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NRCC and Childers Trade Shots

August 31, 2010
tags: 2010 House, Bill Marcy, MS-01, MS-02, Nancy Pelosi, NRCC, Phil Bryant, Travis Childers
by Brett

The NRCC took advantage of the news that Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) had improperly steered scholarships to family members and relatives by tying the Texas Democrat with several other Democrats in competitive re-elections, including Travis Childers in the First. The connection: a $2,000 from Johnson to Childers.

Here is the statement from the NRCC: “It’s no surprise that Washington Democrats have an ongoing ethics problem, but it is outrageous that Travis Childers endorses his party’s corruption by holding onto his colleagues’ dirty contributions. With the economy in dire straits, it’s inexcusable that Childers is allowing his fellow Democrats to abuse their power for financial gain. By refusing to give back his pile of tainted money, Childers is telling Mississippi voters that he’s part of the problem in Washington.”

The Childers campaign shot back (issuing comments very similar to what they said when the incumbent is compared to Nancy Pelosi, etc.) by simply saying: “Nunnelee and his supporters in Washington are once against spewing political rhetoric.”

Bryant endorses Marcy in MS-02. The Bill Marcy campaign sent out a presser yesterday touting the endorsement of Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant in their race against Bennie Thompson.

Bryant said: “I am happy to endorse a former law enforcement officer, Bill Marcy, for congress in the 2nd Congressional District. Bill has served our country in the National Guard and is a pro business fiscal conservative. The Democrats, lead by Nancy Pelosi in Washington, have had their chance to govern, and they have failed miserably. We need a change to a true fiscal conservative in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District. That change can start by sending Bill Marcy to Congress.”

How to properly distance yourself from Pelosi. Politico has another story up today as more Democrats try to distance themselves from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. As we have noted, Pelosi and Democratic leaders have generally given vulnerable members permission to “do what they have to do.”

However, some Pelosi allies are warning there is a right way- and a wrong way- to handle the situation. “Don’t do something that can be used against another Democrat. Talking against Washington insiders is not the same as the ‘Pelosi energy tax’ or ‘Obamacare.’ You have to be smart here,” a Democratic official told Politico.

Besides the ads we have seen (and highlighted here and here), other ways that Democratic House members have sough distance includes mentioning the possibility that Pelosi “might get sick and die,” preventing her from running for the post again. That was Rep. Bobby Bright (D-AL), and while I doubt he made those comments with much thought or seriousness, they certainly raised some eyebrows. Another Blue Dog- Rep. Heath Schuler (D-NC)- made an off the cuff remark that he may run for Speaker of the House. Whether or not he was serious remains to be seen.

The fact that Travis Childers has not said anything of substance- at least when prompted in public settings- on Pelosi is interesting. Maybe he feels he doesn’t need to; maybe he feels there is nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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  1. commenter permalink
    August 31, 2010 2:43 pm

    running against nancy pelosi in local races is sorry politics. for one, attacking an 80 year old woman is pretty weak. and two: we should be talking about issues, jobs, war and peace — things that actually matter. if those issues are tangentially related, it’s because of congressional actions (not one speaker’s: a majority in the house votes for instance). it’s pretty telling when the opposition’s supposedly intellectual economic message is “nancy pelosi.” the average person doesn’t know who she is, and wouldn’t care when told. if a congressman or woman can argue for a better way of life, for an economic reprieve, or for concrete positive change, then we might be getting someplace. spouting some base nonsense is easy but it doesn’t hint at any basis for government.

    • tom permalink
      August 31, 2010 5:14 pm

      Commenter, you obviously do not understand the legislative process. The Speaker of the House dictates which bills come before the body as a whole and she controls all of the committee leadership through their appointment. It is a legitimate issue and I think voters are much smarter than you give them credit for being.

      Its time to Fire Nancy Pelosi!

      • INDEPNMS permalink
        September 1, 2010 11:27 am

        commenter: Unfortunately all us “average persons” know all to well who Nancy Pelosi is and what she has done and still wants to do. What we do not really know is just what kind of representative(fence sitter) we have in Childers. Perhaps his silence on critical issues (and dodging hard questions by using a “telephone town hall” instead of meeting constituents face to face) says enough. Childers can’t keep holding Pelosi’s coat or sit on the fence. He must come down on either side. Just the doubt as to where he really stands is enough to turn off the “average person”.
        The old saying goes, “when in doubt, don’t!” Don’t vote for someone who willl not take a firm stand for the “conservative” principles they claim to cling to.

  2. commenter permalink
    September 1, 2010 12:03 pm

    just to be clear, i don’t support these guys. i’ll be voting for someone other than these dems in my local race, for the first time ever. i want a better local democratic party, and that means getting rid of the “fence-sitters” as you say. yes– nancy pelosi is elected speaker and sets legislative agenda; but that agenda was set when obama was elected. it’s the stuff he ran on (and won on, by the largest vote total in american history). if you want to run against that stuff, give us facts and figures, or most importantly – alternatives. nancy pelosi isn’t up for election in mississippi. childers, taylor, thompson, harper, etc are. if you have a quibble with their voting record, start there. i’m telling you — you have a larger population to choose from (than the base) when your argument is sound, or at least relevant.

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