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Childers: No One Wanted To Vote For HCR As Much As I Did

September 20, 2010

Travis Childers spoke with the Clarion-Ledger over the weekend, and overall it is a good story although most regular readers of this blog will have seen all the points addressed in the article mentioned here many times before. But, there was one statement made by Rep. Childers that I had not seen before and may not have been the best choice of words for the incumbent.

On healthcare reform, Childers said this: “No one wanted to vote for health-care reform more than I did. I saw that bill slipping away from me.” There may be popular parts of the bill, but it is a losing issue just about everywhere- especially the First District. Alan Nunnelee has been hitting Childers for waiting so long to declare his opposition to the bill in the Spring, and this should just give him another line of attack regarding the unpopular legislation.

Taylor’s statement on repeal. Rep. Gene Taylor made news this week when he became the first Democrat to support the discharge petition calling for a vote to repeal the new healthcare legislation.

Here is what he said in a weekly email: “I signed onto the discharge petition that would allow the House to vote on whether to repeal the health care reform law. A discharge petition is the way to force a vote on a bill when the committees are not acting on it.”

As I have mentioned in the past, Taylor is not one to go around making a lot of noise on most issues. This is a similar example, but he is right on the issue for his district once again.

Cochran talks about primary upsets. As we have talked about, there have been a number of upsets during the primary season where insurgent, conservative candidates upended the choice of the establishment. This has been noticeable on the GOP side in Senate races in Delaware, Kentucky, Nevada, Utah and Alaska; along with the governor’s race in Florida. The Democrats saw a similar story in Pennsylvania.

Sen. Thad Cochran, who is probably the most popular politician in the state and fits the description of the establishment if anyone does, said this about the trends:

“This is an exciting election year and I think you can see already in some of the early primaries, upsets occurring, people want something new and different and a lot of folks are disenchanted with Washington and I think that’s the message that’s going to resonate with a lot of people.”

Dispatch makes it two. The Commercial Dispatch became the second newspaper in North Mississippi, following the Daily Journal, in denouncing Travis Childers’ use of anonymous comments as references for his campaign ads. The CD was actually one of the places referenced by the campaign.

Here is part of what they said: “The ad, paid for by the Childers campaign, cited ‘Commercial Dispatch Online’ as one of its sources claiming Nunnelee supports the fair tax. In reality, the source was an anonymous commenter to a story on our website. The story itself was about a Childers visit to a Columbus business, and nothing about Nunnelee or taxes. That’s lame.”

Ad still running. As of Friday night, the questioned ad from the Childers camp was still running throughout the district.

Morris still with Childers team. I got word Thursday that Brad Morris- whose whereabouts I pondered last week- is still with the campaign and that the same team from 2008 is basically still in place.

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  1. September 20, 2010 11:52 pm

    Is Thad really a conservative? King of pork? Moderate? What is he?

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