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Democrats New Strategy: Attack Early And Often

August 27, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Bennie Thompson, Bill Marcy, healthcare, Mississippi Democrats, MS-01, MS-02, Travis Childers
by Brett

The Fix has some analysis on what appears to be the latest strategy from Democrats trying to minimize losses this fall: attack their Republican opponents early and often. They compiled a group of Democrats- running for the House, Senate, and governor mansions- who wasted no time (first or second ad) in going negative.

One of those Democrats, who they actually left of their blog post, is Travis Childers in the First. His second ad attacked Alan Nunnelee and he has sent out multiple pressers going after his opponent. I once opined that Childers may not do anything too overly negative- at least too early- to stay above the fray while letting the DCCC, Mississippi Democratic Party, and outside groups do his dirty work. I was wrong.

My general take is when you go negative this early- you are in trouble. In every contested race there is going to be some negative content, but before Labor Day even? That is not the sign of a confident, winning campaign.

An 80 seat pickup? Y’all Politics has a clip of FoxNews commentator Dick Morris where he recently predicted Republicans would see historical level gains this fall. And when I saw historical- we are talking 75-80 seat range. This was the first I have heard of anything this optimistic and aggressive, even though- as we have noted, the emerging trend around DC is that Republicans will indeed re-capture the House. Most sources, at this present time, put their gains around 30-40. A 39 seat pickup is needed to be the majority party.

Yesterday in my appearance with Sen. Chris McDaniel (who was filling in for Sid Salter) on SuperTalk I noted that there was some fear that the Republicans peaked too early back in February when Scott Brown won a special election in Massachusetts. That fear is no longer the case for Republicans, and it seems like momentum increases every day (generally thanks to the latest unpopular position taken by the president).

Morris also mentions the races in the First and Fourth starting around the 3:45 mark, giving Alan Nunnelee and Steven Palazzo excellent chances to defeat their Democratic opponents.

Heritage targets Childers for refusing to sign repeal pledge. The Heritage Foundation has radio and tv ads up in the First District asking Rep. Travis Childers why he has not signed on to a petition supporting repeal of the new healthcare reform legislation- that he opposed last spring. (I assume something similar is running in other Democratic districts throughout the country as most Dems have balked at repeal).

Here is a link to a page where you can sign the petition, and watch the ad that is running.

Marcy to head to DC. Bill Marcy, the Republican candidate in the Second District, will be participating in Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally in Washington this weekend. The event, which will be held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s freedom march, is expected to draw around 100,000 people and will also feature guests such as Sarah Palin.

** Marcy has also sent out a presser calling out Bennie Thompson for refusing to set any debate dates this fall.

Thompson to be featured speaker for Dems. Speaking of Bennie Thompson, he will be the featured speaker for the Second Congressional District Executive Committee meeting tomorrow which will take place at the BB King Blues Museum in Indianola. Topics on the menu include 2010 and 2011 elections, as well as redistricting.

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