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Social Security: The Democrats 2010 Card?

September 1, 2010
tags: 2010 House, 2010 Senate, Alan Nunnelee, DCCC, MS-01, Social Security, Travis Childers
by Brett

The Fix has a good rundown of ads run by Democrats in the House and Senate throughout the country covering the same theme: Republicans want to take away your social security, we will save it.

This year is certainly not the first time Democrats have made these claims. In fact, you can look at just about every Democratic campaign and this argument will be made somewhere. But, in light of everything else go against the Democrats- this may become a key issue for them because it is the only issue for them.

That is just not me talking. A poll from Rasmussen last week showed Americans trust Republicans on the ten key issues identified. (Interestingly, the poll included Social Security with voters giving the GOP at 44-38 advantage on the issue). And a Gallup poll released today gave the Republicans the upper hand on seven of nine issues, although Social Security was not polled. Why is this important? Democrats are swimming upstream with virtually every issue of importance to voters- economy, national security, immigration, federal spending- and must feel like this is what they are left with. In similar situations, we’d call it old reliable like a broken-in catcher’s mitt.

This can be added with the fact that older voters- those either receiving Social Security or close to it- disproportionally vote in mid-terms.

We have seen an attempt from Democrats- national and local- to try to the same thing with Alan Nunnelee. Travis Childers kicked off his re-election campaign by saying Nunnelee “supports “a plan that puts senior’s benefits at risk.” In July, the Childers campaign sent out a press release saying, “Mr. Nunnelee…is losing additional support every day for caving into his party leaderships’ plans to privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age for senior citizens.” In June, Childers’ senior advisor Brad Morris said, “Instead of talking about suspicious polls, Alan Nunnelee should explain why he wants to privatize Social Security and why he keeps raising our taxes after 15 years in the legislature.”

Going back throughout the GOP primary- where Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan supported at least some form of privatization- the DCCC sent out multiple press releases accusing Nunnelee of either supporting it as well or not giving a position on the matter. At the same time that this was going on, Childers- not yet campaigning- used his office to send out an email reminding his constituents that Mississippians are being threatened” by privatization talks that would “gamble the financial security of millions of hard-working American in our volatile stock market.”

Nunnelee has since responded to critics when he told the Jackson Free Press that he does not support privatization. Even after that Democrats continued to say Nunnelee does; but they seemingly have backed off. It will be interesting to see if Childers runs any ads saying something to that affect. I’d be shocked, but would not be to see the DCCC do something to that extent.

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  1. Doug permalink
    September 1, 2010 3:34 pm

    The thing is that social security is bankrupt, not to mention a means of control for socialists.
    It was a bad idea to begin with by allowing the government to control your retirement and from what I’ve read from republicans, (, who want to fix this train wreck is to offer young people a choice to get out of it.
    Notice I said choice. I haven’t read any plan to not pay seniors what they have already paid into it.
    I say stop feeding the government monster and let’s get some freedom back. Young people should have a choice not to get into the money pit that is social security.

  2. just sayin' permalink
    September 3, 2010 12:10 pm

    We get it Travis; you want Social Security left where it is so you and your spend-addicted buddies can continue robbing it. Just have the guts to call it what it is rather than attacking someone for having honest discussions on how to better insulate and protect SS from your (and other’s) sticky fingers.

    Man, you’re a liar. And a coward. And a liar. Nov. 2 can’t come soon enough.

  3. Robert Fagnant permalink
    September 21, 2010 11:38 pm

    As much as people don’t like the policies of President Obama, the Congress and Senate will be in control for the long term as long as the Republicans keep on attacking the Holy Grail, Social Security and its entitlements.

    It’s as simple as that. The Republicans have run the ship aground and now they will never get it back because they want to privatize SS. If the Republicans want to change things around, for God’s sake, stay away from the SS issue.

    It’s the only trump card the democrats have but, as we all know about playing cards, the trump card wins the hand. It’s almost as if the Republicans want to lose. Talking against SS is like shooting yourself in the foot. A few Republicans are ruining it for all the rest.

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