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Friday Ramblings with Robert

July 23, 2010
tags: Delbert Hosemann, immigration reform, Neshoba County Fair
by Robert

Coming Soon: Immigration Legislation

Could we soon see legislation here in Mississippi much like the current law in Arizona to combat illegal immigration?  We had some info on it early this week in a notebook and it looks to be something that we will see hotly debated in Jackson at the start of a new session.  Keep in mind that we will be headed into a statewide election year very soon and this will surely be a much talked about piece of legislation and where certain people and groups take a side.  This legislation has a chance here because the people of this state would support the issue and I think Senators and Reps know this.  The Arizona law is not perfect either, but Mississippi has a chance to make it better if they learn from some of the lessons that Arizona has had to deal with publicly and make this a good piece of legislation.  So what if the Department of Justice tries to sue us as well?  The federal government has continually failed to address the issue and do anything about the problem other than smoke and mirrors.  It has to be addressed and I hope our leaders here in Mississippi can put together a very strong bill that can be signed into law.

Neshoba County Fair Kicks Off

The Neshoba County Fair gets started today and will feature plenty of well-known politicians speaking starting on Wednesday.  It has always been a very unique and good forum for candidates and I am sure this year will be no different not only on a national level for Congressional races, but also at a statewide level where many potential and announced candidates for next year’s statewide elections will speak.  I know there has been a great deal of talk about whether Delbert Hosemann will finally show his cards and possibly announce a run for governor, which leads me to believe that his speech may be the most interesting to be at if it were to unfold that way.  Hosemann’s entrance in to a possible GOP Primary for Governor would be big news and would give us a really good showdown next year come primary season.  Hosemann would be a great candidate and I am sure his campaign ads would be very entertaining to watch as they were just 3 years ago.

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  1. travis permalink
    July 23, 2010 4:12 pm

    Isn’t the real purpose of the Arizona 1070 to prohibit sanctuary cities?

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