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Friday Ramblings with Robert

Marcy Shows Some Gusto

Bill Marcy may not beat Bennie Thompson in November, but you sure have to have some respect for a man who will walk into a human lions den and call out the Congressman in front of his own supporters.  Bennie undoubtedly is not used to having the type of opponent who will actually have the fortitude to pull something like this off and I think it is refreshing to have a candidate who will take this sort of approach.  The most telling thing in their encounter for me is when Thompson is pressed to answer for his district being among the poorest in the country with the worst schools and the best he could come up with is to point to a period 80 years ago and take zero accountability for where his district is today.  The only thing Bennie Thompson has ever done for his district is cash his own check.  The man is a failure to his constituents who are sadly just too obtuse to realize it.  Good for Marcy to try and show him for the failure that he is.

Paddle On

A student at Independence High School in North Mississippi has been defeated in his efforts to have school paddling stopped in the state of Mississippi.  The student is a 16 year old who claimed he had been paddled with excessive force and as is typical in the times we live in filed a lawsuit.  Heaven forbid he admit that he actually did something wrong and was justly punished for it.  Of course as a 16 year old I would be pretty embarrassed to have to go to the principals office to get a paddling for being immature and disobeying.  Kudos to U.S. District Judge W. Allen Pepper of Greenville and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans for denying the request.  Corporal punishment is only legal in 20 states and you could probably guess most of them including Mississippi are in the southern part of the country or mostly rural states.  Nowadays a great deal of children have no idea what its like to get spanked or paddled and society is not better for it judging by the results.  I think that paddling in schools is not the ultimate solution to straighten out bad kids, but I think it can and does help in most cases.  I am glad our state has not outlawed it and gone the way of taking a psychological sissy approach to disciplining children in schools.

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