobs.”

He also took the time to make two points that are very questionable at best: “Instead of talking about suspicious polls, Alan Nunnelee should explain why he wants to privatize Social Security and why he keeps raising our taxes after 15 years in the legislature.”

I challenge Morris to show me (and everyone else) a statement where Nunnelee said he wants to “privatize Social Security.” Honestly, I am surprised the Childers camp went in this direction. They are generally pretty disciplined relying on the likes of the DCCC and Mississippi Democratic Party to do their dirty work while Childers uses taxpayer money to have non-campaign campaign events at various facilities throughout the district (when he’s not busy sending out taxpayer funded emails letting us know about the great work he is doing in Washington).

Secondly, Morris ought to know Childers has been doing his own polling. How about they release the results to dispute what Nunnelee is putting out there? The only reason they wouldn’t is if they don’t want you to see what is inside.

For their next line of attacks against Nunnelee, the Childers camp would be well advised to come up with their own material rather than relying on the DCCC.

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  1. Nochilders permalink
    June 15, 2010 4:04 pm

    Will Childers vote for the newest stimulus package Obama has asked for?

  2. Mississippi Elitist permalink
    June 15, 2010 4:12 pm

    Only if boss Pelosi tells him to!
    Seriously though his website brags about how the last Chicom loan money is what has our economy “booming”. Go figure. In his mind that is a good thing. Now let’s talk about jobs seeing as according to his camp that is what “we” want to talk about.

  3. Nochilders permalink
    June 15, 2010 4:21 pm

    If Childers goes after Nunnelee he looks desperate and angry. He should be the one who is above the fray. Looks like Nunnelee is in a good position. Nunnelee is a strong candidate and if the above comments are the best they can come up with good for Nunnelee. I hope someone other than Nunnelee will take care of painting Childers as the Washington insider he has become. Pelosi’s Puppet and Barney’s Buddy.

    • RileyDad permalink
      June 15, 2010 8:07 pm

      Very good point. If Childers is attacking Nunnallee at this point, he’s on shaky grounf

  4. tom permalink
    June 15, 2010 4:38 pm

    Sounds like Childers is a little nervous!

  5. Nochilders permalink
    June 15, 2010 8:18 pm

    The worst thing at this point Childers could do would be to use his experience. It is never good when people say things are worse than when Carter was president. Regardless if Childers is a conservative democrat he is still a democrat. Linking Childers to Obama, Pelosi, and an enormous debt problem may be the best amunition in the race.

  6. honesthank permalink
    June 16, 2010 1:27 pm

    Here you have a jerk that goes to Al. hires a firm to poll Ms. don’t like what the poll show. Want post it on the internet. Then talks about someone else. This so called blue dog with and 84% voting record with Obama, Pelosi. This jerk that takes handouts everytime Pelosi gives it to time. This jerk that take money for Unions that gets the Cad. Health Care that you don’t get. This jerk that gets the best of Health Care in the world that will not have to live unded the same sorry health care that is going to destroy America. Has the guts to talk about someone else. As him about the poll from Al. why they did not post it in Ms. What did it show? How bad he is doing in Ms.? I did get a copy of it. If they don’t post it by next week I will.

  7. honesthank permalink
    June 16, 2010 1:35 pm

    I still want someone that keeps saying Childres is a consevative. Wiht an 84% voting record with Pelosi and missed over 2% just of the vote. That is an over 86% Liberal voting record is 14% make him consevative? What if a CONSEVATION VOTED ONLY 14 % with his party you people would be on him like stink on a dog’s waste. I hate it when people live in a two face world. You don’t seem to know which mouth to talk out of. Are which face to sit on just like Obama. Sit on his face are his butt. Most of the time he talks out both of them at the same time.

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