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August 9, 2010
tags: 2011 Governor, Dave Dennis
by Brett

We posted pictures of campaign signs from gubernatorial candidate Dave Dennis that were seen throughout Neshoba during the fair. They were sporting his campaign URL- At that time the website had yet to be made public. That has changed, you can check out his website here (h/t: Y’all Politics).

A full campaign website has yet to be released; just a front page with a message that will most likely be his campaign theme in a race against Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant- the state needs someone with private sector experience.

Here is some of what he says:

Governor Kirk Fordice believed you should sign the front side of a paycheck before running for office. He meant our state’s leaders should have the private sector experience of creating jobs and making payroll; and the private sector leadership to make tough decisions. I have that experience and leadership. For thirty-four years I have worked as a contractor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and served as president of our family business. We make payroll. We’ve participated in the construction of thousands of buildings. We create American jobs. And we give back to the community.

We’ve been blessed in Mississippi with one of the best CEOs in the country in Governor Haley Barbour. But in November 2011, the citizens of Mississippi will hire a new CEO of the state – a new governor. Over the coming year, I will share with you why I believe I am the most qualified candidate to create more jobs, attract greater investment, and build a stronger Mississippi.

When voters look at Washington, D.C. or the Mississippi Capitol, they know what doesn’t work: machine politics, bureaucracy, looking out for the government instead of looking out for the citizens.

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