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MS Democrats: We Are The Party of The Big Tent

June 16, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, Angela McGlowan, Mississippi Democrats, MS-01, Organizing for America
by Brett

In an email to supporters titled “A Day of Action,” Mississippi Democratic Party officials wanted to let supporters know that June 26 has been designated as the Mississippi Day of Action where the MDP is partnering with Obama’s campaign arm Organizing for America to reach out to first-time voters from 2008. Through canvassing or phone banks, they are hoping to encourage those voters to come back to the polls in November. In the announcement, the MDP refereed to themselves as “the party of the Big Tent.”

What does Scott Bounds think about that tent?

Nunnelee meets with McGlowan. Alan Nunnelee posted on Facebook that he met with Angela McGlowan on Monday. This comes three days after McGlowan changed her mind and endorsed Nunnelee. Nunnelee said this: “I appreciate both Angela and Henry Ross for their support and their willingness to join in with our efforts to ensure that we have a congressman who will hold Obama and Nancy Pelosi accountable.”

Last word on Nunnelee’s internal polling. The one thing that I take away from the internal poll that Nunnelee’s camp released is that the primary was beneficial to Nunnelee. I had previously opined that a primary wouldn’t do the Republicans any good, but I don’t believe that to be the case today. The primary helped Nunnelee increase his name ID (almost entirely in a positive manner) through paid advertising and media. I believe the GOP wouldn’t have received as much media attention if there was not a competitive primary. The press (especially the Daily Journal and Commercial Appeal) are extremely valuable and the best, free way to get your name out there. As for paid advertising, I believe that is still the best way period to introduce yourself to voters. Nunnelee did pay a lot for the primary, but he did so wisely. His ads did not blast his primary opponents, but were general election focused as his entire campaign was. There looks to be little if any division among GOPers and that may be the best news for the challenger.

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  1. honesthank permalink
    June 16, 2010 3:03 pm

    Yes first time voters if you want to become baby killers got ahead and join the Obama’s Pelosi’s and Thompson’s of the United States. Just look at their record. But if you are like most liberals you are to stupid to look at the record and just just follow what they say. You are to stupid to read and find out for yourselves what the issues are. Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than going outside make you the sun are rain. God said you are responsible for you actions. Vote for a baby killer are are responsible for every law they pass killing babies. The day of voting for someone just because they belong to one party are the other should have passed. Both the Dem. and Reps. are so crooked they all need to be replaced. Thompson has a 100% voting record with the liberals. What this should tell you is that he never reads anything before signing it. If he can read at all. The only time these sorry asses that vote for him see his sorry ass is when he runs for office. Don’t go to Church on Sunday and act like you belong there for you don’t if you vote for him. For you can’t vote for him being a baby killer for that make you a baby killer.

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