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McGlowan Rejoins Fox News

July 29, 2010
tags: Angela McGlowan, Fox News, Neshoba County Fair
by Brett

Angela McGlowan left Fox News in February when her contract expired to focus on a run for Congress in the First District. It appears that was more like a leave of absence. She is back on the airwaves, announcing the news on Facebook Tuesday night:

“Team, I am happy to report that I have rejoined the Fox News family! I will be on tomorrow morning at 8:15 EST for Fox and Friends, then again at 10 am for the Strategy Room. Please tune in if you can and tell your friends! I will keep you posted as to when I will be on throughout the day! God Bless!”

McGlowan, who had national name recognition before making a run for Congress from her native First District, seemingly had trouble connecting with the voters despite her profile. Since the loss, McGlowan has rejoined the national stage- rather than focus on local issues- and that is ever more evident in her latest move. If anything, I would say this is a sign she won’t be running for Congress from the First District again- or any office in Mississippi- anytime soon.

Neshoba odd and ends. Hope you’re paying close attention to the Twitter accounts of Brian Perry and Y’all Politics for updates from the Neshoba County Fair. Here is some info from yesterday: **Rep. Scott Bounds (who recently switched parties) announced plans to run for re-election next year. ***Auditor Stacey Pickering teased the crowd regarding 2011, but gave no firm plans on what he intends to do. ****Dick Hall went after MDOT chief (and longtime adversary) Butch Brown pretty hard on the stump. He filed a motion to have him relieved for the time being but couldn’t get either of the two Democrats to join him. *****AG Jim Hood affirmed plans to run for re-election while going after Haley Barbour hard for filing a lawsuit to stop the Indian casino in Jones county. ******Alan Nunnelee was one of many MS-01 candidates to speak, and here is a write-up of that speech from the Daily Journal.

Today, Sec. of State Delbert Hosemann and Treasurer Tate Reeves will be speaking- both long rumored to be running for higher office. Reeves teased the Clarion-Ledger by saying, “I think you’ll like the speech tomorrow.”

Besides the speakers, other rumored candidates were making the rounds. This includes Public Safety Commissioner Steve Simpson (possible candidate for AG on the Republican side), State Personnel Board Executive Director Lynn Fitch (possible Republican candidate for Treasurer), and Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley (possible Democratic candidate for several offices). Named floated around for Treasurer on the Republican side included Lucien Smith, who works in the governor’s office, and Whit Hughes, a former MSU basketball star and now deputy director of the Mississippi Development Authority. West Point Mayor Scott Ross was floated as a possible Democratic candidate for Auditor.

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  1. Stephen Hill permalink
    July 29, 2010 10:25 am

    Nunnelee is right your vote in November is about defending freedom. You have a choice do you throw it away or do you get rid of opposition to your freedom. Fire Pelosi!!!!!

    • Hub-bub permalink
      July 29, 2010 10:56 am

      The only way I can throw my vote away is to not vote. So whats it to you if I vote for a candidate that has no chance in wining? At least I chose to make a stand agianst this two party only system. My principals are worth more to me than two more years of Travis Childers. He hasnt been that bad and who knows what Nunnelee might do. At least if I vote for my candidate then I know that I was not party changing horses without changing the way the race was being run. Who cares if I lose the race at least I ran my race.

      • marmie permalink
        July 29, 2010 11:07 am

        Oh its all about you!! You do know that Childers votes Pelosi and follows the Dem agenda , but make your statement. Childers hasn’t been that bad? Check what he voted on to be brought for a house vote. He could have stopped some of the bills that have been passed. You are playing into a divide and conquer plot of the socialist left.

        • Hub-bub permalink
          July 29, 2010 12:03 pm

          Yes my vote is all about me.
          Is your vote decided by someone else?
          I know what Travis voted for and-from what I have learned from reading this site-this Nunnellee will do more of the same.
          I will vote for the candidate of my choosing and-if we loose-then I will hold my head up high because the greater good has prevailed. My vote will have been counted as one of the just and not wasted on more of the same.

          • marmie permalink
            July 29, 2010 1:10 pm

            Sorry, I assumed you were a conservative, my mistake.

  2. Stephen Hill permalink
    July 29, 2010 12:00 pm

    Send Childers back to Washinton when the rest of the country changes parties. Let it be close with the Dems holding a slim majority and see how Travis has to vote. I just hope you will remember that you held to those interesting principles. But hey that vote for a third party candidate will mean so much when you get to pay the IRS 60 to 70% of your income and all those guns people in Mississippi love so much are a thing of the past, maybe a Pro-Choice clinic will be able to move in next door. But we will not notice because we will all be camped out in front of a doctors office begging for care that illegal aliens will be getting ahead of us. But stand by those principles. By the way Nunnelee is a great candidate and the job he has done for our state is evidence. If you value responsibility and character think beyond yourself and make an informed vote. As to Childers he has not been that bad but neither is cancer when you first detect it. Just try getting rid of it.

    • Hub-bub permalink
      July 29, 2010 12:10 pm

      I will not defend Travis Childers but I will say that he has been pretty conservative thus far in his career. Talk about taxes and medical care just look at how Nunnelee put a tax on hospital beds that alone is enough to not vote for him. Dont you think? Seeing as you are so interested in medical care. You are probably one of those doctors that were on board with the Obamacare until you found out that you were hoodwinked. Then all of a sudden it was a bad thing. Well it always was a bad thing. Sooo if you would have stuck to some principals and not been fooled by the Dems you might be singing a different tune about now.

      • Tony permalink
        July 29, 2010 6:18 pm

        “hospital bed tax” is the same hyperbole as “mean spirited Republicans”. The Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) came up with that same scheme several years ago to draw down more federal matching medicaid money. It requires hospitals to pay a percentage of additional medicaid money they get (about 25 cents on the dollar). The feds put a stop to this and now the hospitals are seeking the state pay more. Alan simply supported the hospitals that get millions of these additional medicaid dollars to pay a portion of them. The media, MHA, and the left called it a hospital bed tax. That is not entirely accurate although the assessments the hospitals paid was based on number of licensed beds. Considering the financial shape the state has been in, I think Alan has made some hard choices, the kind we need made in Congress. I am proud to be a volunteer in Alan’s campaign. Travis supports Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house, which most readers on this blog would hardly characterize as “been pretty conservative”.

      • Dontreadonme permalink
        July 29, 2010 8:02 pm

        Yea, Travis Childers voted for Cap and Trade. Which is a tax on breathing. I’ve seen him kissing the rich liberals rings at O’Miss.

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