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Friday Ramblings with Robert

June 18, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, Angela McGlowan, Barack Obama, Barney Frank, MS-01, Toyota North Mississippi, Travis Childers, Vuvuzelas
by Robert

Toyota Moves Forward

Toyota Motor Co. made the announcement yesterday that they would begin to produce the Toyota Corolla at their plant that has been under construction while production was TBA in Blue Springs, MS.  They expect to have cars rolling off the lines by the fall of 2011 and the plant will create 2,000 jobs directly and potentially more than double that when you figure in suppliers who will need to hire workers to supply the plant.  This is great news for the northeast part of our state as it looked like they would never produce anything at the site after the economic downturn and all the recent troubles they have had.  The impact that this plant and all of its connections from suppliers to the  Ole Miss Center for Manufacturing Excellence will be a major benefit to the entire region of the state.

Partying With Barney

Congressman Travis Childers should really keep an eye on who he parties with in Washington.  I know that it is customary for other reps to have fundraisers for their colleagues, but where do you draw the line.  Travis Childers has campaigned and constantly told us how conservative of a Democrat he was.  He walks around with guns in his ads and tells us he is a friend of the military and that he wants to protect the unborn as he touts himself as pro-life.  He does all of that here at home in Mississippi where he knows it will play well and sound good.  Then he has the audacity to have Barney Frank (D-Mass.) host a fundraiser for him to raise money to continue to tell us all those great things he is here in Mississippi.  How can you truly believe the morals and principles  of a man who thinks it is o.k. to associate himself with someone in Frank who has voted against legislation for partial-birth abortion (Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act), voted against legislation to ban protesting at military funerals (Respect For America’s Fallen Heroes Act), and someone who should be bearing the responsibility of the banking and housing crisis that have come under his watch as he looked the other way.  Childers should have respectfully declined the offer of Frank hosting a fundraiser for him, but he instead decided to a be money whore and rub elbows with one of the most liberal members of Congress.  The point here is to stand up for who you really are and stand on those principles and not teeter on the edge to try and make everyone happy.

Early Polling Reaction

The early polling numbers with analysis and reaction were covered pretty heavily this week here and all those combined make things interesting in MS-01.  The most telling thing from it all is the stance that the Travis Childers camp has taken on it.  The numbers show him losing to Alan Nunnelee and the best comeback they have is to say people want to hear about jobs and Alan Nunnelee wanting to privatize Social Security.  A complete deflection of the topic at hand and a clear indicator of blood in the water and don’t believe for a minute that they are too dumb to not have some numbers of their own.  Things sure don’t look good for Childers as they try to dodge the polling numbers, but maybe he can use some of that money from the Barney Frank Fundraiser to convince us why he is such a great candidate on t.v. again.

Loose Ends

I have to give some praise to Angela McGlowan for stepping up and endorsing Alan Nunnelee in his bid to unseat Travis Childers.  I have been hard on her and was last week, but am happy to see her make this move after the dust is settled.

I would also like to thank the President for coming down to Mississippi and boosting the local coast economy with his purchase at the snow-cone stand.

I’m not sure how many soccer fans we have here, but if you have had the opportunity to watch any of the World Cup you have no doubt heard the loud buzzing of vuvuzela horns at all the games all the time.  Since it is all the rage right now I thought I would offer you the opportunity to enjoy reading this blog with the sounds of the vuvuzela horns.

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