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Childers and Nunnelee Release Q3 Numbers

October 16, 2010

Last night, the Travis Childers campaign released their third quarter fundraising numbers which covered the July 1- September 30 period. He reported raising $307,000, spent a very large sum of nearly $712,000 and ends with a little under $495,000 cash on hand.

Alan Nunnelee’s numbers came in a little later and he raised more than $485,000 for the period, spent $403,000 and has a little less than $323,000 in the bank.

As of September 30, Childers has spent $1,224,004.41 and Nunnelee’s expenditures total $1,078,920.65.

Patsy Brumfield has a good report on outside spending in the race. The NRCC has spent a little more than $370,000 on the race and the DCCC has contributed $505,000. The Chamber of Commerce spent $137,000 against Nunnelee, while the American Future Fund spent $216,000 against Childers.

Election cycle to date, Nunnelee has received $1,182,218 from individuals and a little more than $187,000 from PACs and political party committees. As for Childers, he has received just north of $697,000 from individuals and $952,000 from PACs and political party committees.

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  1. just sayin' permalink
    October 16, 2010 11:43 am

    And Dems want to talk about unchecked donations from outside groups? Childers wants to talk about “outside groups like America Future Fund telling North Mississippians how to vote”? Nearly a 10-2 ratio on funding from outside groups. Add to this the fact that the man will stand up and work like hell to convince everyone of how independent he is, just to turn around two days later and take the stage with Bill Clinton right across the street from the very place such proclamations were made, and I have to ask – does anyone believe Childers’ lies, his hypocrisy, his “serious misjudgments” anymore?

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