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Friday Ramblings with Robert

August 6, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Alan Nunnelee, MS-01, oil spill, Steny Hoyer, Travis Childers
by Robert

Travis On The Campaign Trail

Travis Calling In The Big Guns Liberals

When ice forms in Mississippi rarely is it thick and sturdy enough to stand on, but Travis Childers has decided to venture out on to thin ice with the opening of his re-election campaign.  What an interesting week it has been for Mr. Childers as he has invited Michelle Obama to the district to campaign for him, no matter what he says to the contrary, and now we know that Steny Hoyer, the Majority Leader in the House will grace us with his presence as he campaigns for Childers.  Now I realize Childers will probably have some more conservative Democrats come out and campaign for him to, but I think it is very questionable and dangerous to be bringing in people like Hoyer.  Hoyer is a guy who is pro-gun control with an F rating by the NRA, whose endorsement Childers touts, and who voted against banning partial birth abortion in 2003.  It is almost like a broken record when we talk about the people Childers associates himself with and this case further goes to that point.  He makes it way too easy for Alan Nunnelee to criticize the people he is bringing in to the district for his campaign.  Maybe his constant waffling is catching up to him and the voters will expose him for what he really is.

Is It Almost Over?

BP this week was able to successfully plug the leaking well in the Gulf and fill it with cement to kill the well and prevent any more oil from leaking out into the water.  It comes almost 4 months after this all started, but it may be a signal of the end of this phase of the spill as focus can now be put on recovery.  The White House this week also released information that scientist are saying that 75% of the oil that leaked out is now gone as nature has taken its course over these months.  Hopefully, these are all good milestones and now we can work on getting things back to where they were before.  This has without a doubt been the best week for news for the Gulf states and residents who have been hampered by this.

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