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Bill Marcy Wins GOP Nomination in MS-02

June 22, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Bill Marcy, MS-02, Richard Cook
by Brett

Bill Marcy has been declared the winner in the Republican primary runoff in the Second District. With 82 percent of the precincts reports, Marcy has about 59 percent of the vote compared to 41 percent for 2008 nominee Richard Cook. Marcy will face Rep. Bennie Thompson in the fall, and obviously be a heavy underdog in the D+12 district Thompson has represented since 1993.

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  1. honesthank permalink
    June 23, 2010 2:54 pm

    Yes he (Bill Marcy) will have a hugh uphill battle. The last time someone wanted to end SLAVERY a war between the states broke out. That was still goes on today. Not as much between Whites and Blacks as it does with the Damn-a rats keeping poor people poor so that they can keep telling them lies about what they are doing for them. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE ME WRONG. JUST ONE OF YOU LIBERALS LIVING OFF THE GOV. THAT IS TO SORRY TO WORK FOR A LIVING THAT IS ABLE, THAT HAS BEEN LIVING OFF THE GOV. ALL YOUR SORRY LIVES THAT HAS NEVER PAID ANYTHING INTO THE GOV. (But have been thought by people like Thompson how to get things from the gov.) (that really think that everything in life is free, the ones of you that never stop and think of all the men, and women that gave up their lives for your sorry asses)THAT THINK THE GOV. OWNS YOU ALIVING, JOBS, FOOD, A CAR, EVERYTHING ELSE YOU ARE TO SORRY TO GET OUT AND WORK FOR, TELL ME WHAT HAS THE GOV. EVERY DONE FOR YOU IN THE LAST 50 YEARS. BUT KEEP YOU POOR UNDER THERE THEIR LIBERAL SLAVERY? Not all these give away. But you, and you along. How offten do you see This So call friend of yours Bennie Thompson, only the next time he wants your vote. Go ahaed and die broke. Go ahead and die with nothing more than what is on your back. Thanks to the likes of Bennie Thompson, Obama, Reid, Pelosi. and the rest of the baby killing liberals. If you vote to keep these people in office you are as guilty are more so than they are for putting them in office year after year.

    Bennie Thompson voting record. Illegal immigration 100% supporing (taking your jobs away from you.

    Abroting 100% killing babies (babies that has not chance to say what they want) You too are guilty of this for you votes put this liberal jackass in office.

    Taxing 100% every time a tax bill comes up supported by liberals Bennie Thompson has voted for it. (do you like what you are paying in taxes? If so keep voting for this baby killer illegal loving tax crazy nut)

    He has voted himself a raise everytime it comes up. You low income people they like to call you, (I like to call you poor ! But good ole Bennie just voted himself a great big raise. (He want go without, but you sure will)

    Health Care thats where you want to beleive it are not is going to destroy America. If you can’t get that through you stupid heads then you need to vote for these people that does not have to live under the same life taking health care that you have to live under. Bennie Thompson, Gene Taylor, Travis Childres made sure they kelp the greatest health care in the world for themselves. Also they made a deal with Satan himself the UNIONS to have what is called the Cadillac deal of health care. Bennie Thompson gets a lot of his money from these same Uni0n.

    Cap and Tax one more tax that is hidden in something they are afraid to call it what it really is.

    Abortion is in this so called health care bill. They call it Community Services. What is Community Services? Community Services is Planned Parenthood.
    (suppoted by Bennie Thompson, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Taylor and 99% of all the liberal’s in DC. ) Gene Talyor will lie when he say’s I did not vote for that health care bill. (Here is how he did it, he can’t lie out of it, it is on his voting record. When a bill comes out of committee they have a yes are no vote. A no vote helps kill the bill. This so called destroy American un-halthy noncaring bill. (over 80% of the American peole did not want it.) Gene (the lair) Talyor vote yes to allow the bill to bcome law. He could have vote no to kill the bill. His yes vote was a vote for this sorry so call Obama health care bill. If Gene Taylor are any of his people has the guts to call me on this let’s get it on. There are so many more lies I would love to get Thompson, Taylor or and Childres to face me with on any radio are tv show if they think so dumb country boy can’t make as ass out of them with first their voting record then with their owns words I SAY BRING IT OWN YOU THREE LIFE TIME LIBERALS. OH IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I CALL TAYLOR AND CHILDRES LIBERLS THEY BOTH HAVE OVER AND 84% VOITING RECORD WITH PELOSI AND OBAMA WITH ABOUT 5% MISSED VOTES THAT GIVE THEM ABOUT 89% VOTING WITH LIBERALS. NEXT QUESTION! IF YOU TWO FACE CRY BABY BACKSTABBING AMERICAN HATTIING SAW THAT A CONSERVATIVE SAID THEY WERE A LIBERAL THEY YOU FOUND OUT THEIR VOTING RECORD WAS 84% WITH THE CONSERVATIVES YOU WOULD BE ON THEM LIKE FLEAS ON A BLUE DOGCOON HOUND. BUT IT IS OK FOR A LIBERALS TO LIE LIKE THAT. SO HERE IS MY NEXT QUESTION. WHY?

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