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We Surround Them – Jones County To Endorse Palazzo

July 27, 2010
tags: 2010 House, casino, Choctaw, Gene Taylor, Haley Barbour, Jim Hood, MS-04, Steven Palazzo, We Surround Them- Jones County
by Brett

In the Fourth District, We Surround Them- Jones County (part of the national 9-12 project) announced an endorsement of Steven Palazzo yesterday with an event scheduled with the group and the candidate toward the end of August.

The presser said (in part):

“We Surround Them – Jones County believes a candidate should embody the spirit of the Founding Fathers and Founding Principles, which is lacking with our current Congress. We Surround Them – Jones County believe Steven Palazzo is the most qualified Fourth Congressional District candidate for Congress who meets those qualifications.

America is at a crossroads with many challenges, and Steven Palazzo will better serve south Mississippi and our Country during these perilous times as Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District U.S. House of Representative. Steven currently serves the State of Mississippi in the Mississippi Legislature and has proven that he is willing to lead the charge against nationalized healthcare and in support of Mississippi sovereignty. After being sworn into office, Steven pledges as our U.S. Representative that his first vote will be against Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.”

As we had noted many times in the primary season, many of these groups were on board with Joe Tegerdine. There continues to be some differences through the independent Tea Party/ 912 groups. For example, a South Mississippi blog reported in June that the Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 Project opted against a new endorsement after Tegerdine lost the primary.

Barbour will press forward with suit to stop casino. Haley Barbour issued a letter to Attorney General Jim Hood yesterday indicating two things. The first was a condemnation of the AG for disclosing confidential attorney (Hood) – client (Barbour) information regarding Barbour’s request for the AG to bring suit and his subsequent actions saying he wasn’t going to. This was a legal memo made public to various sources, including to Miko Beasley Denson, head of the Choctaw tribe that wants to build the casino. Barbour also said he will be going around Hood’s decision and bring legal action to stop the casino’s development.

Taylor opposes casino. Rep. Gene Taylor has also come out against the proposed casino, becoming the most prominent Democrat to do so. He argued that the casino doesn’t have the local support to be profitable.

Barbour’s approval rating fails to make headlines. Considering the number of times national polls calculate the governor’s approval rating (hint: not often), you would think it would attract at least some attention outside of blogs (here and Y’all Politics). Mississippi Press (Gulf Live) had a story out this morning, but was really the first place in the mainstream media to mention anything. If Barbour had an approval rating of, say, 35 percent, do you think we would have seen some stories about how the budget cuts or response to the oil spill was hurting the governor?

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  1. Liberty Surrounds Me permalink
    July 27, 2010 12:37 pm

    The fact that a tea party group is endorsing Palazzo is comical. Apparently, We Surround Them Jones County has some serious leadership issues, or they just do not get what the tea party is all about. I’m not going to say that they have been co- opted by the Republican party, but I will say their brains have been co- opted by the voting for the lesser of two evils theory. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Voting with principle is, well, principled. If you can’t support Tim Hampton, a pro- life Libertarian, who has a different stance on the drug war than most Libertarians, because you can’t agree with him on social issues or foreign policy, that is fine. Go to the polls and vote for Palazzo or Taylor, but don’t think you are going to get different results. The only result if Palazzo wins are the same policies just less effective. And for the love of liberty, please don’t call yourself a tea party group and endorse someone who is clearly a GOP insider who will be more beholden to the political machine and special interests than to the people of his district.

  2. Doug permalink
    July 27, 2010 2:34 pm

    You have to try someone. Palazzo may not be the guy but who’s to say Hampton is. I for one am new to this. I’ve spent the better part of my life not giving a damn and in doing so I have dishonored all the people who have sacrificed to give me a free country, for which I am truly sorry. I think it would be alright to try Palazzo or anyone else for that matter. I’m never going to be able to go back to sleep and not watch these guys no matter who gets elected. We must stay engaged. All we can do is trust that they’ll do what they say and be honorable. If not let’s don’t leave him in for 20 plus years this time.

  3. Liberty Surrounds Me permalink
    July 27, 2010 3:10 pm


    I have problems with how Palazzo voted for emminent domain abuse and is trying to block the casino in Jones county. It’s a trail of shoving aside property rights for political expediency. That said, I have nothing against people voting for whoever they want to vote for. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for tea party groups to endorse political candidates, because it is usually not a unanimous endorsement from all of the people involved with the group. It causes division and discourse. Also, how can you stand on a stage waving your copy of the constitution and endorse someone who has a track record of violating property rights?

