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Willie Perkins: Black Kids Don’t Go To Pillow Academy

June 22, 2010

Actually they do, but who can argue with facts when you got the race card. Those are the words of a state legislator that folks from Leflore county have been sending to Jackson since 1993. Y’all Politics has a link to an article in the Greenwood Commonwealth concerning comments Rep. Willie Perkins (D-Greenwood) recently made at the Greenwood Voters League last week. Here is another article from the paper covering the event in more detail.

Regarding the comments about Pillow, here is what Perkins said: “Let me say this, too, because some things are just disturbing when I look and I see a few little black kids in the paper talking about they go to Pillow Academy. Now that’s a disgrace. Do you think they really go to Pillow Academy? Do you think they’re out there off of 82? … They don’t go to Pillow Academy.” This is 100 percent false as the GC noted when they called Perkins out. Has he ever stepped foot on the campus? I don’t know the answer to that but have a pretty good hunch at what the answer is.

One of the members in the audience who was black, and whose daughter attends Pillow, called Perkins out: “Our biggest problem as far as black Americans-I deal with finances every day- it’s not someone outside of us. It’s the black communities themselves.”

Perkins couldn’t stop without calling white Greenwood residents racist: “North Greenwood would be upside down if that many of them was over there (at Pillow).”

In addition to those comments, Perkins also used race on just about every other topic he addressed:

Regarding reauthorizing of funding toward groups like the Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau: “I want to see how African Americans who have been trying to sponsor these blues events and festivals benefit and not all of the money’s going to Cottonlandia or some of these white (organizations).”

Regarding a consent decree between the Mississippi GOP and the Leflore County Election Commission because of multiple violations in Greenwood from the 2008 elections: “Don’t talk to me about no voting fraud until you address North Greenwood. And go back and tell that (GC Editor Tim) Kalich boy that.”

Regarding comments that black jurors were to close to Giovanni Flowers in his murder trial in Winona: “Well, hell, all white folks associate with each other. You know, they have trials with them on there. But what kind of foolishness is that?”

This is the man Speaker Billy McCoy entrusted to be Local and Private Legislation Chair in the House, just remember that…

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  1. Stephen Hill permalink
    June 22, 2010 5:25 pm

    It is a threat when any parent sacrifices to give their child an advantage like a good private school education. Does Mr. Perkins feel threatened? Sadly Perkins will always have an audience and voting base.

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