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How Much Support Will Childers Get From The DCCC?

July 30, 2010

Rep. Travis Childers has received a good chunk of change from both Democratic members of the House as well the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee- which is the campaign arm for House Democrats. Still, he will get more support as part of a group of 40 Democrats for whom the DCCC has reserved $28 million worth of air time. When you average out the numbers, that is about $700,000 per member. Of course, spending will be different in each district depending on vulnerability and cost of local media buys.

Latest numbers show the DCCC has $34 million in the bank, which is double the $17 million recently posted by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Despite being considered the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat in the House, Childers is still in good position in a race regularly considered a toss-up, possibly with a slight edge for his opponent Alan Nunnelee.

That leads to the question- how long with they stick with Childers and at what cost? Obviously, it’s not even August. I wouldn’t expect a decision to potentially pull out if numbers are looking bad until October. Andy Sere, who works with the NRCC took a little different tone, saying, “They have tens of millions of dollars, but they’ve also got to defend dozens of more senior Democrats. So are some of these more vulnerable freshmen Democrats who are dead in the water, are they going to be abandoned by their party and left out to dry?”

Right now, Childers has a very impressive cash-on-hand advantage over Nunnelee. At the end of the day, the more cash-strapped NRCC is probably going to have to help the Republican so he doesn’t wind up getting outspent three or four to one.

Odds and ends. **Haley Barbour got a nice editorial from the Southern Political Report calling him the only adult during the oil spill crisis, compared with President Barack Obama, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist who they described as indulging in “rhetorical hyperventilation.” Although, Jindal and Crist have both seen their poll numbers bounce- much like Barbour- since the spill. ***Phil Bryant continued his call for tougher immigration laws at Neshoba as a judge blocked the key provisions of the Arizona law.

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