  4. Ponzi Palozzi permalink
    July 28, 2010 1:17 pm

    I agree. I COULD NOT support an endorsement for a candidate like Steven Palazzo with a proven occasional disregard to the Constitution, and who voted to take away parents right to go to the local pharmacy to pick up cold medicine for their family. Moms now require to take off work, and an expensive Doctor visit, followed by a pharmacy bill. Or a drive to Alabama.
    Palazzo is part of the nudge to move towards collectivism which I firmly feel threatens our rights and freedoms as Americans. Not a Tea Party virtue.

  5. Harry permalink
    July 28, 2010 2:13 pm

    We were not hearing “No Endorsement” from “liberty” named people when Joe Tegerdine was still running. I don’t know if its the same people posting, but it sure seems hypocritical to me.

    I don’t understand how some people can just now get involved and hold grudges against the guy who defeated their primary choice. There is a reason you have to be 18 to vote. You are suppose to act like an adult when you don’t get your way.

  6. mspolitics82 permalink
    July 29, 2010 2:25 pm

    C’mon Harry, maybe you should take some of your own advice, heh? Most adults should realize that just because “the other guy” wins, that doesn’t mean that “the other guy” is equally as qualified for the office…no matter who the guys are and no matter the office. As I have stated before, many who voted FOR Tegerdine, did so partly because they knew Palazzo voted against eminent domain reform in the Ms. House of Reps. Now, no one—you nor I—-can change that fact. So, just because Palazzo had the money to get on t.v. to get that name recognition to win a primary, that doesn’t take away the FACT that he voted AGAINST protecting private property rights…it just doesn’t; and I guess some people just will NEVER understand that. It’s not “holding grudges”, sir; it’s a matter of PRINCIPLED voting—-and Palazzo himself was the one who made that CHOICE, not Tegerdine, not anyone else. So, if you want to blame anyone for Palazzo not getting most of Tegerdine’s supporters’ votes, blame Palazzo, and quit using your lame excuses in lieu of a legitimate reason.

    • Harry permalink
      July 29, 2010 6:34 pm

      There is no such thing as a perfect representative. If you are holding one vote against Palazzo to justify your support – no scratch that “crazy devotion” to Tegerdine, you need to get your head checked. I think its hilarious that you and Tegerdine think that he will ever have a chance in MS politics again. Pissing off the majority by appeasing a few followers is why he lost in June and why he will never win dog catcher in MS. He may have even costs us the chance to oust Taylor. Although you are not one them, most people were able to see through the fakeness of Tegerdine. You and the other few devoted followers have done more harm to his name and future in politics that anyone could have imagined with your childlike attitudes.

      I think its time that Tegerdine moves back home to Oregon to try to run for something there. He has no future in MS politics.

      • mspolitics82 permalink
        July 30, 2010 5:05 pm

        How do you qualify yourself highly enough to say why most people voted against Joe Tegerdine….it was a VERY darn-good showing for “someone from Oregon”, as you put it. The Republican Party leaders were holding their breath to the very end that Tegerdine would not beat their candidate of choice. Truth is, Harry—and you are totally lost if you don’t understand this—-voters DID NOT KNOW PALAZZO other than his t.v. commercials because he did not get out among the voters that much. Tegerdine had been in the public for a year before the election; so, I guarantee that more people who cast their vote on June 2 for Tegerdine actually had met their candidate than those who cast their vote for Steven Palazzo–his voters for the most part had only seen his good t.v. ads.

        I think it’s crazy and spineless that YOU make such strong accusations against a very fine man when you didn’t follow the Tegerdine campaign closely enough to know that Tegerdine doesn’t want a “future” or “career” in MS politics, like some—not all—-of the others who are in office or vying for office these days. I would encourage you to call him up and talk to him and/or say those things to him personally….it takes no courage to do it on paper.

        I did not know Joe Tegerdine personally before the campaign, but I know BOTH candidates personally, now. Can you say that?

        And yes, ONE BAD VOTE can spoil a “politician’s” career….and has done so MANY times. If Palazzo would admit in public the way he has to some of his legislative colleagues that he “messed up” on that vote, then he might regarner some of those voters.

        Supposedly, Palazzo won the primary because enough voters thought he had a better chance to BEAT Taylor. This is PALAZZO’S RACE to WIN or LOSE, nobody else’s, now. How odd it is now that you blame the lost chance to oust Taylor on the “guy who lost the primary” !!! Again, it’s not a devotion to Tegerdine that is going to lose the election for Palazzo….it’s Palazzo’s vote AGAINST protecting property rights.

