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Childers Comments On Comparisons To National Dems

August 24, 2010
tags: 2010 House, 2012 President, Alan Nunnelee, Bill Marcy, Haley Barbour, MS-01, MS-02, Travis Childers
by Brett

In an article in the MS Digital Daily profiling the First District race, Travis Childers somewhat responded to the multiple attempts from the Alan Nunnelee camp tying the incumbent to Nancy Pelosi (whom he supported as Speaker) and Barney Frank (who has hosted fundraisers for Childers).

He said: “My opponent wants to talk about national Washington personalities. He wants to play that old political, partisan game and spew that old rhetoric.”

That was it, and I doubt we’re going to see Childers speaking directly about Pelosi, Frank, Obama, etc. unless he is really forced to.

Marcy releases campaign spot. Here is a 30 second spot from the Bill Marcy campaign.

In the ad, Marcy said he is “here to defeat Bennie Thompson, and to end plantation style politics.”

** Speaking of Marcy, when he initially made plans to run for this seat he was still a resident of Meridian (in the Third District). I have been told he has now moved to Vicksburg, in the Second.

When is the Oklahoma presidential primary? As we follow and calculate Haley Barbour’s travels, tonight he will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a fundraiser for Mary Fallin, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in the Sooner state.

Tickets for the event start at $250 per person.

When Barbour headlines fundraisers in Iowa, New Hampshire, or Florida it has obviously raised attention- including with national sources like CNN or Politico. My guess is Oklahoma will be a lot less attractive in their eyes.

Nunnelee campaign updates. The Alan Nunnelee camp announced that they will be opening a campaign headquarters in Desoto county today at 4 p.m. The HQ will be at 133 East Commerce Street in Hernando.

** In other Nunnelee news, he had an event hosted by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) last night. Sessions is chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is in charge of recruiting and helping the GOP win seats in the House this fall.

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  1. just sayin' permalink
    August 24, 2010 3:16 pm

    Rhetoric, Travis? Spewing, Congressman? Considering you’re the incumbent and have been on the attack since your campaign kicked off, I find it shocking that you’re out of touch enough to even discuss this topic.

    Let me be clear about a few things;

    1) Rep. Childers supports Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, in turn supporting her agenda. If he were truly interested in distancing himself he would publicly condem his party’s leadership and their direction and he wouldn’t hesitate to tell everyone he meets – citizens, tv, newspaper, etc – that he’s going to be voting against Pelosi for Speaker were he to win. The best comparison I’ve heard to date is if this were Seinfeld, Travis would be in jail with the rest of the gang for standing by while the fat guy gets mugged. We the People are the fat guy, and Rep. Childers has done nothing while we are robbed of our jobs, our incomes, and our liberties by this liberal agenda.

    2) Rep. Childers DOES rely on national Democrats to raise campaign funds, namely Barney Frank, who has held multiple fundraisers on Travis’ behalf. If he were truly interested in distancing himself from his party’s leadership he’d run like hell from such events and national personalities. But he doesn’t. And he won’t.

    3) Rep. Childers isn’t building a ground game, at least not one like ’08. Why? Organize for America has been in the district since early June doing it for him. Just as a refresher, OFA is Obama’s personal PAC and ground-game team that’s been taken under the DCCC’s campaign umbrella since Obama took office. If Rep. Childers were truly intetested in distancing himself, I think a “thanks but no thanks” would’ve been a good place to START with Organize for America. Instead, they are his voice at front doors and in mail boxes across the district.

    Travis is clearly to the point of grasping for straws, and the more of this Nunnelee sees, the more optimistic he should be. I mean, a guy with a vote for Nancy Pelosi on his record is trying to out-conservative a devout conservative that’s balanced our nightmarish state budget. I guess I can’t blame Travis for trying, but I sure can blame him for lying.

    • marmie permalink
      August 24, 2010 3:35 pm

      When I asked Travis about his support of the loonie, Nancy Pelosi he said that there were loonie and mean people in the Republican Party! Wow, he admitted it, she is nuts.

