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The Second Amendment Takes An Interesting Twist In MS-01

June 23, 2010

A Washington, D.C. website recently wrote an article titled “Hey Travis, Why Don’t You Just Run for Mayor?” where they said, “If Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS) wants to interfere in the District’s affairs, he should just go ahead and run for mayor.” They are complaining about Childers’ involvement in a bill that would loosen the nation’s capital very restrictive gun laws.

An organization known as DC Vote, which is pushing to add a voting member to Congress from the district, has been busy protesting Childers. They even took out an ad in today’s Daily Journal. In case you didn’t know, House leaders pulled the DC vote bill when Childers’ and other allies attached the gun-rights legislation to it. They also issued this press release today targeting Childers for his “lack of focus on Mississippi issues.”

Whatever heat Childers may be taking in DC, this is golden for him in Mississippi (and he knows that very well). An ad taken out in the district’s largest paper attacking him for being too pro-gun…Does it get much better than that for the incumbent in North Mississippi? I think not.

But in an interesting twist, Childers accused his opponent- Alan Nunnelee- of being behind the attacks. Childers’ presser asked “DC gun control group helping Alan Nunnelee?” while adding, “I refuse to back down from this fight, and am calling on State Senator Alan Nunnelee to condemn these anti-gun attacks” along with “State Senator Alan Nunnelee was in Washington, D.C. last week talking to lobbyists just before these attacks from radical gun control groups took place.”

This raises the question: Why the heck would Nunnelee support a group that is attacking Childers for his support of guns and the Second Amendment? Childers most likely knows he is not, but is obviously trying to get every inch out of this development as he can as he works to leave no room to his right on this issue.

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  1. travis permalink
    June 24, 2010 7:48 am

    house leaders stopped the bill because of childers?

    that sounds like a feather in his cap to me.

    i don’t agree with childers on most issues, but if it will help stop the district from sending another marxist to congress, i hope he meddles in dc affairs every time dc vote is introduced.

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