        Apparently you have not read some of my previous comments…I want Taylor out of office so badly that I am compromising my principles and voting for Palazzo….I know Palazzo has said that he made a mistake with that vote, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he will seek some wise counsel before doing “stupid” stuff in D.C. BUT….there are many principled, constitutional-type voters out there that WILL NOT COMPROMISE their vote….they don’t trust Palazzo do be smart enough to not make such stupid mistakes in D.C.

        So,continue to blame Joe Tegerdine if you want to…all he did was take up the torch to beat Taylor when Palazzo told Tegerdine and others that he wasn’t interested in doing so….and said that MORE THAN ONE TIME. Tegerdine started a year in advance, which was smart when considering Taylor was a 20+ year incumbent. Tegerdine played to the “conservative” voter, not just the Republican, because he knew it was going to take more than just Republicans to beat Gene Taylor, especially when so many “so-called” Republicans vote for Gene Taylor every two years.

        Using your terminology…it seems to me that YOU and others like you are already WHINING because you are already PISSED about the November election in which you seem to be already anticipating a LOSS. If I were Palazzo and I knew who you were, I would give you a personal call and ask you to start HELPING me, and quit preaching “doom and gloom”.

  7. travis permalink
    July 29, 2010 11:49 pm

    I love how the good old boys still throw mud at a respectable candidate who got a considerable number of votes with out spending much money. Motivated grassroots is what is making 2010 different than other election years. Would it hurt to embrace these newly awakened conservative activists? The Libertarian party is growing while a few Republicans are rubbing salt in each others wounds.

  8. Doug permalink
    July 30, 2010 12:08 pm

    Liberty or Tyranny in 2010: Support the Rightward, Most Viable Candidate

    by Bill Hennessy

    Between February 27, 2009, and today we learned something.

    We learned that this administration is bent on subverting republican government. Article IV of the Constitution — and its guarantee of a republican form of government — means nothing to Obama, the Congressional majority, and Obama’s Supreme Court appointees. Obama rules by decree. Elena Kagan’s okay with banning books.

    November 2 is our last chance to stop the free fall into tyranny.

    In many states, including my home state of Missouri, passions rage in advance of the August 3 primary. I understand. To a degree, I helped enflame those passions by launching a tea party in February of last year. But that was before we fully understood what’s going on in Washington—before we realized that Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats (not to mention Woody Allen and Ed Schultz) believe in tyranny.

    On August 3 and November 2, I will follow the advice of the wisest man I every met, William F. Buckley Jr. Buckley’s rule for picking a candidate was simple: “Always support the rightward-most, viable candidate.” I would ask the same of everyone whose advanced the cause of liberty in the past seventeen months or longer.

    Some good, sincere people want to tear down candidates they believe are less than ideal. In some election years, I’m inclined to do the same. But not this year. Not with what we know.

    In 2010, we have a choice between liberty and tyranny. The candidates of one party will vote with the President on every issue on which he demands their loyalty. We saw this in healthcare. We saw it in finance “reform.” We saw it on stimulus. We saw it on budget reconciliation. The President’s party would vote for human extinction if Obama asked them to.

    In such a perverted environment, I believe we have a duty to stop the descent into tyranny, even if that means supporting a candidate who falls short of our ideal. To tear down the rightward-most, viable candidate is to tear down the last the defense against tyranny. If that’s why we started the Tea Party movement, then I wish it had been still-born.

    Put another way, between Hamilton and Jefferson, I’d choose Jefferson. But I wouldn’t destroy one to elect the other.

  9. Ron Swindall permalink
    July 31, 2010 4:01 am

    If there is one thing Joe Tegredine spoke on often, it is this: A vote for Gene Taylor is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, and her destructive agenda for America – our families, our businesses, and our society!

    If there is one thing History proves it is this: A vote for a 3rd Party Candidate is a vote for the opposition because it weakens the strength of the vote. (IE: Ross Perot)

    If there is one thing I believe: GENE TAYLOR AND NANCY PELOSI HAS GOT TO GO!

    A vote for Mr. Hampton will do absolutely nothing to get rid of Gene or Nancy. It will only weaken the chances of ridding ourselves of the most liberal Speaker in History, and ridding ourselves of a wolf in sheep’s clothing (Gene).