  2. dwayne permalink
    August 24, 2010 3:57 pm

    This is typical Republican BS. Travis Childers has supported the Democratic leadership when it has been in the best interest of North Mississippi and opposed it when it did not. His vote has to be earned which helps North MS in the long run. On the other hand, Nunnelee will be a water boy for Boehner who will let corporate America take over the House.

    “Conservative” is a simplistic word but Childers is a conservative in the tradition of North Mississippians who are culturally conservative (eg pro-gun and pro-life) but for government that helps to create a good economic climate and protects regular folks against Corporate interests. Travis Childers is very much in tune with District 1 and should be re-elected.

    • marmie permalink
      August 24, 2010 4:01 pm

      Barney Frank, is that you?

    • INDEPNMS permalink
      August 24, 2010 4:37 pm

      We believe that you have left out any discussion of the significant level of democrat/government union sponsored donations received by Childers. Being culturally conservative doesn’t mean a thing when budget busting, job killing, liberal policies along with the unions grab our state by the throat.

    • marmie permalink
      August 24, 2010 5:33 pm

      dwayne, you still can’t get around Childers voting for Pelosi. That is the most important vote he makes and he blew it. A San Francisco liberal whose values are the very opposite of most D01, and our representative voted for her.

    • MSDawg permalink
      August 24, 2010 5:48 pm

      Thank you, Travis, but you, sir, are wrong.

    • just sayin' permalink
      August 24, 2010 9:44 pm

      Ok, you’re going to have to help me understand how 12% unemployment (20% in Clay, 15 in Monroe, 15 in Chickasaw, etc, etc, etc) district-wide is a “good economic climate”? We are the poorest state in the country, so I promise, the country adding $4B/day to the debt is not a good thing for MS-1. If people in urban Texas, California, New York and DC can’t find jobs, what do you think it’s like in rural Tishomingo County…Yalobusha County…Choctaw County?

      I’d also love to know why you prematurely accuse Sen. Nunnelee of being a “water boy” for Boehner and Corporate America but refuse to face the facts and/or hold Rep. Childers’ feet to the fire on his past and, if he wins, future vote for Nancy Pelosi and Gigantic (not big) Government. Seems you want to use the argument to diminish Sen. Nunnelee but let Rep. Childers go with not just a pass, but a refusal to even acknowledge the gravity of his vote for Pelosi for Speaker. Why?

      Finally, why do some keep defining “conservative” as pro-life and pro-gun? Are you telling me that respecting the sanctity of life and respecting and following the Constitution should be partisan issues, much less the definition of being a conservative? Yes, then I would agree, your definition of conservative is rather narrow.

      You can call this typical Republican BS all you’d like, but you appear to, like Travis, REFUSE to discuss the real issues, and I (and others) call that deflection, and in some cases, denial.

    • Dontreadonme permalink
      August 24, 2010 10:14 pm

      When the government creates the economy it is called socialism. That is the opposite to a Conservative. The only North Mississippian to support such is maybe Musgrove, with his Beef Plant. J.P. Coleman style Democrates would not have anything to do with Socialism.

  3. Yankee Clipper permalink
    August 25, 2010 12:51 am


    It seems funny that Childers voted against the health care bill because it wasn’t in the best interest of his constituants and now he won’t join with Rep. Steve King of Iowa to repeal this bad legislation. A letter was written to him over thirty days ago encouraging him to join with the others who voted against the health care bill to repeal it. You know what the answer was? Silence not a peep. He was never against it, Nanny Pelosi gave him permission to vote against it. Mommy, may I? Childers is a Marxist trying to hide himself in the cloak of a conservative to get re-elected. Like many of my friends feel, if one is a democrat, then they are supporting Marxist, socialist ideology and principles and the over throw of our constitutional republic. Dwayne, I guess we know where your loyalties are, eh comrad.

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