    I’m sure Mr. Hampton is a great guy, and I’m sure I would stand closer to his views than any other candidate. But that does not change the fact that it is absolutely necessary that EVERY VOTE should be cast and counted to make sure Gene does not go back to DC! If I cast my vote for Mr. Hampton, in REALITY, I am casting my vote for Gene and Nancy. Why? As sad as this sounds, he has no chance of winning as a Libertarian candidate. I love the fact that he was brave enough to throw his name in the ring because he wants to be the “alternative to the dishonesty and misrepresentation that we’ve had to endure in South Mississippi.”, and I would love to see him working to make a difference in the future for our State and Nation.

    However, if you remove the emotion, and passion from the debate: The race is between conservatives and liberals. Gene Taylor is a supporter of Nancy, and her liberal agenda. The other two candidates: Tim, and Steven, are the ANTI-LIBERAL candidates, and the race will be determined by who gets the most votes between Gene and Steven.

    Now, I know these comments hack off those who don’t like the “establishment”. But, this is the reality of the world in which we live, and we cannot make the difference we wish to make by spending our votes in any way that will not have a return on that investment.

    That’s why I am supporting Steven. Not because I don’t like Mr. Hampton, but because I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi! So before you vote, ask yourself: Is this a vote for MY VIEWPOINT, or is it a vote for the betterment of our State and Nation? I vote to better our State and Nation by voting for the candidate who has a chance of winning against the liberals.

  10. Travis permalink
    August 9, 2010 10:20 pm

    I think this is why Steven will lose. In a year with so much grassroots excitement, he has none. There are so many who will vote for him as the lesser of two evils, but won’t publicly endorse and support him.

  11. Honesthank permalink
    August 26, 2010 5:43 pm

    How many of you really take the time to check out the people running for office. I mean really check them out? Get to know them? How many of you know that Steve Palazzo is an Ex Marine and still in the Marine Nat. Gaurd. He knows more about the U.S. Constitution than Gene Taylor will every know. If you don’t believe me ask each of them as many questions as you wish he will make a fool out of your golden boy of the gulf coast. He does not support Pelosi or Obama. Gene Taylor voted for Obamacare. Taylor is a liberal here is his voting record 84.6% voting record with Pelosi missed over 5% of the votes does less than 10% voting with the Reps make him a Conv.? I don’t think so. What if Palazzo had a Cov. voting record like that and said I am a liberal you damn o rats would be on him like the fleas and ticks on your golden boy Taylor. Taylor is a baby killer I don’t care what his voting record show. If you support sin you are a sinner. He supports two of the biggest baby killers in the world in Obama and Pelois that makes him a baby killer. Palazzo would never vote to support these two low life people. If you support Taylor you two become a baby killer as well. For going to churh does not make you a Christian any more than going out in the rain makes you a rain drop. Taylor takes credit for a lot of stuff on the Gulf Coast he has nothing to do with, Like keeping the Air Force Base, things like that. Looks where he gets his money. Unions, Big Bus. also all you people on SS did you get a coast of living this year are will you get it next year. Hell no but your little golden boy got himself a big raise this year, next year and the next well over $2,500. You didn’t know about that for they did it late at night as they do most of the taxes and spending of our money. For most of you sorry liberals only listen to the Liberal ran news. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN they don’t tell what Obama don’t want you to know. Then wait until next year Gene Taylor, Pelosi, Obama, Reid and the rest of the liberals give you the Value Add Tax. If you don’t know what that is ask your little tax and spend golden boy Taylor. Also ask him about the new W2 income tax starting in 2011. That one will knock you drawers to shoes. If he want tell you just let me know I will tell you what they both are.

  12. Givemeliberty permalink
    October 13, 2010 1:52 am

    Has anyone from this Jones County 912 group heard Palazzo speak throughout these past several months, and more importantly… have they studied his voting record and background in the MS Senate? They must have turned their heads and looked the other way to endorse this candidate. I’m a Republican and I believe I’m fair. I’ve read the facts about Palazzo supporting eminent domain every chance he gets. I’ve heard him on numerous occasions fail to explain his stand on issues and his plans for the state. More than half the time when he is asked specific questions, you’ll get “Fire Nancy Pelosi!”

    South MS needs a voice that will represent the citizens right to private property, among other things. How can someone be a true liberty-loving patriot and pretend to represent the citizens of MS, and then find excuses for supporting eminent domain? He took a stand with the good ole boys of MS, he got the thumbs up from the Haley Barbour team. Stealing private property in the name of “a few jobs” is unAmerican.

    I honestly wish I was wrong about Palazzo. I can’t vote for Taylor either, but I don’t see how anyone can vote for Palazzo with a clean conscience.

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